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These are the only Cyber Monday smartwatch deals you need to see

Cyber Monday smartwatch deals
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If you are searching for the best Cyber Monday smartwatch deals, it can get overwhelming. We already have buyers' guides covering the best Garmin Cyber Monday deals and the best Wahoo Cyber Monday deals and those brands both have smartwatches in their lineup. However, that's not exactly the most comparative look at what's best if you are looking specifically for the best smartwatch deals this Cyber Monday. 

Quick Cyber Monday Smartwatch deals USA

Quick Cyber Monday Smartwatch deals UK

Therefore, to help you out, we spent time looking through all the deals available, worked out what you get for your money, the feature list in each and the performance that each would offer, so that rather than getting suckered in to the biggest discount item, you get genuine comparative advice on what's the best to buy.  Obviously, you want to get a great deal and save some money this Cyber Monday but that shouldn't be all you look for. Saving money is only part of what makes a product the best value and we made sure to think beyond that. We looked for options that track fitness and are useful on a bike - we're cyclists here at Cyclingnews after all - but also run the gamut from casual fitness tracking to serious multisport devices. 

These are the deals we think find the right balance between Cyber Monday savings and useability at a variety of levels and price points. Whatever you are looking for, there's something here for you. 

Best Cyber Monday Smartwatch deals

Amazon US: 30% off at $139.99

TicWatch E3
Amazon US: 30% off at $139.99
Amazon UK: 30% off at £125.99
The TicWatch E3 isn't the most advanced fitness tracking option but it's a solid smartwatch with a range of quality fitness features and a great price. It runs Wear OS from Google paired with the latest Snapdragon 4100. The interface is gorgeous to look at, fast to use and Google Assistant on your wrist is magic.

Apple Watch Series 3 Target US: 15% off at $169.99

Apple Watch Series 3
Target US: 15% off at $169.99
Amazon UK: 15% off at £169.00
There's no reason you can't mix and match a Wear OS watch with an iOS phone, or vice-versa, but if you'd rather not then an Apple Watch makes sense for iOS users. The best entry level option from Apple is the Series 3. It doesn't have the latest processor, the biggest screen, or the most memory but it's still a reasonable fitness tracker and quality smartwatch. 

Apple Watch Series 7 Amazon US: 5% off at $379.99

Apple Watch Series 7
Amazon US: 5% off at $379.99
Amazon UK: 5% off at £349.00
If you still want to stay in the Apple ecosystem but you are looking for the best of what Apple has available then that means the Series 7. The screen is bigger, it's got the best processor, and it will fast charge up to 80%. With the right app you can pair external sensors and the built in EKG seems to always be grabbing headlines for saving lives. The Apple Watch isn't the most serious fitness watch but it will do if you'd prefer to keep your watch focused on smart features first.

Suunto 7 Amazon US: 42% off at $229.95

Suunto 7
Amazon US: 42% off at $229.95
Amazon UK: 48% off at £224.49
Suunto is a fitness brand and they make a range of top-quality fitness watches for running, cycling, and multisport use. The Suunto 7 is an oddball in the lineup, and in the general smartwatch/fitness tracking field, in that it's a WearOS powered fitness watch. At release the pricing of $499/£429 made it tough to swallow. At these Cyber Monday prices, it's a lot more interesting. You still get Google Assistant and Suunto adds sports tracking and sleep tracking that are otherwise missing from WearOS. 

Wahoo US: $50 off at $299.99

Wahoo Rival Multisport GPS Watch
Wahoo US: $50 off at $299.99
Wahoo UK: £80 off at £269.00
The Wahoo offering is a true multisport watch instead of a smartwatch. The focus is on triathlon racing and training and the headline feature is touchless transitions that means never needing to remember to switch sports in the middle of a race. It remains to be seen how much Wahoo will change the landscape of fitness watches but it's a good option if the features match your needs. 

Garmin US: $200 off at $449.99

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Multisport Watch
Garmin US: $200 off at $449.99
Garmin UK: £150 off at £449.99
It's tough to make the argument that there's a better watch for cycling, running, or swimming available. The breadth of features that Garmin makes available is staggering and it's a capable everyday smartwatch too. Even with all the capabilities available Garmin has some staggering price reductions for Cyber Monday. The starting price is higher but if this is in your budget it's a great deal. 

 Ticwatch E3 

For a lot of people, the idea of spending a fortune on a smartwatch sounds completely ridiculous. At the same time though, the idea of a smartwatch has a certain ring to it. This is where TicWatch started and where the brand still has options. 

Way back in the summer of 2017 TicWatch released the first TicWatch E and now, four years later, the latest TicWatch E3 came to market this summer. In many ways the formula is still the same. You've got a quality, Android Wear smartwatch that represents a serious bargain. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor makes for a snappy touch screen experience and the Google Assistant on your wrist continues to feel like magic. 

TicWatch is never afraid of offering a bargain and the Cyber Monday deals are always worth paying attention to. Both the US and UK are seeing Amazon deals of 30% making for a solid option. Comfortable, and usable without breaking the bank.

Apple Watch

If you decide you'd rather stick with Apple that means an Apple watch. You can happily use an Android wear watch with an Apple phone or an Apple watch with an Android phone but for a lot of people there's a desire to stick within the ecosystem they are already used to. The least expensive way to get into an Apple Watch is with the Apple Watch Series 3 that Apple continues to sell brand new. 

There's also the option to move to the more recently released Apple Watch SE. The SE gets an upgraded processor and double the RAM but doesn't represent a huge jump in usability compared to the lower price Series 3. Both the SE and the Series 3 lack an always on display and a single lead EKG function. 

The best Apple watch experience is going to be the current model, Series 7. Despite a name change, the processor between the Series 6 and the Series 7 is the same but it's still the fastest currently available from Apple. Beyond that there's a larger, always on display, and even though the battery life is the same, the Series 7 gains fast charging up to 80%. There's the full range of fitness tracking and single lead EKG usability which seems to constantly be in the news for saving lives. Don't expect to find a huge discount though. In both the US and UK discounts sit at a modest 5%

Suunto 7 Smartwatch with versatile sports experience

The Suunto 7 is an oddity in the world of smart watches. Suunto is a real player when it comes to hardcore fitness tracking and the Suunto 7 takes that expertise and mixes it with Wear OS from Google. It gives you a true smartwatch experience while plugging many of the holes that Wear OS has in regards to fitness tracking. 

Mixing the two environments means a combination of the good and the bad. On the upside you get Google Assistant, excellent touch screen functionality, sleep tracking that doesn't otherwise exist in Wear OS, and solid fitness tracking through the Suunto app. On the downside you do not enjoy the long battery life that fitness-oriented watches benefit from. 

This watch is a little long in the tooth and uses the older Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor. That could mean it gets stuck with the version of Wear OS it has right now. It's a solid performer right now though and with Black Friday discounts over 40% both in the UK and US it's worth considering.

 Wahoo Rival Multisport GPS Watch 

Wahoo has a history of entering a market segment and completely changing it forever. When they entered the cycling computer market, they were light years ahead and everyone else had to scramble. The fact that Wahoo had plans to release a multisport watch wasn't a secret and when the Rival became available in 2020 it did so with a lot of speculation. 

The big question was how disruptive were they going to be? The results have not been a complete sea change. The Rival is a solid choice though. The focus sits squarely on triathletes and what really makes it special is a transition mode that automatically changes the sport modes on your watch as you change sports in a triathlon. 

A laser focus on specific features is rarely a bad choice. It makes it clear who should buy the product and sets expectations. It also means the Rival is not great at being a general use smartwatch. Instead, it's got robust sensor support and is best used to track performance as it happens in a race, or when training. If that appeals to you, Wahoo has a good Black Friday deal with $80 off in the US and £50 off in the UK.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Multisport Watch 

When it comes to sports tracking Garmin is a market leader. The breadth of what they offer is totally overwhelming too. There are options for every sport you can think of and at every price point imaginable. When it comes to multisport watches there are multiple options at different price ranges there too. 

At the top of the hierarchy sits the Forerunner and the Fenix series. They have similar features with a slightly different focus and most of the time it's a difficult choice which one makes sense for multisport athletes. For Black Friday Garmin has made the choice an easy one by offering a hefty discount on the Fenix 6 Pro in both the UK and the US. 

Not only is a Garmin watch an excellent choice for tracking performance when on a bike, running, or in the water but it's a capable smart watch too. The Garmin OS lacks any touch screen functionality but it makes up for it by being easy to use. It also interacts with a phone to show notifications and, in combination with Garmin Connect, will track every aspect of your life if given the opportunity. With such significant discounts on a top-of-the-line fitness tracking watch this is not a deal to miss.

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