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Specialized uncloaks new S-Works Vent shoes

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New Specialized S-Works Vent shoes

Retention comes from the same Boa S3 dials as used on the S-Works 7 shoes (Image credit: Specialized)
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New Specialized S-Works Vent shoes

A vented toe box allows greater airflow and moisture management (Image credit: Specialized)
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New Specialized S-Works Vent shoes

"With the Vent, we were looking at airflow. We needed to remove enough of the shoe to dramatically increase that, without sacrificing fit or performance,” says Nick Gosseen, Category leader, footwear. (Image credit: Specialized)
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New Specialized S-Works Vent shoes

Specialized engineers claim that Dyneema Mesh allowed them to simultaneously strip away material to improve airflow, without losing stability or power (Image credit: Specialized)
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New Specialized S-Works Vent shoes

When reducing weight and increasing airflow, Specialized hasn't lost its focus on Body Geometry and optimal fit (Image credit: Specialized)
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New Specialized S-Works Vent shoes

The shoes telegraph their intentions on first glance (Image credit: Specialized)
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New Specialized S-Works Vent shoes

Breathability extends to the Body Geometry insole too (Image credit: Specialized)

Specialized has today announced the launch of its latest pair of performance cycling shoes; the S-Works Vent. 

Summer is trending onto the training horizon and for many, that means ventilation becomes a topic of consideration. As temperatures rise and the tarmac radiation increases, you need the best possible airflow management throughout your riding gear.

Shoes have always been a hotspot for riders, as they have both the potential to generate great dynamic ventilation, but can also insulate heat surges at your feet as circulation intensity increases.

Catering for riders who are committed to those huge summer training rides that schedule well into the midday hours, Specialized has engineered a new shoe to keep you cool.

Simply called the S-Works Vent, it evolves the proven S-Works 7 and S-Works Exos road bike shoe offerings. Specialized’s industrial designers evaluated how they could increase the airflow properties of the S-Works shoe structure, without engaging in unnecessary compromise.

The result is a shoe that promises to keep riders cooler when they are entering that very personal high-tolerance pain cave.

Structurally, the S-Works Vent uses familiar Specialized features and materials. Its ergonomic fit is secured by BOA S3 dials and the Dyneema material layering from the S-Works 7 shoe range. Where this new road shoe distinguishes itself, is a redesigned upper section.

A single-layer Dyneema Mesh upper makes the S-Works Vent deeply breathable. Improving its overall airflow characteristics are the vented S-Works Exos outsole and a new ported toe cap.

Specialized is marketing the new S-Works Vent at £360 and it is available in sizes 36 to 49, with half sizes between 38.5 and 46.5.

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Lance Branquinho is a Namibian born media professional, with 15-years of experience in technology and engineering journalism covering anything with wheels. Being from Namibia, he knows a good gravel road when he sees one, and he has raced some of Africa’s best-known mountain bike stage races, such as Wines2Wales and Berg&Bush.