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Specialized adds belt-drive Como SL to its e-bike lineup

Specialized Turbo Como SL e-bike
(Image credit: Specialized)

Specialized has broadened its Turbo e-bike offering, with a new Como SL commuter.

This e-bike is targeted at riders who have embraced the active commuting and transport trend, but desire less bike weight and meaningful load-carrying ability.

Specialized’s Como SL combines all the ultra-low standover geometry of traditional commuters, with the latest in mid-drive motor technology.

Using the 240W Specialized SL1.1 mid-drive motor, also seen on e-bikes such as the Creo and Vado SL, the system claims to double the pedalling effort of a rider - up to 240 watts of assistance. Energy sources from a 320Wh battery pack, which should run for 62-miles on a charge, in Eco mode.

Like most other Specialized e-bikes, the Como SL has three modes of assistance: Eco (30%), Sport (60%) and Turbo (100%). The Mission Control app also makes it easy to plan your commuting routes and never unexpectedly run out of battery.

Riders who wish to use a range extender can boost the Como SL’s endurance to 93-miles, while the pedal-assistance disengages as speed passes 28mph - restricted in line with regional legislation. 


(Image credit: Specialized )

An e-bike that can carry its share

Shaped to be confidence-inspiring to ride, the Como SL also has impressive load carrying ability. Between the front basket and rear cargo rack mounts, the Como SL is rated to carry 35kg, which should easily deputise it as a grocery or market bike.

Recognizing that active commuters share the road network with other vehicles, Specialized’s product planners have also included safety features such as integrated lights.

Active commuters are amongst the most committed of all cyclists and to ensure the Como SL remains rideable on wet roads, there are generous fenders to prevent annoying puddle and road surface spray. In addition, In order to boost durability and reduce the drivetrain maintenance burden, the Como SL uses a Gates belt drive which never requires lubrication, and an internally geared rear hub is supplied from Shimano’s Alfine range, with eight ratios.

Specialized’s 650b x 2.3in Nimbus tyres offer a good compromise between ride quality and low rolling resistance, whilst TRP Flow hydraulic brakes ensure safe and consistent deceleration, even if the Como SL is fully laden with cargo.

The Como SL weighs only 17kg. Specialized is marketing the 5-speed Como SL 4.0 at £3,500, while the premium 8-speed 5.0 version will sell for £4,250.

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Como e-bike

Specialized Turbo Como SL 5.0 (Image credit: Specialized )
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Specialized Turbo Como SL

Specialized Turbo Como SL 4.0 (Image credit: Specialized)