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PerformX Young Guns Downhill team is born

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Brendan Howey in action

Brendan Howey in action (Image credit: Mike Zinger)
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Brendan Howey

Brendan Howey (Image credit: Mike Zinger)
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Casey Jayne Brown

Casey Jayne Brown (Image credit: Daniel Simms)
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Micayla Gatto

Micayla Gatto (Image credit: Malcolm Mclaws)
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Remi Guavin in action

Remi Guavin in action (Image credit: David Fournier)
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Remi Guavin

Remi Guavin (Image credit: David Fournier)
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Shawn Maffenbeier in action

Shawn Maffenbeier in action (Image credit: Troy Lee Designs)
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Shawn Maffenbeier

Shawn Maffenbeier (Image credit: James Lissimore)

Two of Canada's top gravity teams, PerformX Downhill and Team Young Guns, are joining forces to take on Canada and the World Cup. The PerformX Young Guns Downhill Team, based out of Whistler, British Columbia, will field four top Canadian downhill athletes poised to challenge national titles and see success on the world stage.

Both PerformX and Young Guns have a history of fostering junior Canadian downhill talent with the goal of elevating them to the World Cup level. This year, the team will be comprised of Remi Gauvin, Micayla Gatto, Casey Brown and Brendan Howey. Joining the team for select events will be pro motocross/crossover athlete Shawn Maffenbeier.

Backing the team will be manager and trainer Todd Schumlick, former Young Guns manager and now team consultant Lesley Tomlinson, co-manager and coach Ryan Kuhn and team mechanic and gear manager Mike Rothdram. Schumlick has built a reputation in the mountain bike industry as a trainer. In addition to Steve Smith, he is currently working with Justin Leov, Sam Blenkinsop, Jill Kintner, Bryn Atkinson, Brook MacDonald, Miranda Miller, Mitch Ropelato, Kyle Sangers and Tyler Allison, while continuing to assist other top motocross athletes.

"I couldn't be happier with the lineup of the new PerformX Young Guns Downhill Team," said Schumlick. "This is the third season training with Remi and hes fit and on a tear. I'm also excited to be training two of Canada's top female gravity racers, Micayla and Casey. I've been working with Shawn for five years on the moto side and am looking forward to watching his crossover talent on a mountain bike. Bringing PerformX and Young Guns together will set the stage for some strong results and excellent exposure for our sponsors."

Gauvin, Gatto, Brown and Howey will be racing in gravity disciplines at select World Cup events, premiere Canadian events including the National Series and Canadian Championships, as well as in selected stand-alone events such as Crankworx and World Championships. Howey will also race in selected events, as well as continuing his hugely successful freeride video parts. When not competing in the CMRC pro national motorcross series, Maffenbeier plans to train with the team and race select mountain bike events including

"I have been fostering top young Canadian mountain bike talent for years and this new team is an evolution to the next level," said Tomlinson, two-time Olympic athlete and former mountain bike endurance world champion. "PerformX has been turning heads since it hit the Canadian scene two years ago, and I'm confident PerformX Young Guns has the chemistry and talent to shine on the world stage."

In addition to a busy race schedule, PerformX Young Guns will also step up their downhill race coaching program in 2012. Guest coaches from the team will assist as well as visiting coaches such as Steve Smith. The program will offer aspiring racers the opportunity to learn from the best.

The team is sponsored by Commencal, Shimano, Fox, Spank, MRP, Maxxis, SDG, Troy Lee Designs and Oakley.

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PerformX Young Guns for 2012
Remi Guavin, 19
Micayla Gatto, 23
Brendan Howey, 20
Casey Jayne Brown, 21
Shawn Maffenbeier, 19