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More weekend selections

Davitamon-Lotto has made a slight change to its selection for Omloop Het Volk on Saturday, with a sick Wim Vansevenant being replaced by Bert Roesems.

Landbouwkrediet-Colnago will be fielding the following team for the Belgian opener: Bert De Waele, Andy Cappelle, Grégory Habeaux, Steve Cummings, Mathieu Criquielion, Johan Verstrepen, Filip Meirhaeghe, and James Van Landschoot.

For Sunday's Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne, Landbouwkrediet will change its lineup to the following: Nico Sijmens, Steven Kleynen, Jurgen Van Loocke, Jean Paul Simon, Grégory Habeaux, Jean Claude Lebeau, Steve Cummings, Fréderic Amorison.

Finally, for the Beverbeek Classic on Saturday, Sjef De Wilde, David Verheyen, Paul Manning, Sven Renders, Jean Claude Lebeau, and Kevin Neyrinck will take part.