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Look T20 is France's track superbike

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Look T20 track bike

Look have developed the T20 track bike ready for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games (Image credit: Look)
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Look T20 track bike

Look claims the T20 has a 27-per cent improvement in power transfer over previous models (Image credit: Look)
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Look T20 track bike

The integrated front end has been designed to be ultra stiff and 11-per cent more aero (Image credit: Look)
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Look T20 track bike

The Look T20 can be setup with track handlebars or Look’s Aeroflat bars and AERGO extensions (Image credit: Look)
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Look T20 track bike

The T20 was designed, tested and produced in Nevers, France (Image credit: Look)
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Look T20 track bike

Look worked closely with Corima to ensure the wheels complimented the T20 aerodynamic profile (Image credit: Look)
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Look T20 track bike

Look have specced their own impressive ZED track monobloc crankset (Image credit: Look)

Look is the latest frame brand to produce something special for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

To assist the French cycling federation in its track discipline medal ambitions at the Olympics, Look has produced a new bike called the T20.

Look’s composite and structural engineers have shaped the form of this T20 to be the best possible blend between aerodynamic form and efficient function.

Structurally, the T20 is 10 per cent lighter than Look’s previous track bike halo model, the R96. Aside from the reduction in mass, the new T20 is also 11 per cent more aero, and it has been specifically designed to work with Corima wheels.

Perhaps the most important performance metric to have been improved with this latest iteration of Look track bike is its rigidity. Look is claiming a 27 per cent improvement in crank to rear hub power transfer. It also registers a 25 per cent stiffer bottom bracket than the R96, illustrating the margin of advancement achieved with the new T20.

An interesting specification detail of this bike concerns its rear end, which features a thru-axle instead of the more traditional track-style dropouts. Look’s engineers calculated they could affect a 12.5 per cent gain in lateral stiffness with the configuration change to a 12x100mm thru-axle at the rear.

Upfront, there is also a thru-axle keeping the wheel tracking straight and measured in rolling race trim. All things told, the Look T20 weighs 6.8kg.

The T20’s offering saves a total of 30 watts when at "full speed", and in a dedicated sprint over 200m, that advantage should equate to approximately a bike length, compared to the R96, Look claims.

Although initial production of the T20 will be prioritised for French Olympic athletes, Look will be releasing the bike to customers as 2020 evolves. There will be two derivatives: a TT variant with aero handlebars, positioned at €7,499 / $9,000 / £7,499, and the T20 Speed, with drop bars, priced at €6,999 / $8,500 / £6,999.