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Llaneras to race Amsterdam six-day, but not Gent

Juan Llaneras

Juan Llaneras (Image credit: Luc Claessen)

The six-day season gets off to a strong start this year in Amsterdam - moving the Dutch race back into the position of season opener that it has held for several years with the move of the Maastricht six-day to December. Former Madison World Champion Juan Llaneras will enter his first six-day since the death of his long-time partner Isaac Gálvez at the six-day in Gent last November, but out of respect for his fallen partner, will skip this year's Gent six-day.

Llaneras will partner with another Spaniard, Carlos Torrent. Also marking a return to six-day racing is Robert Slippens, who will be back with his partner Danny Stam after sitting out last season due to injuries.

Reigning Madison World Champions Bruno Risi and Franco Marvulli will have strong competition from Erik Zabel, who will head to Amsterdam to pair with hometown favourite Peter Schep, and the pairing of another German, multiple World pursuit champion Robert Bartko and Belgian Iljo Keisse.

Teams for the Amsterdam six-day: Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli, Robert Slippens / Danny Stam, Peter Schep / Erik Zabel, Iljo Keisse / Robert Bartko, Niki Terpstra / Jens Mouris, Andreas Beikirch / Leif Lampater, Jos Pronk / Bas Giling, Juan Llaneras / Carlos Torrent, Mathe Pronk / Marc Hester, Aart Vierhouten / Kenny van Hummel, Bobbie Traksel / Hans Dekkers, Kenny de Ketele / Wim Stroetinga.

2007-2008 Six-day calendar:

October 22-27, 2007 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Octoberr 25-30, 2007 - Grenoble, France
November 1-6, 2007 - Dortmund, Germany
November 8-13, 2007 - Munich, Germany
November 20-25, 2007 - Gent, Belgium
December 17-22, 2007 - Maastricht, Netherlands
December 27-January 1, 2008 - Zürich, Switzerland
January 3-8, 2008 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
January 10-15, 2008 - Bremen, Germany
January 17-22, 2008 - Stuttgart, Germany
January 24-29, 2008 - Berlin, Germany
January 31-February 5, 2008 - Copenhagen, Denmark
February 7-12, 2008 - Hasselt, Belgium

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