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Lacota puts career on hold

Bekker stands on the left spot on the podium

Bekker stands on the left spot on the podium (Image credit: Ulrik Møberg)

One of Denmark's most talented riders, former World Champion and current European Champion, Mie Bekker Lacota, told Friday that she has decided to put her career on hold.

"After having had quite some time now lacking the spirit to train and race, I have decided to take a break from my bike. In the beginning, I hoped that I was just heading a little down period, from which I would soon come up again. That happens to most riders. But now, the hole is beginning to feel infinite. Instead of continuing going deeper and deeper, I have chosen to put my career on standby with the hope, that I will regain the desire to ride," Lacota told

"To me the most frustrating thing has been, that I can't explain, why I suddenly felt so tired of riding my bike. DCU (Dansk Cykel Union) and Team Denmark have been fantastic all the way, and the same thing goes for Team Flexpoint. I have felt no pressure, and they were always there to support me, when I had some problems, and they are all supporting me in my present decision," she added.

"Of course, a part of me would love to go on and complete my dream, but it is no use, when another part of me doesn't bother go training and doesn't bother racing anymore. When you have to achieve something big, you have to make it full and not taking half-measures. I have chosen not to say anything about it previously, hoping that I would come back. In reality, I have probably been a little afraid of the reality, because this has definitely been a big decision to me," she explained.

Lacota's future is uncertain, but she hopes to get back on her bike some day.