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Kim Kirchen comes out of induced coma

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Kim Kirchen (Team Katusha)

Kim Kirchen (Team Katusha) (Image credit: Team Katusha)
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Kim Kirchen has come out an of an induced coma and shown encouraging signs of recovery, his Katusha team revealed on Tuesday afternoon.

Kirchen had been in an induced coma since collapsing on Friday evening in at the Tour de Suisse. His heart is said to have stopped, and he was revived by team doctor Andrei Mikhailov.

According to the statement issued by the Katusha team, Kirchen immediately recognised his wife and his father, and he asked what had happened because he couldn’t remember anything of the moment he collapsed.

The Russian team revealed that Kirchen is not suffering any major heart or lung damage. However he will continue to undergo tests to ascertain the cause of his problems.

He is being treated in a hospital in Zurich and it is not yet know when he will be able to return home to Luxembourg.