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Halfords expects 'tens of thousands' of kids' bikes in time for Christmas

Halfords kids bike
(Image credit: Halfords)

UK bicycle and automotive retailer, Halfords, has today reassured parents across the country that it expects tens of thousands of new kids' bikes to be delivered in the next week as it prepares for the final run-up to Christmas. 

Of course in any typical year, the ins and outs of Halfords' stock availability probably wouldn't be considered newsworthy, but the past 18 months have proved anything but typical. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability of bicycles and components has been vastly reduced, with some products now coming with year-long delivery estimates. This comes as a result of both increased participation - due to cycling being listed as one of the few reasons permitted during early-pandemic lockdowns - and the concurrent factory closures caused by lockdowns and the spread of the virus. 

After undertaking market research, Halfords found that 30 per cent of British parents plan to buy their child a bike for Christmas this year, but that the supply chain issues left many worrying whether it would be possible. Halfords' shortage-defying announcement will go a long way to allay those parents' concerns. 

However, the store hasn't stopped there in its bid to ease the Christmas stress. It has also unveiled a new service, which it's calling 'Santa's Cycle Stash', that allows parents to hide their purchase in-store until Christmas Eve, keeping it free from present-prying eyes and prolonging the magic of Christmas for potential non-believers. 

Additional research from the store found that 55 per cent of children hunt for their presents before the big day, and of those, 49 per cent are successful. The store claims that 21 per cent of children were then forced to question the existence of the big man in the red suit as a result, and 11 per cent concluding that it was, in fact, the parents all along… incorrectly, might I add. 

The service, which is brand new to Halfords for 2021, mimics the service offered by various local bike shops around the country. It will undoubtedly prove popular, with 57 per cent of parents claiming to find it difficult to hide presents and the size and shape of bikes putting them among the toughest to conceal. It is even offering a 'bike gift bag' for those who aren't prepared to try and wrap a bike using wrapping paper. 

To ensure a bike is built and ready in time for Christmas, Halfords is stating that orders must be placed before 8 PM (GMT) on Sunday 19th December.

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