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Diadora Pasta Zara unaffected by Geox woes

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Two: Bronzini reminds everyone she is a double world champion

Two: Bronzini reminds everyone she is a double world champion (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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The Diadora Pasta-Zara team presented

The Diadora Pasta-Zara team presented (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Despite being part of the same overall organisation in 2011 as the Geox-TMC men's team, the Diadora Pasta Zara women's professional squad is not suffering from the same uncertainties surrounding the men after the exit of Geox from its sponsorship obligations.

Team manager Diana Zilute confirmed to Cyclingnews that the women's squad is independent from the men, and its complete roster headed by world champion Giorgia Bronzini is ready to take on a full calendar for the upcoming season.

"We share the big disappointment with the men that Geox left the world of cycling. We're disappointed for the cycling movement, for the riders - it will perhaps be too late for some to find another team - the staff who worked on the team and especially for names like Geox and TMC which will no longer play their important part in the cycling world.

"Our team, Diadora Pasta Zara, is not affected in any way by Geox TMC. We have our own independent structure in all aspects from them and we are going forward, as we have for 17 years.

"We have already organized a new team with the world champion Giorgia Bronzini. We are calm and look forward with great goals and incentives. We hope that the 2012 season brings lots of satisfaction and results of a high level."

Diadora-Pasta Zara-Manhattan for 2012:

Giorgia Bronzini, Rossella Callovi, Alessandra D'Ettorre, Giulia Donato, Giada Borgato, Francesca Stefani, Inga Cilvinaite,, Edita Janeliunaite, Agne Silinyte, Alona Andruk, Polona Batagelj and Amber Pierce.

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