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Bontrager launches four new Aeolus wheelsets

New Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37 wheels
New Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37 wheels (Image credit: Bontrager)

Bontrager has today launched four new road wheelsets into its Aeolus range. The range-topping Aeolus RSL 37, the mid-level Aeolus Pro 37, and the budget friendly Aeolus Elite available in 35 and 50mm rim depths. The announcement comes alongside today's launch of the new Trek Emonda from Bontrager's parent company. 

All of the new models are committed purely to disc brakes, are tubeless-ready, and will be shipped complete with tubeless rim strips, traditional rim tape, and a tubeless valve. They are all available as Shimano 10/11-speed, SRAM 10/11, with 12sp freehubs available separately.

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Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37 wheels

Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37 wheel (Image credit: Bontrager)
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Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37 wheels hubs

Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37, with DT Swiss 240 hubs and Ratchet EXP freehub (Image credit: Bontrager)

Aeolus RSL 37

The range-topping Aeolus RSL 37 can be found fitted to the new Emonda SLR 9 models, are will retail separately for (a particularly specific) $2,399.98 (UK, EU, AU pricing TBC).

Weighing in at 1,325 grams per set, the Aeolus RSL 37 are pitched as Bontrager's lightest aero wheels ever. Made from OCLV RSL carbon, they shave 55 grams from the former Aeolus XXX wheels, and Bontrager claims to have made them 15 per cent faster. 

Front and rear share the same rim profile, which measures 21mm internally and 28mm externally. Both are laced to DT240 hubs using 24 DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes, and the rear hub uses DT Swiss' lighter and more durable Ratchet EXP freehub. 

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Bontrager Aeolus Pro 37 wheels

Bontrager Aeolus Pro 37 wheels (Image credit: Bontrager)
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Bontrager Aeolus Pro 37 wheels hub

Bontrager Aeolus Pro 37, with DT Swiss 350 hubs (Image credit: Bontrager)

Aeolus Pro 37

The Aeolus Pro 37 wheels can be found on the remaining Emonda SLR models as well as the Emonda SL 7 and SL 7 eTap. Separately, they will retail for $1,299.98. 

These wheels use the same rim shape as the RSL wheels, and thus benefit from the same aerodynamic properties, but are made from a lower modulus OCLV Pro carbon fibre. The same 24/24 spoke count is used, along with the DT Swiss Aerolite spokes themselves, however the DT240 hubs are swapped out in favour of the more budget friendly DT350. 

All told, these performance-on-a-budget wheels weigh in at 1,505 grams per pair. 

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Bontrager Aeolus Elite 35 wheels

Bontrager Aeolus Elite 35 wheels (Image credit: Bontrager)
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Bontrager Aeolus Elite 50 wheels

Bontrager Aeolus Elite 50 wheels (Image credit: Bontrager)
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Bontrager Aeolus Elite 35 wheels hubs

Bontrager Aeolus Elite wheels, using Bontrager's own hubs (Image credit: Bontrager)

Aeolus Elite 35/50

The Aeolus Elite wheels are made from OCLV carbon, and are available in two depths; a shallower, lighter 35mm rims, or a deeper, more aero 50mm. The Aeolus Elite 35 is specced on the new Emonda SL 6 Pro, and retails at $900.00. 

Both options use Grand Strada spokes in the same 24/24 spoke count as their more premium stablemates, and feature centrelock hubs with 12mm thru-axles.

The 35mm deep wheels weigh in at 1,665 grams per set, with an internal rim width of 19mm and external of 27mm. Unsurprisingly, the 50mm rims weigh a little more at 1,730 grams, and feature the same 19mm internal width, but grow by a millimetre to 28mm externally.

No rider weight limit will apply to any of the new wheels, and all will be backed by both a lifetime warranty and Bontrager's Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program, which promises free replacement in case of accidental damage within the first two years of ownership. 

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