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Bontrager adds lifetime warranty to its carbon wheel portfolio

Bontrager lifetime warranty
Bontrager's new lifetime warranty comes at no additional cost and comprises coverage on all of its carbon wheelsets (Image credit: Bontrager)

In a bold move to further bolster customer confidence, Bontrager has introduced a lifetime warranty for all of its carbon wheelsets, spanning both road and mountain biking

For the average rider, upgrading to a carbon wheelset is a big investment and a step many are reluctant to take what with the initial outlay and inherent risk of damage but Bontrager's new warranty should put all reservations to bed. 

This warranty, in addition to the brand's Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program which offers free replacement - or repair - of carbon wheels damaged within the first two years of ownership, represents a two-stage safety net that protects Bontrager wheels against crashes and manufacturing defects

While this program only applies to the original owner, it comes at no additional cost and covers all Bontrager carbon wheels purchased aftermarket as well as those that come factory fitted on Trek bikes.

Beyond the two-year ownership warranty, the Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program will offer a further discounted replacement or repair of Bontrager carbon wheels.