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BMC return Santambrogio to active status

Mauro Santambrogio (BMC Racing Team)

Mauro Santambrogio (BMC Racing Team) (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

The BMC Racing Team released Mauro Santambrogio from non-active status after concluding its own internal investigation into the Italian's alleged links with the Mantova doping investigation.

BMC had placed Santambrogio and Alessandro Ballan on non-active status on April 9, after the two former-Lampre riders were linked to the anti-doping investigation currently underway in Italy. In a statement released on Saturday, BMC said they were satisfied that Santambrogio had been absolved from any involvement and that he is free to return to racing.

"The BMC Racing Team has concluded that there is no indication that Mauro Santambrogio was involved in any doping in connection with his former team, Lampre. The findings of the BMC Racing Team are also in line with the view of the police investigation to date," read the statement.

"Hence, the BMC Racing Team will no longer withhold Mauro Santambrogio from competition. We are pleased that the findings from our own investigation and that of the police have turned up no evidence of wrong-doing by Mauro Santambrogio."

BMC indicated that Santambrogio may return to competition with the team at the Giro d'Italia, which begins in Amsterdam on Saturday.

"The view of the Italian inquiry police comes at good time, as it encourages us to enter Mauro Santambrogio in the Giro d'Italia," said the team.