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Armstrong testifies in SCA case

Lance Armstrong liked to control the media

Lance Armstrong liked to control the media (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Lance Armstrong yesterday gave testimony under oath in a court case against him by SCA Promotions. The company had sued him to recover bonuses paid for winning the Tour de France, which he at the time claimed to have done by not doping. The content of his testimony was not made public.

According to the AFP news agency, SCA general counsel Jeffery Dorough said that Armstrong gave a sworn deposition before a state court in Austin, Texas, and that the testimony was covered by a protective order. Tim Herman, Armstrong’s attorney, refused comment on the matter.

SCA paid Armstrong millions of dollars for winning the Tour de France, but stopped paying when rumours of his having doped appeared. He sued for continued payment and gave sworn testimony that he had not used doping products. 

After the USADA released its Reasoned Decision and Armstrong publicly confessed to having doped for his Tour de France victories, the firm sued to recover the money it had paid him.

Armstrong is also facing a federal lawsuit, in which the US government attempts to recover more than $30 million the U.S. Postal Service paid to Armstrong and the US Postal Service team.

He was scheduled to be deposed this month along with several others, including coach Chris Carmichael. However, it has now been announced that these depositions would be postponed.