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Tom Zirbel: Estoy Listo!

Tom Zirbel (Jamis-Sutter Home)

Tom Zirbel (Jamis-Sutter Home) (Image credit: Jonathan Devich/

Estoy Listo!

That’s two years of high school Spanish at work there, folks. I’m a new member of the Jamis/ Sutter Home Cycling Team and anybody who knows the U.S. domestic racing scene, knows that Jamis / Sutter Home has a handful of native Spanish speaking riders and staff, including my new boss Sebastian Alexandre. In fact, I must have been asked “How’s your Spanish?” about 10 times from different people in the first week that the signing was announced. I respond a confident “mas o menos.”

* To each of the athletes whom I coach and constantly preach the importance of rest: see, I’m no hypocrite!