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Time flies when you're on the bike

Rory Sutherland (UnitedHealthcare) up in the break.

Rory Sutherland (UnitedHealthcare) up in the break. (Image credit: Jonathan Devich/

Hello readers,

I am back home in Boulder after a whirlwind August and September.

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge took place in my 'home' state of Colorado. I realize that I am not from Colorado, but this is my home and I love living here. I've never been able to do a race in my backyard, so I was very proud to have participated in this inaugural event. Both the crowds and scenery were beyond spectacular. While racing at high altitude has its challenges (like breathing… yikes!), it was one of the best races I have ever done and I am already excited for the 2012 edition.

The Tour of Britain was my last race of the season and this was indeed a trip back 'home.' Though I was raised in Australia, many of my family members live in or around the towns we raced through, so I was able to see a few of them, which was a rare and much appreciated treat.

So now another racing season has passed and it seems as if the time goes by faster as I become older. Is this possible? It feels like I was racing in Argentina just yesterday, but in reality it was way back in January and here we are at the beginning of October. I consider myself to extremely fortunate to spend my days racing my bike and seeing the world around us. While it is true that we spend our days focusing on racing and recovering, I do get to glance at the amazing places we whisk through on the team bus.

The off-season is now upon us and I have been doing a bit of reflection. I look back at my season and analyze each race. Where did I make mistakes? Where did I have good form? How did I arrive at said form? I think this is an integral piece of bike racing that so many of us skip over. I encourage every cyclist to look carefully over the season and figure out how they can improve upon each performance. Being honest and critical is a great way to move forward in your sport and in your daily life.

It must be said that my favorite part of the off-season is spending time with my family. My days now revolve around my two-year-old son and I consider myself very lucky to have this time with him. We have been enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather with our daily trips to the park. I have also been in charge of swim lessons and taking him for rides on his balance bike, which he loves. I am teaching him a bit of the Aussie lingo, but right now his favorite word is 'no.' He and I are also working a bit on those house projects that have been put on hold since January.

Our team recently made announcements about new signings and this is an exciting time for the organization and those involved. We have some great guys joining us next year and I can hardly wait to meet everyone and come together as a team. It is sure to be another year of great camaraderie leading to great results.

Thanks for reading,