USA Cycling Pro Road, ITT and Criterium National Championships 2018

June 21-24, Knoxville, Knoxville, Tennessee, Road - NE

Elite Men Individual Time TrialJune 21, 2018Knoxville - Knoxville34.2 kmresults
Elite Women Individual Time TrialJune 21, 2018Knoxville - Knoxville22.8 kmresults
Elite Men CriteriumJune 22, 2018Knoxville - Knoxville90 kmresults
Elite Women CriteriumJune 22, 2018Knoxville - Knoxville75 kmresults
Elite Men Road RaceJune 24, 2018Knoxville - Knoxville193.1 kmresults
Elite Women Road RaceJune 24, 2018Knoxville - Knoxville115.8 kmresults
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