Nationals close with five more national titles awarded

Titles over for another year

The final five national titles were awarded in Trexlertown on Sunday as the 2010 USA Cycling Juniors Track National Championships came to a close. Champions were crowned in the men’s and women’s 17-18 team sprints, the Madison, and the men’s and women’s 15-16 overall omniums.

The first of three team competitions featured on the final day of racing was the men’s team sprint in which Benjamin Swedberg (Rad Racing), Jesse Marans (Major Motion Cycling Club), and Matthew Baranoski (Team Alliance Environmental) rode to the podium’s top step. The threesome of Colt Peterson, Charles Martin (IS Corp Cycling Team), and Cory Williams (Major Motion Cycling Club) had the silver medal ride while Daniel Farinha (San Jose Bicycle Club), Kenny Strickland (San Jose Bicycle Club), and Ryan Gadow (San Jose Bicycle Club) put forth the bronze medal effort.

The women’s team sprint saw the duo of Shelbe Eck and Madalyn Godby ride into Stars-and-Stripes jerseys while Christine Barron (VRC) and Tara McCormick (Helens-Cannondale) grabbed the silver medal. The bronze medals went to Ruth Winder (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY 12) and Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY 12)

The men’s Madison provided plenty of excitement with Jesse Marans (Major Motion Cycling Club) and Benjamin Swedberg (Rad Racing) taking top honors. Colt Peterson and Daniel Farinha (San Jose Bicycle Club) rode to the silver medal while Danny Hiller and Matthew Baranoski (Team Alliance Environmental) took the bronze.

In addition to the team events that took place on Sunday, national champions were crowned in the men’s and women’s 15-16 omniums as riders in that age group wrapped up their competition with the points race.

Jennifer Valente (GS Adams Avenue Bicycles) solidified her overall lead with a win in the points race over silver and bronze medalists Tara McCormick (Helens Cannondale) and Nadia Latzgo (Team Line-LWA). Valente slipped into the Stars-and-Stripes jersey as the omnium winner after collecting the most points over four days of racing in her age category. Grabbing second place in the omnium was McCormick while Kaitlyn Lawrence (Team Vortex) secured the bronze medal.

In the men’s 15-16 points race, Michael Dessau (Team Holowesko Partners) bested second- and third-place finishers Zachary Carlson (Matrix RBM) and Gregory Ratzell (Bike Lin-LWA). Then, at the end of the day, it was Caleb Koch (IS Corp Cycling Team) to be named national champion after collecting the most points in the overall omnium. He stood on the podium’s top step, taking the national championship over second- and third-ranked Michael Dessau and Greg Ratzell.

Junior Men 17-18 Team Sprint
1Benjamin Swedberg  
 Jesse Marans  
 Matthew Baranoski  
2Colt Peterson  
 Charles (Chazz) Martin  
 Cory Williams  
3Daniel Farinha  
 Kenny Strickland  
 Ryan Gadow  
4Patrick Bastianelli  
 Kevin McGuire  
 Benjamin Salibra  
5Royce Strange  
 Imari Miller  
 Noah Williams  
6Daniel Kosykh  
 Cam Mancuso  
 Max Thilen  
7Daniel Parks  
 Grahmm Smith  
 Zachary Carlson  
8Thomson Remo  
 Samuel Geyer  
 Vincent Juarez  
9Maxwell Robb  
 Connor Williams  
 Evan Wynn  
10Benjamin Lambert  
 Cesar Lopez  
 Alex Lehmann  
11Grayson Brookshire  
11James Brookshire  
11Calum Dodson  
Junior Women 17-18 Team Sprint
1Shelbe Eck  
 Madalyn Godby  
2Christine Barron  
 Tara McCormick  
3Ruth Winder  
 Coryn Rivera  
4Stephanie Torres  
 Elizabeth Engwis  
5Melissa Garcia  
 Bailey Semian  
6Sophie Mittelstadt  
 Victoria Gates  
DSQErin Popovich  
DSQPayton Thomas  
Junior Men Madison
1Jesse Marans  
 Benjamin Swedberg  
2Colt Peterson  
 Daniel Farinha  
3Danny Hiller  
 Matthew Baranoski  
4John Tomlinson  
 Collin Berry  
5Nicholas Roeder  
 Zachary Semian  
6Zack Noonan  
 Juan Carmona  
Junior Women 15-16 Points Race
1Jennifer Valente  
2Tara McCormick  
3Nadia Latzgo  
4Kaitlyn Lawrence  
5Bailey Semian  
6Melissa Garcia  
7Chloe Chepigin  
8Karla Lopez  
DNSChristina Koeppe  
DNFAriana Cruz  
DNFAbbey Smich  
DNFOlivia Wright  
Junior Women 15-16 Omnium
1Jennifer Valente (GS Avenue Bicycles)  
2Tara McCormick (Helens Cannondale)  
3Kaitlyn Lawrence (Team Vortex)  
4Melissa Garcia (Team Alliance Environmental)  
5Nadia Latzgo (Team Line-LWA)  
Junior Men 15-16 Points Race
1Michael Dessau  
2Zachary Carlson  
3Gregory Ratzell  
4Calan Farley  
5Daniel Kosykh  
6Cesar Lopez  
7Conor Klupar  
8Christopher Meacham  
9Zack Gould  
10Lionel Rocheleau  
11Bobby Unverzagt  
12Noah Williams  
13Grahmm Smith  
14Kaleb Koch  
15Imari Miller  
16Tyler Nothstein  
17William Lenkeit  
18Jonathan Bright  
19Jack MacClarence  
20Max Thilen  
21Anthony Novoa  
22Alexander Riva  
DNFAnthony Freeman  
DNFErnesto Santiesteban  
Junior Men 15-16 Omnium
1Caleb Koch (IS Corp Cycling Team)  
2Michael Dessau (Team Holoweso Partners)  
3Greg Ratzell (Bike Line-LWA)  
4Daniel Kosykh  
5Zachary Carlson (Matrix-RBM)  
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