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USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships 2009

Date range:
December 10-13, 2009

December 11, B Men 40+:

Owen, Haupt and Hecht claim Junior men's titles

Stephanie Chase
December 11, 2009, 22:41 GMT,
December 12, 2009, 16:42 GMT

Owen earns fifth straight national championship

Redline's Logan Owen won the 15-16 age group ahead of Clif Bar Development team riders Zane Godby and Curtis White. Owen's victory was his fifth consecutive victory in junior national cyclo-cross championships extending back to his 2005 win in the 10-12 event.

Despite starting several rows back in the 13-14 men's division, Ian Haupt (Planet Bike) earned the national title over more than 35 competitors.

Reigning road race champion Gage Hecht (ICCC) held off a surging Grant McElroy (Beavertown Bicycle Club) as the two ran away from the competition in the 10-12 race.


Junior Male 15-16
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Logan Owen (Redline Bicycles)    
2 Zane Godby (Clif Bar Development Team)    
3 Curtis White (Clif Bar Development Cyclocros)    
4 Michael Dessau (Team 5280/slipstream)    
5 Sam Okeefe (C3-athletes Serving Athletes)    
6 Nate Morse (Clif Bar Development Team)    
7 Andrew Dillman (Red Zone Cycling)    
8 Jordan Cullen (Planet Bike)    
9 Luke Haley (Red Zone Cycling)    
10 Zack Gould (Clif Bar Cyclocross Developmen)    
11 Colin Krebsbach (Asc Racing/redline)    
12 Dean Haas (Black Sheep)    
13 John Francisco (Red Zone)    
14 Isaiah Rapko (Above Category Racing)    
15 David Kirske Jr. (Rad Racing/hagens Berman)    
16 Alex Springer (Rad Racing)    
17 Ryan Geiger (Gt)    
18 Cypress Gorry (Four Unity)    
19 Tobin Ortenblad (Bike Trip/scjcc)    
20 Brandon Dillard (Owens Healthcare)    
21 Hank Booth    
22 Samuel Dobrozsi (Prochain / Team Turner)    
23 Zach Bender (Cycle-smart)    
24 Alex Howard (Above Category Racing)    
25 Aaron House    
26 Jacob Albrecht (Bike Trip/scjcc)    
27 Timothy Jaynes (Pistis)    
28 Spencer Downing    
29 Jaxon Suttlemyre (Vertical Earth)    
30 Max Toeldte (Byrds)    
31 Dag Anderson (Team Somerset)    
32 Spence Peterson (Above Category Racing)    
33 Maximilian Burkhardt (Bike Trip/scjcc)    
34 Ian Mcpherson (Boulder Junior Cyclin)    
35 Trevor Schauer    
36 Casey Williams (Bear Valley Bikes)    
37 Andy Su (Hutchs/the Laser Nail Clinic)    
38 Ayden Hibner-Hereford (Active Knowledge)    
39 Ben Herken    
40 Daniel Santos (Red Zone Cycling)    
41 Travis Monroe (Vertical Earth)    
42 Josh Keener (Activeknowledge)    
One lap down
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
43 Alex Melloy (Redzone)    
44 Marcus Tongue (Rad Racing Nw)    
45 Tanner Patnode (Rad Racing/hagens Berman)    
Two laps down
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
46 Will Van Cleve (Rad Racing Nw)    
47 Samuel Caroca (Byrds)    
Three laps down
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
48 Colin Dunlap (Sunnyside Sports)    
DNF Robert Sroka (Lake Effect)    
DNF Avi Mahan    
DNS Matthew Tannyhill (Rmcef-westside)    
DNS Daniel Brew (Cross Creek Cycling Club C4rac)    
DNF Erik Volotzky    
Junior Male 13-14
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Ian Haupt (Planet Bike)    
2 Peter Goguen (Minuteman Road Club)    
3 Gavin Haley (Red Zone Cycling)    
4 Daniel Parks (Gs Tenzing)    
5 Austin Vincent (Clnoonan/kam/coast To Coast)    
6 William Barta (Byrds)    
7 Cooper Simon (Red Zone Cycling)    
8 Ian Mcshane (Red Zone Cycling)    
9 Ryan Grant (All Sport - Team Swift)    
10 Karch Miller (Davis Bike Club)    
11 Noah Granigan (Team Somerset)    
12 Nils Boberg (Plan C)    
13 David O'brien (Rad Racing/hagens Berman)    
14 Liam Earl (Byrds)    
15 Ben Hogan    
16 Kody Raymond (Old Town Bicycle)    
17 Logan Feasline (Vertical Earth)    
18 Samuel Rosenberg    
19 Maxx Chance    
20 Cameron Millargriffin    
21 Henry Hayes (2020 Fuel)    
22 Garrett Roth (Nova Iscorp)    
23 Evan Geary (Asc/redline)    
24 Mitchell Stevens (Sunnysidesports)    
25 Bridger Fiore (Montana Cyclocross)    
26 Patrick Whitesel    
27 Adin Baird    
28 Stephen Haas (Black Sheep)    
29 Cameron Williams (Bear Valley Bikes)    
30 Ben Glover (Red Zone Cycling)    
31 Jedidiah Fritzinger (Red Zone Cycling)    
32 Owen Donnelly    
33 Mike Jors (Ascracing/redline)    
One lap down
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
34 Evan Williams (Bear Valley Bikes)    
DNS Matthew Valencia (Above Category Racing)    
DNS Douglas Hall    
DNF Caden Tongue (Rad Racing Nw)    
Junior Male 10-12
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Gage Hecht (Iccc)    
2 Grant Mcelroy (Beaverton Bicycle Club)    
3 Spencer Petrov (Queen City Wheels Lionhearts)    
4 Zachary Mikkelson    
5 Matteo Jorgenson (Byrds)    
6 James Francisco (Red Zone)    
7 Cade Bickmore (Boulder Junior Cycling)    
8 Edward Fritzinger    
9 Robert Wright    
10 Scott Funston (Old Town Bicycle)    
11 Mitchell Thornton (Asc Racing/redline)    
12 Jarrett Aregger (Asc Racing/redline)    
13 Rubin Field    
14 Duncan Reid (Bikepalace/backontrack)    
15 Henry Geary (Asc/redline)    
16 Brayden Buchanan (Rad Racing Nw / Hagens Berman)    
17 Ryan Madis (One Call Now)    
18 Steven Raymond (Old Town Bicycle)    
19 Erik Philipson (Asc/redline)    
One lap down
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
20 Sam Mchale    
21 Peter Whitesel    
22 Derrick Howlett (Asc-redline)    
23 Xzavier Hamilton    
DNS Benjamin King (Rad Racing)    
DNS Benjamin Tannyhill (Rmcef-westside)    
DNS Elkin Parker