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USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships 2010

Date range:
December 8-12, 2010

December 11, 45-49:

Pacocha, Baker, Webber, Tilford earn masters titles

Cycling News
December 12, 2010, 16:47 GMT,
December 12, 2010, 20:51 GMT

Masters championship racing wraps up in Bend

Peter Webber (Boulder Cycle Sport) takes the National Championship in the 40-44 class

Peter Webber (Boulder Cycle Sport) takes the National Championship in the 40-44 class

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Masters Men 30-34

Gusty winds greeted the masters 30- to 34-year-old men, but to the rest of the field Matthew Pacocha (Hudz-Subaru) must have appeared to be riding with a tailwind for much of the race. Pacocha bolted from the gun, and by the end of the second lap had built a more than 20-second lead.

"I was just riding my own race the whole time," Pacocha said. "I tried maybe with two to go to step it up because I heard the announcers calling that I wasn't the fastest guy on the course. I thought I was going to get caught." He didn't, and cruised into the Stars-and-Stripes jersey ahead of Weston Schempf (Charm City Cycling Squad) by 45 seconds.

Masters Men 35-39

At one point, the masters 35-39 men's race seemed as much a test of wits as a battle of legs. Justin Robinson (California Giant-Specialized), Russell Stevenson (Cycling Northwest) and Jonathan Baker (Hudz-Subaru) rode together to begin the last lap in such a way as to draw comparisons from the announcers to track racing.

"We were just real tactical. We'd go hard in the mud and then slow down in the wind. I tried to take the lead a couple times but Russell was really strong. He wouldn't let me take it," said Baker, who took the lead for good around the last turn and hung on to beat Stevenson to the line by a mere three seconds and defend his 2009 national title.

"The last lap, I knew that was my spot. So I just drilled it. I hit my line perfect and I hit the pavement first. I just sprinted until I hit the line."

Masters Men 40-44

It was an all-Colorado affair in the front three for the masters 40-44 men, with Pete Webber (Boulder Cycle Sport) defending his national title in the division.

"It feels awesome. Winning two in a row is incredible. Last year was really special because it was my first one, but I wanted it bad this year," Webber said. Webber's teammate Brandon Dwight (Boulder Cycle Sport) outdueled Jon Cariveau (Moots) for the second podium spot.

"The crowd was incredible. My best friend Brandon pushed me right to the end, and he got second place. Really proud of him and our whole team," said Webber. "The conditions were just epic, which is great for me. The course was just 100 percent deep, deep mud. It was incredibly cold with lakes of ice water. My hands and feet were like blocks of wood - I couldn't even feel the bike."

Masters Men 50-54

The masters 50-54 men opened the day racing through a falling mixture of snow and rain. Steve Tilford (Tradewind Energy-Trek) showed the kind of form that earned him two previous elite cyclo-cross national titles, riding to another Stars-and-Stripes jersey.

"I used to ride the masters as a pre-ride for the elite race, but now I'm kind of thinking of going to masters worlds," said Tilford. "Cyclo-cross is a culty sport. It's amazing that at 8:30 am in the morning when it is down-pouring rain how many people come out and watch. It's like a big family and a nice party. It's fun."

Full Results

Master men 30-34
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Matthew Pacocha (Hudz-Subaru) 0:43:19  
2 Weston Schempf (Charm City Cycling Llc) 0:00:45  
3 Cody Peterson 0:00:50  
4 Damian Schmitt 0:01:31  
5 John Curry (Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club) 0:01:33  
6 Josh Snead 0:01:36  
7 Ryan Leech (Hilton Head Cycling) 0:02:00  
8 Brett Nichols (Trek Mountain Co-Op) 0:02:03  
9 Brue Syvertsen (Murder) 0:02:37  
10 Jared Nieters (Haymarket Bicycles) 0:02:42  
11 Jesse Rients 0:03:01  
12 Davy Yeater (River City Bicycles / Cannondale) 0:03:03  
13 Adam Driscoll (Adventures For The Cure) 0:03:06  
14 Krishna Dole 0:03:12  
15 Eric Rasmussen (Kuhl)    
16 Brandon Gritters (Rock N Road) 0:03:21  
17 Ross Brody 0:03:24  
18 Justin Morejohn (Davis Bike Club) 0:03:42  
19 Seth Patla 0:03:56  
20 Ty Kady 0:04:01  
21 Wiley Mosley (North American Velo) 0:04:05  
22 Luke Demoe 0:04:09  
23 Matthew Fox 0:04:18  
24 Paul Lacava 0:04:20  
25 Matthew Wills 0:04:23  
26 Christopher Fisher (Velorochester) 0:04:30  
27 Matthew Pronovost (Steamboat Velo P/D Moots) 0:04:32  
28 Matt Russell 0:04:33  
29 John Frey (Hutch'S Westside Bend Or) 0:04:55  
30 Benjamin Rathkamp (Shuksan Velo Club/Fanatik Bike) 0:05:03  
31 Benjamin Dodge (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club) 0:05:08  
32 Daniel Miller (Columbia Bike Club Race Team) 0:05:09  
33 Aaron Wilcher 0:05:11  
34 Michael Kennedy (Fetzer) 0:05:26  
35 Adam Mills (Mercy Cycling Team) 0:05:38  
36 David Wilcox (Pedro'S Grassroots Cycling Club) 0:05:41  
37 Jeremy Whitman (Broken Spoke Cycling) 0:05:43  
38 Aaron Mickels 0:05:47  
39 Dylan Vanweelden 0:05:58  
40 Patrick Blair (Adventures For The Cure) 0:06:11  
41 Matt James (Mesa Cycles Shop And Racing) 0:06:31  
42 George Barthel (Helen'S) 0:06:34  
43 Alan Adams (Lake Washington Velo/Hagens) 0:06:40  
44 Jason Siegle (Bike Religion) 0:06:49  
45 Jeremy Dunn 0:07:03  
46 Brian Holcombe 0:07:16  
47 Alex Wilson (Boat Street Cycle Club (Bscc)) 0:07:22  
48 Eric Zuber (Bobs Bicycles Cycling Club) 0:07:29  
49 Gabriel Byrne (Squadra Ovest Cycling) 0:07:40  
50 Evan Sarna (3Rd Rail Cycling Club/Missing) 0:07:47  
51 Gregory Lyeki (Manchester Racing Club/Trek) 0:08:14  
52 Chandler Delinks (Cyclocrossworld) 0:08:25  
53 Andrew Boone 0:08:39  
54 Paul Guerra (Alto Velo Racing Club/Webcor) 0:09:00  
55 Forest Hynes (Johnny Sprockets) 0:09:49  
56 Anthony Broadman 0:09:57  
57 Chuck Meyer 0:10:17  
58 Justin Howe (Northeast Bicycle Club (Nebc)) 0:10:49  
59 Jeffrey Bramhall (Threshold Cycling)    
-1lap Gregory Saylor (Adventures For The Cure)    
-1lap Matthew Hennessy (Charm City Cycling Llc)    
-1lap Rey Madolora    
-1lap Jay Kwan (The Team /The Team Socalcross)    
-2laps Jared Vigil    
-2laps Christopher Bassett (Mafia Racing)    
-2laps Adam Stern (Puget Sound Cycling Club)    
-2laps Daniel Breyer    
-2laps Joseph Czerwonka    
-2laps Daniel Fuhrmann    
-2laps Terry Deeble    
-2laps Nicholas Salerno (Deathrow Velo)    
-2laps Noah Silverman (Reno Wheelmen)    
-3laps Stephen Riskus (All American Bicycle Club Inc.)    
-3laps Eddie Wang    
DNF Rob Brandt (Kryki Sports)    
DNF Brad Cole (Kccx Verge Elite Cyclocross Team)    
DNF Ryan Weaver (River City Bicycles)    
DNF Matt Cline    
DNF Peter Vraniak    
DSQ Jay Armstrong (Gs Casella/Look! Save A Life)    
DNS Matt Shriver    
DNS Aaron Odell    
DNS Geoff Casey (Stranamanti Cycling)    
DNS Justin Maka (Ten Speed Drive Racing)    
DNS Nate Denning (Treasure Valley Cycling Club)    
Master men 35-39
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jonathan Baker (Groove Subaru Cycling Team) 0:42:50  
2 Russell Stevenson 0:00:03  
3 Justin Robinson (California Giant Cycling) 0:00:26  
4 Jt Fountain (3Fcx/Cyclocrossracing.Com) 0:01:02  
5 Troy Heithecker (Echelon Energy) 0:01:29  
6 Grant Berry (Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory) 0:01:43  
7 Benjamin Thompson 0:01:50  
8 Bo Pitkin 0:02:08  
9 Eric Sheagley (Essex County Velo) 0:02:21  
10 Brian Sheedy (Raleigh Allstars Cycling Club) 0:02:32  
11 Scott Frederick (Inland/Back To Dirt/Inland Cons) 0:02:41  
12 Kristopher Holden (Vertical Earth Specialized) 0:02:46  
13 Louie Fountain (3Fcx/Cyclocrossracing.Com) 0:02:47  
14 Michael Gallagher (Cyclocrossracing.Com P/B Blue) 0:03:02  
15 John Rollert (Webcyclery Racing) 0:03:15  
16 Timothy Jones 0:03:44  
17 Maurice Gamanho (Van Dessel Factory Team) 0:03:50  
18 Andrew Messer (Don Galligher-Drt Consulting) 0:03:54  
19 Chris Brandt (Brandt-Sorenson.Com) 0:03:58  
20 Evan Plews 0:04:04  
21 Kevin Koen 0:04:09  
22 Benjamin Kubas (Tai Cycling/Gen8) 0:04:34  
23 Joel Wilson 0:04:35  
24 Chris Snyder 0:04:47  
25 Eric Anderson (Indianapolis Cycling Club) 0:04:55  
26 Aaron Bouplon (Rockymounts Izze Racing) 0:05:00  
27 Jerry Long (Coeur D 'Alene Velo Racers) 0:05:13  
28 Christian Litzsinger (Lost River Cycling Club) 0:05:43  
29 Michael Carroll (Durango Wheel Club) 0:05:47  
30 Frederick Bottger (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa)) 0:05:48  
31 Kyle Wuepper 0:05:49  
32 Craig Faulkner (Crossniacs) 0:05:55  
33 Joshua Whitmore (Globalbike Racing) 0:06:03  
34 Nate Woodman 0:06:07  
35 Todd Dye 0:06:11  
36 Michael Dicenso (Mafia Racing) 0:06:28  
37 Tim Joslin 0:06:30  
38 Peder Horner (Colobikelaw.Com) 0:06:37  
39 David Sheek 0:06:41  
40 Adam Whitney 0:06:55  
41 Chris Winans 0:07:01  
42 Robert Braun    
43 Barney Gill (Cycle Therapy-4 Corners Cycling) 0:07:09  
44 Chris Matthews (Third Pillar) 0:07:17  
45 Eric Bostrom 0:07:25  
46 Jason Jablonski 0:07:37  
47 Slate Olson (Hup United) 0:07:38  
48 Craig Virr (Team Lifesize)    
49 Nicholas Brown (Boat Street Cycle Club (Bscc)) 0:07:43  
50 Dean Poshard 0:07:54  
51 Andrew Rigel (Mafia Racing) 0:08:21  
52 Michael Schindler 0:08:28  
53 Zachary Daab (Hup United) 0:08:37  
54 Chip Sloan 0:08:49  
55 Eric Russell 0:08:57  
56 Adam Carroll 0:09:00  
57 John Craft 0:09:08  
58 Alan Vos 0:09:09  
59 Andrew Kennedy (Calnorte Vc Switchbacks) 0:09:14  
60 Ryan Brown (Chinook Cycling Club Inc) 0:09:24  
61 Keith Heinzelman 0:09:28  
62 Arn Allemand 0:09:37  
63 Graham Christensen (Coeur D 'Alene Velo Racers) 0:09:43  
64 Luke Mason 0:09:44  
-1lap Chad Berg (Pilchuck Cycling Club/Collision)    
-2laps Andrew Weir (Ann Arbor Velo Club/Two Wheel)    
-2laps Mike Beretta (Team Revolutions)    
-2laps Brian Fuller (Broken Spoke Cycling)    
-2laps Mark Roughgarden (Puget Sound Cycling Club)    
-2laps Seth Graham    
-2laps Eric Teel    
-2laps Christian Martin    
-2laps Justin Morgan (Calnorte Vc Switchbacks)    
-2laps Rick Jerabek    
-2laps Aaron Vanderwaal (Mafia Racing)    
-2laps Mark Albrecht (Revolution Cafe Rio)    
-2laps Ron Shevock (Team Mad Cat)    
-2laps Arthur Nease (Seattle Super Squadra/Cucina)    
-2laps Marcus Biancucci    
-2laps Doug Laplaca    
-2laps Greg Miranda    
-2laps Michael Prater (Lake Washington Velo)    
-2laps Matthew Triska (Squadra Ovest Cycling)    
-2laps Jeffrey Bonsall    
-2laps James Gantz    
-2laps Darren Smith    
-2laps Alex Telitsine (Thumbprint Racing)    
-3laps Paul Hernandez    
-3laps Jerry Bueno (Team Hotel San Jose)    
-3laps Jesus Ortega (Celo Pacific)    
DNF Ariel Brown    
DNF Lane Miller    
DNF Joel Liefke (Bikeman.Com)    
DNF Shane Gibson    
DNF Matthew Kraus (North American Velo)    
DNF Erik Bergstrom    
DNF Patrick Murphy (Team Mad Cat)    
DNF Patrick Wilder    
DNF Daniel Langlois (Bicycle Therapy)    
DNS Michael Trowbridge    
DNS James Bender (Berkeley Bicycle Club (Bbc))    
DNS Rolando Roman    
DNS Wayne Mackey    
DNS Gabriel Keck (Summit Bicyles)    
DNS Timothy Spence (Mafia Racing)    
DNS Alex Work    
DNS Brendan Connolly    
DNS Scott Keiper    
DNS Paul Adams    
Master men 40-44
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Webber Peter (Boulder Cycle Sport) 0:42:11  
2 Dwight Brandon (Boulder Cycle Sport) 0:00:25  
3 Cariveau Jon (Moots) 0:00:26  
4 Aspholm Roger (Westwood Velo) 0:00:59  
5 Feldman Richard (Durance-Colnago) 0:01:03  
6 Mitchell Shawn (Boise Cycling Club) 0:01:12  
7 Robson Michael 0:01:17  
8 Savery Mark (Midwest Wheelmaster) 0:01:24  
9 Baker Ward (Justin'S / Titus Mountain Bike) 0:01:27  
10 Krumpelman Douglas (Coeur D 'Alene Velo Racers) 0:01:33  
11 Skerritt Shannon 0:01:53  
12 Flores Anastasio 0:02:10  
13 Behrens John (Bailey Bikes) 0:02:12  
14 Hoefer Todd (California Giant Cycling) 0:02:23  
15 Schulz Eirik 0:02:31  
16 Smith Shadd (Mercy Cycling Team) 0:02:37  
17 Auer Kristopher (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) 0:02:45  
18 Wehn Kenny (Colavita Racing Inc.) 0:02:47  
19 Hludzinski Brian (Boulder Cycle Sport) 0:02:50  
20 Bowen Barton (Bicycle Ruidoso Inc.) 0:02:56  
21 Gaertner Michael (Coeur D 'Alene Velo Racers) 0:03:07  
22 Prenzlow Brent (Celo Pacific/B&L) 0:03:17  
23 Bravard John 0:03:19  
24 Bradway Scott 0:03:20  
25 Swanson Murray (Peninsula Velo Cycling Club) 0:03:42  
26 Henshall T    
27 Flack John (Cbc Racing/Olympia Orthopaedic) 0:03:43  
28 Harshman Shawn (Pm Racing Team) 0:03:45  
29 Davis Todd (Kryki Sports/Audi) 0:03:48  
30 Morrissey Patrick (Team Cross (Tcnm)) 0:04:10  
31 Thompson Tim (Team Rambuski Law) 0:04:33  
32 Weaver Dave (Alan N. America Cycling Team) 0:04:46  
33 Williams Matt (Grandstay Hotels) 0:04:50  
34 Von Isenburg Charles (Mock Orange Bikes) 0:04:53  
35 Leritz Aaron 0:04:55  
36 Gaeckle Jeff (Cbc Racing/Olympia Orthopaedic) 0:05:00  
37 Diviney David 0:05:03  
38 Coffino Michael 0:05:06  
39 O'meara Shawn 0:05:16  
40 Burt Kenny (Wtb) 0:05:19  
41 Dickie Brock 0:05:21  
42 Cortes Jordi (California Giant Cycling)    
43 Leuschke Rainer (Avanti Racing Club/Blue Rooster)    
44 Baker Martin 0:05:26  
45 Wardell Jeffrey (Excel Sports Boulder) 0:05:28  
46 Boyle Monte (Team Clover)    
47 Cannard Timothy 0:05:39  
48 Smith Christopher (Hup United) 0:05:48  
49 Scott Matthew (Fiets Met Slagroom)    
50 Sharp Dan 0:05:52  
51 Weber David (Rockymounts Izze Racing) 0:05:55  
52 Boivin Curtis (Providence Velo Club)    
53 Jordan Matt 0:06:01  
54 Mcnally Daniel 0:06:12  
55 Cline Kelly (Club Wissahickon) 0:06:19  
56 Haidet Sean (Slo Nexus Cycling Club)    
57 Sargent Andrew (Webcyclery Racing) 0:06:21  
58 Miller Ronald (Byrds) 0:06:23  
59 Pettinger Damon (Lake Washington Velo)    
60 Szwaya Michael 0:06:31  
61 Chavez Cesar 0:06:32  
62 Knokey Mark (Coeur D 'Alene Velo Racers) 0:06:49  
63 Roy Jared (Crossniacs) 0:06:55  
64 Donovan Kevin 0:06:57  
65 Engel Matthew 0:07:04  
66 Voldengen Erik (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 0:07:11  
67 Reisinger Kirk (Club Wissahickon) 0:07:25  
68 Mcnamara Matthew (Sterling Sports Group) 0:07:32  
69 Smith Leroi (Ragnarok Racing) 0:07:38  
70 Keller Gregory (Boulder Cycle Sport) 0:07:44  
71 Harris Derwyn 0:07:45  
72 Lowe Chad    
73 Martin Michael 0:07:54  
74 Carothers Scott (Kinetic Cycles/Gbi) 0:08:01  
75 Hudson Douglas 0:08:05  
76 Moutsopoulos Basil (Hup United) 0:08:07  
77 Cody Thomas 0:08:14  
78 Staby Brian (Red Peloton) 0:08:16  
79 Birner Michael (Ben'S Performance Bicycles Inc) 0:08:25  
80 Kelley Tim (Broken Spoke Cycling) 0:08:29  
81 Kramer Robert 0:08:34  
82 Mclaughlin Sean (Emde Sports/Emdesports.Com) 0:08:44  
83 Webb Philip 0:08:46  
84 Weyman Robert (Vrc/Now-Ms Society) 0:08:53  
85 Farrell Dan (Blue Sky Velo) 0:09:04  
86 Oseto Matthew (Kryki Sports/Audi)    
87 Price Brian (Gs Casella/Look! Save A Life)    
88 Gillette James (Lake Washington Velo) 0:09:07  
89 Prause David    
90 Kilcoyne Jamie (Justin'S / Titus Mountain Bike) 0:09:10  
91 Hynes Philip (Irondatathirstybearcycling.Com) 0:09:11  
92 Manley Dirk (Squadra Abruzzo) 0:09:13  
93 Deeble Rob (Treasure Valley Cycling Club) 0:09:14  
94 Lehnert Alexander 0:09:21  
95 Petrie Alan (Spokane Rocket Velo) 0:09:24  
96 Milliman Christopher (Hup United) 0:09:27  
97 Uetrecht Robert (Webcyclery Racing) 0:09:30  
98 Oliger Travis (Durango Wheel Club) 0:09:44  
99 Moran Hugh (Mars Hill College) 0:10:34  
-1lap Dudek Jason (Step Down Racing/Second Ascent)    
-1lap Mysliwiec Vincent (Old Town Bicycle (Otb))    
-1lap Sjogren David    
-2laps Brown Michael    
-2laps Upchurch Mike (Team Mad Cat)    
-2laps Williamson Ladd (Treasure Valley Cycling Club)    
-2laps Milnick Brian    
-2laps Hall Tim (Nashvillecyclist.Com)    
-2laps Miller Wade    
-2laps Brown James (Rad Racing Nw)    
-2laps Koester Bradley    
-2laps Mark Adamski    
-2laps Kelley Jack    
-2laps Herring Jeff (The Team /The Team Socalcross)    
-2laps Weichbrodt Arthur (Viking Sport Seattle)    
-2laps Albert Geoffrey (The Team /The Team Socalcross)    
-2laps Youngman William (Squadra Abruzzo)    
-2laps Kupfer Shannon    
-2laps Andelin Adam (Rio Strada Racing)    
-2laps Radich Matt    
-2laps Duff Mark (Veloforma)    
-2laps Anton Carl (Boat Street Cycle Club (Bscc))    
-2laps Schauer Timothy    
-2laps Linville Ryan (Jet City Velo/Byrneinvent)    
-2laps Leonard Lawrence (Successful Living)    
-2laps Born Rob (Avanti Racing Club/Blue Rooster)    
-2laps Chipchase David (Team Aj'S /Nutrishop)    
-2laps Denison Kevin (Team Mad Cat)    
-2laps Lawson David (Celo Pacific)    
-2laps Boni Carl (Blue Sky Velo)    
-2laps Elder Tom (Treasure Valley Cycling Club)    
-2laps Dangelo Dominic (Pilchuck Cycling Club/Collision)    
-2laps Osier Mike (Old Town Bicycle (Otb))    
-2laps Inglis Curtis    
-2laps Wolford Kenneth    
-2laps Dewar Ian (San Jose Bicycle Club/Sjbc)    
-2laps Carpenter Joe (Team Mad Cat)    
-3laps Wherity Christopher    
-3laps Accetta Alex    
-3laps Hamness Scott    
-3laps Hubbart Kurt    
-3laps Hinton Kevin (Vrc)    
-3laps Byron David (Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.Com)    
DNF Stolte William (Tradewind Energy / Trek Stores)    
DNF Reid Douglas (Step Down Racing)    
DNF Scatton Jesse    
DNF Elliston William (Van Dessel Factory Team)    
DNF Clark Matthew (Market Street Cycling Club)    
DNF Bonar Aron (Sycip Racing/Sycip / Schwalbe)    
DNF Inscoe Jerry    
DNF Kelsey Sean    
DNS Chabot Gerald (Providence Velo Club)    
DNS Mendigochea Matias (Herbalife Lagrange)    
DNS Digman Jason (Flat City Cycling Club Inc.)    
DNS Gorman John    
DNS Weigand James    
DNS Leitheiser Ian    
DNS Loetel Brad (Cycle U)    
DNS Senft Albert (Colavita Racing Inc./Colavita Racing)    
DNS Pearson Dave (Pilchuck Cycling Club/Collision 1)    
DNS Beltramini Jeff (Mafia Racing)    
DNS Winkler Jeff    
DNS Carroll Donny (Bailey Bikes)    
DNS Bortz Von (Boulder Cycle Sport)    
DNS Breyer Matthew (Pull Thru Racing/Team Possabilities Gary Fisher Subaru)    
DNS Adkisson Michael    
DNS Rogers Sean    
DNS Sippy Gaige (Durango Wheel Club)    
DNS Tomich Petar    
DNS Green Corey (Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc./Team Ghisallo)    
DNS Edes Jeff    
DNS Sangalli Richard ( Uci Pct Bmc Racing Team)    
DNS Thorson Dan (Pilchuck Cycling Club/Collision 1)    
DNS Beieler James (Shuksan Velo Club/Fanatik Bike Co.)    
DNS Sage Chad    
DNS Burns Ted (Bell Lap Racing/Mrberkeley.Com P/B Bell Lap)    
DNS Taylor Tom (Team Roaring Mouse)    
DNS Rosenfeld Jake    
DNS Thompson Gregory    
DNS Schmeer Ronald (Stranamanti Cycling)    
DNS Lunine Brij (Santa Cruz County Cycling Club/Team Santa Cruz (Scccc))    
DNS Mckenna Paul    
DNS Ecker Joseph (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortgage)    
Master men 50-54
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Stephen Tilford (Tradewind Energy/Trek) 0:43:09  
2 Kevin Hines (Mid State Cycling Club) 0:01:22  
3 Richard Cramer 0:01:51  
4 Bobby Langin (Platinum Performance) 0:02:13  
5 Thomas Price (Mercy Cycling Team) 0:02:26  
6 Karl Kiester (Cody Racing) 0:03:26  
7 Brett Lambert 0:03:49  
8 Ron Huebner (Evolution Cycling Club P/B Long) 0:03:54  
9 Alan Blanchard (Westwood Velo/Westwood Cycle/Tr) 0:04:05  
10 Robert Meighan (California Giant Cycling/Califo) 0:04:29  
11 Edwin Rambuski (Team Rambuski Law) 0:04:45  
12 Mark Henry (Team Clover) 0:04:49  
13 Jim Miller 0:05:09  
14 John Wilson 0:05:11  
15 Randy Iddings 0:05:15  
16 Tim James (Foxtrot-Echelon Racing) 0:05:41  
17 Bill Reed 0:05:48  
18 Joseph Burtoni (Durango Wheel Club) 0:05:52  
19 Michael Nyberg 0:05:59  
20 Roy Colven (Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.Com) 0:06:06  
21 Rudy Sroka (Lake Effect Cycling Team) 0:06:30  
22 Brad Laesch (20/20 Fuel) 0:06:35  
23 William Kuster (Loon State Cyclists)    
24 John Weyhrich (Team Stampede/Five Valley Velo) 0:06:40  
25 John Thompson (St Paul Bicycle Racing Club) 0:06:41  
26 Justin Bannerman (Wheatland Wheelers) 0:06:44  
27 Pete Krumins (Old Town Bicycle (Otb)/Old Town) 0:06:53  
28 Wayne Barlow (New Hampshire Cycling Club) 0:07:28  
29 Alan Ott 0:07:49  
30 Jim Gentes (Team Rambuski Law) 0:07:58  
31 Paul (Rhino) Marquart 0:08:00  
32 Joe Fabris 0:08:02  
33 Doug Smith 0:08:08  
34 Paule Bates (Team Roaring Mouse) 0:08:10  
35 Don Wright    
36 Karl Ehlert (Alto Velo Racing Club) 0:08:13  
37 Joseph Hoerner 0:08:16  
38 Shawn Downing 0:08:26  
39 John Vergis 0:08:30  
40 Richard Stone (Sterling Sports Group) 0:08:45  
41 William Stevens (Mid State Cycling Club) 0:08:49  
42 Darrell Davis 0:08:59  
43 John Bliss (Justin'S / Titus Mountain Bike) 0:09:09  
-1lap Logan Kelsey (Team Rambuski Law)    
-1lap Thane Jennings    
-1lap Thomas Prehn (Rockymounts Izze Racing)    
-1lap Roger Joys    
-1lap Alan Overholt (Team Revolutions)    
-1lap Kevin Raymond (Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.Com)    
-1lap Brian Smith (Webcyclery Racing)    
-1lap Daniel Davis (Webcyclery Racing)    
-2laps Tim Ellerbruch    
-2laps Jeff Traugott    
-2laps John Seivert (Sert/Sho-Air)    
-2laps Ambrose Su    
-2laps William Macy (Carolina Masters /Carolina Mast)    
-2laps David Smith    
-2laps James Thiele    
-2laps Mitchell Moses    
-2laps David Williams (Celo Pacific)    
-2laps Brian Blackwell (Rogue Racing Project)    
-2laps David Queen (20/20 Fuel)    
DNF Timothy Shea (Bob Cycling/Bob Cycling-Goodale)    
DNF Russell Thorstrom (Intermountain)    
DNF Randy Shields (Carolina Masters /Carolina Mast)    
DNF Michael Cochran    
DNF Christopher Holmes (Team Mad Cat)    
DNF William Cochran (Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club/Gallatin Alpine Sports)    
DNS Gregg Leion    
DNS Mark Kutney (Van Dessel Factory Team)    
DNS Blair Peterson (Above Category Racing)    
DNS Mike Hayes (20/20 Fuel)    
DNS Matthew Cazier (20/20 Fuel)    
DNS Dave Reed (Apex Racing Team)    
DNS Michael Rosenberg    
DNS Dwight Wyatt    
DNS Thomas Carpenter (Team Oakland Cycling)    
DNS Bruce Lodge    
DNF Jay Mongillo (Cycle-Smart Inc.)    
DNF Jeff Tedder    
DSQ David Luoma (Guinness Cycling Team)