Smith wins downhill World Cup final in Leogang

Canadian moves ahead of Atherton to win overall title

Steve Smith (Devinci Global Racing) pulled off a win at the final round of the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup in Leogang, Austria on Sunday. His victory was also enough to move him ahead of Gee Atherton (GT Factory Racing) in the final World Cup overall standings.

Loic Bruni (Lapierre Gravity Republic) finished in second place while Mick Hannah (Hutchinson UR) took third. Rounding out the podium were Gee Atherton (GT Factory Racing) and Josh Bryceland (Santa Cruz Syndicate).

George Brannigan (Trek World Racing) set the early fast time. He was bumped out of the hot seat by Remi Thirion (Commencal/Riding Addiction).

Next up to set the fastest time was Connor Fearon (Kona) and then Bryceland, who's time was good enough for the top five.

Bruni knocked two seconds off Bryceland's time and while neither Atherton nor Hannah could beat him, the last man down the mountain, fastest qualifier Smith, could do so.

Smith was in second in the overall World Cup standings prior to the final round, just a few points behind Atherton, who had led all season long.

"It's an undescribable feeling to win. This is a dream come true," said Smith. "It's the most pressure I've ever had in my entire life. I'm so pumped to come away with the win."

"This is the most important win of my life. I don't what to say. I'm so happy right now."

Smith described his run as smooth. "I felt relaxed an my run went great. It was so dry and so fast compared to qualifying and practice. I knew I was going fast, but it was hard to say if the other guys were going faster, too. I didn't know until I crossed and then I saw the reactions, and then I knew I'd won."

In the overall standings, it was Smith, then Atherton, Minnaar, Bruni and Blenkinsop.

Greg Minnaar and Aaron Gwin did not race the finals due to injury. Minnaar hurt himself during practice this week and Gwin is recovering from shoulder surgery after injuring himself at Worlds.

Full Results

Elite men downhill
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steve Smith (Can) Devinci Global Racing0:03:23.959 
2Loic Bruni (Fra) Lapierre Gravity Republic0:00:01.311 
3Michael Hannah (Aus) Hutchinson UR0:00:01.934 
4Gee Atherton (GBr) GT Factory Racing0:00:02.858 
5Josh Bryceland (GBr) Santa Cruz Syndicate0:00:03.402 
6Marcelo Gutierrez Villegas (Col) Giant Factory Off-Road Team0:00:04.267 
7Samuel Blenkinsop (NZl) Lapierre Gravity Republic0:00:04.320 
8Troy Brosnan (Aus) Specialized Racing DH0:00:05.577 
9Steve Peat (GBr) Santa Cruz Syndicate0:00:06.039 
10Connor Fearon (Aus) Kona0:00:06.620 
11Nick Beer (Swi) Devinci Global Racing0:00:06.831 
12Rémi Thirion (Fra) Commencal / Riding Addiction0:00:07.541 
13George Brannigan (NZl) Trek World Racing0:00:07.571 
14Bernat Guardia Pascual (Spa)0:00:07.683 
15Neko Mulally (USA) Trek World Racing0:00:07.712 
16Lorenzo Suding (Ita) GT / 360 Degrees0:00:07.849 
17Matthew Simmonds (GBr) Chain Reaction Cycles.Com / Nukeproof0:00:08.155 
18Brendan Fairclough (GBr) Gstaad-Scott0:00:08.166 
19Luke Strobel (USA) Evil Vengeance Tour0:00:08.904 
20Kyle Sangers (Can)0:00:09.289 
21Wyn Masters (NZl) Team Bulls - DH0:00:09.378 
22Andrew Neethling (RSA) Giant Factory Off-Road Team0:00:09.379 
23Faustin Figaret (Fra) Topcycle By Trek0:00:09.442 
24Adam Brayton (GBr)0:00:09.550 
25Guillaume Cauvin (Fra) Hutchinson UR0:00:09.584 
26Johannes Fischbach (Ger) RRP Ghost0:00:09.776 
27Antonio Ferreiro Pajuelo (Spa) Evil Vengeance Tour0:00:09.846 
28Marcus Klausmann (Ger) Ghost Factory Racing Team0:00:09.962 
29Ruaridh Cunningham (GBr) Unior Tools Team0:00:10.354 
30Ziga Pandur (Slo) Unior Tools Team0:00:10.474 
31Richard Rude Jr° (USA) Yeti Fox Shox Factory Race Team0:00:10.484 
32Markus Pekoll (Aut) MS Mondraker Team0:00:10.904 
33Marc Beaumont (GBr) GT Factory Racing0:00:11.303 
34Sam Dale (GBr) Madison Saracen Downhill Team0:00:11.370 
35Bernard Kerr (GBr) Pivot Factory Team0:00:11.521 
36Jack Reading (GBr)0:00:11.688 
37Harry Heath (GBr)0:00:12.023 
38Pierre Charles Georges (Fra) Lac Blanc/Scott0:00:12.074 
39Robin Wallner (Swe) Team W-Racing0:00:12.299 
40Florent Payet (Fra) Evil CK Racing Evian0:00:13.014 
41Thibaut Ruffin (Fra) Commencal / Riding Addiction0:00:13.523 
42Joseph Smith (GBr) Chain Reaction Cycles.Com / Nukeproof0:00:13.621 
43Boris Tetzlaff (Aut) Alpine Commencal Austria0:00:13.973 
44Filip Polc (Svk) Evil Vengeance Tour0:00:14.239 
45Zakarias Blom Johansen (Nor)0:00:14.243 
46Mario José Jarrin Molina (Ecu)0:00:14.331 
47Jack Moir (Aus) Yeti Fox Shox Factory Race Team0:00:14.650 
48Mathew Stuttard (GBr)0:00:14.780 
49Manuel Gruber (Aut) Alpine Commencal Austria0:00:14.839 
50Niklas Wallner (Swe) Team W-Racing0:00:15.096 
51Johann Potgieter (RSA) RRP Ghost0:00:15.268 
52Jacques Bouvet (Ger)0:00:15.283 
53Marco Milivinti (Ita) Torpado Surfing Shop0:00:15.567 
54Oscar Harnstrom (Swe) GT / 360 Degrees0:00:15.684 
55Melvin Pons (Fra) Us Cagnes VTT0:00:15.801 
56David Trummer (Aut) RRP Ghost0:00:15.907 
57Matthew Walker (NZl)0:00:15.946 
58Lars Peyer (Swi) SC Intense0:00:15.964 
59Ben Reid (Irl) Dirt Norco Race Team0:00:16.167 
60Richard Thomas (GBr)0:00:16.194 
61Sidney Slotegraaf (Can)0:00:16.195 
62Martin Frei (Swi)0:00:16.502 
63Remi Gauvin (Can)0:00:16.658 
64Aurélien Giordanengo (Fra) Topcycle By Trek0:00:16.667 
65David Mcmillan (Aus)0:00:16.701 
66Kirk Mcdowall (Can)0:00:16.717 
67Matej Charvat (Cze)0:00:17.355 
68Lukas Splichal (Cze)0:00:17.886 
69Patrick Thome (Fra) Gstaad-Scott0:00:17.929 
70Guillem Jorba Prats (Spa)0:00:18.173 
71Attila Liszi (Hun)0:00:18.452 
72Joe Connell (GBr) SC Intense0:00:18.494 
73Edward Masters (NZl)0:00:18.687 
74Matthew Beer (Can)0:00:18.764 
75Scott Mears (GBr)0:00:18.958 
76Fraser Mcglone (GBr)0:00:19.837 
77Romain Paulhan (Fra)0:00:20.263 
78Jan Cepelak (Cze)0:00:24.537 
79Francisco Pardal (Por) Evil Vengeance Tour0:00:25.346 
80Benoit Coulanges (Fra) Roc VTT Oz En Oisans0:01:25.007 
DSQHarry Molloy (GBr) Madison Saracen Downhill Team  
DNSSamuel Hill (Aus) Chain Reaction Cycles.Com / Nukeproof  
DNSDanny Hart (GBr) Giant Factory Off-Road Team  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lapierre Gravity Republic99 pts
2GT Factory Racing65 
3Devinci Global Racing60 
4Hutchinson UR54 
5Santa Cruz Syndicate50 
6Commencal / Riding Addiction41 
7Giant Factory Off-Road Team35 
8Trek World Racing34 
9Madison Saracen Downhill Team30 
11Team Norco International26 
12Specialized Racing DH23 
14MS Mondraker Team20 
15FMD Racing / Intense Cycles18 
16Evil Vengeance Tour16 
17GT / 360 Degrees15 
18Chain Reaction Cycles.Com / Nukeproof14 
19Team Bulls - DH10 
20Topcycle By Trek8 
21RRP Ghost5 
22US Cagnes VTT3 
23Ghost Factory Racing Team3 
24Unior Tools Team3 
25Blackthorn GT2 
Elite men World Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steve Smith (Can)1199 pts
2Gee Atherton (GBr)1121 
3Greg Minnaar (RSA)673 
4Loic Bruni (Fra)671 
5Samuel Blenkinsop (NZl)654 
6Michael Hannah (Aus)638 
7Troy Brosnan (Aus)601 
8Samuel Hill (Aus)590 
9Danny Hart (GBr)584 
10Rémi Thirion (Fra)577 
11Marcelo Gutierrez Villegas (Col)507 
12Andrew Neethling (RSA)445 
13Aaron Gwin (USA)417 
14Josh Bryceland (GBr)417 
15Neko Mulally (USA)406 
16Brendan Fairclough (GBr)405 
17Florent Payet (Fra)383 
18Matthew Simmonds (GBr)382 
19Steve Peat (GBr)373 
20Marc Beaumont (GBr)359 
21Antonio Ferreiro Pajuelo (Spa)358 
22Lorenzo Suding (Ita)339 
23Brook Macdonald* (NZl)338 
24Markus Pekoll (Aut)331 
25Connor Fearon (Aus)321 
26Faustin Figaret (Fra)321 
27Sam Dale (GBr)307 
28Nick Beer (Swi)306 
29George Brannigan (NZl)305 
30Bernat Guardia Pascual (Spa)294 
31Luke Strobel (USA)280 
32Bernard Kerr (GBr)268 
33Joseph Smith (GBr)264 
34Patrick Thome (Fra)260 
35Robin Wallner (Swe)241 
36Johannes Fischbach (Ger)240 
37Ziga Pandur (Slo)223 
38Harry Heath (GBr)223 
39Guillaume Cauvin (Fra)220 
40Jack Moir (Aus)213 
41Greg Williamson (GBr)207 
42Wyn Masters (NZl)205 
43Francisco Pardal (Por)193 
44Joe Connell (GBr)175 
45Richard Rude Jr° (USA)174 
46Remi Gauvin (Can)172 
47Mathew Stuttard (GBr)172 
48Edward Masters (NZl)165 
49Adam Brayton (GBr)164 
50Jack Reading (GBr)164 
51Ben Reid (Irl)163 
52Kyle Sangers (Can)162 
53Austin Warren (USA)152 
54Harry Molloy (GBr)151 
55Mitch Ropelato (USA)149 
56Fraser Mcglone (GBr)140 
57Niklas Wallner (Swe)138 
58Aurélien Giordanengo (Fra)137 
59Matthew Walker (NZl)133 
60Filip Polc (Svk)133 
61Pierre Charles Georges (Fra)131 
62Thibaut Ruffin (Fra)128 
63Cameron Cole (NZl)119 
64Ruaridh Cunningham (GBr)117 
65Mitchell Delfs (Aus)114 
66Bryn Atkinson (Aus)108 
67Oscar Harnstrom (Swe)106 
68Kirk Mcdowall (Can)102 
69Isak Leivsson (Nor)97 
70Cyrille Kurtz (Fra)95 
71Boris Tetzlaff (Aut)92 
72Lars Peyer (Swi)87 
73Christopher Mcglinchey (Irl)85 
74David Trummer (Aut)84 
75Marcus Klausmann (Ger)79 
76Zakarias Blom Johansen (Nor)79 
77Melvin Pons (Fra)76 
78Scott Mears (GBr)74 
79Richard Thomas (GBr)72 
80Terje Nylende (Nor)72 
81Lewis Buchanan (GBr)69 
82Mickael Pascal (Fra)68 
83Quentin Chanudet (Fra)64 
84David Mcmillan (Aus)63 
85Marco Milivinti (Ita)59 
86Benny Strasser (Ger)57 
87Johann Potgieter (RSA)49 
88Forrest Riesco* (Can)48 
89Fabien Cousinie (Fra)48 
90Ivan Oulego Moreno (Spa)46 
91Jared Graves (Aus)44 
92Alexander Kangas (Swe)42 
93Sidney Slotegraaf (Can)42 
94Ben Cathro (GBr)38 
95Julien Piccolo (Fra)37 
96Mario José Jarrin Molina (Ecu)35 
97Romain Paulhan (Fra)35 
98Oliwer Kangas (Swe)33 
99Manuel Gruber (Aut)32 
100Reece Potter (NZl)31 
101Matej Charvat (Cze)30 
102Jacques Bouvet (Ger)29 
103Iago Garay Tamayo (Spa)29 
104Cédric Gracia (Fra)29 
105Emanuel Pombo (Por)28 
106Rudy Cabirou (Fra)28 
107Matthew Beer (Can)28 
108Guillem Jorba Prats (Spa)28 
109Samuel Thibault (Can)27 
110Benoit Coulanges (Fra)27 
111Florian Arthus (Fra)24 
112Lars Vatnebryn Sandviken (Nor)23 
113Bernardo Neves Cruz (Bra)23 
114Gaetan Ruffin (Fra)22 
115Alexis Pujol (Fra)21 
116Martin Knapec (Svk)21 
117Guy Gibbs (Nor)20 
118Martin Frei (Swi)19 
119Miran Vauh (Slo)19 
120Charly Di Pasquale (Fra)19 
121Arthur Parret (Fra)17 
122Dan Sheridan (Irl)16 
123Bryn Dickerson (NZl)16 
124Reon Boe (NZl)14 
125James Swinden (GBr)14 
126Gareth Brewin (GBr)14 
127Lukas Splichal (Cze)13 
128Niclas Andersen (Nor)13 
129Kevin Aiello* (USA)13 
130Stefan Garlicki (RSA)12 
131Peter Williams (GBr)12 
132Logan Binggeli (USA)12 
133Baptiste Pierron (Fra)11 
134Benjamin Staehle (Fra)11 
135Attila Liszi (Hun)10 
136Sebastiaan Van Steenbergen (USA)10 
137Carlo Caire (Ita)10 
138Oliver Morris (GBr)10 
139Alex Bond (GBr)9 
140Ludovic Oget (Fra)9 
141Rhys Atkinson (Aus)8 
142Christian Textor (Ger)8 
143Jan Cepelak (Cze)3 
Team World Cup final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1GT Factory Racing473 pts
2Lapierre Gravity Republic434 
3Santa Cruz Syndicate311 
4Giant Factory Off-Road Team305 
6Devinci Global Racing278 
7Commencal / Riding Addiction263 
8Specialized Racing DH237 
9Madison Saracen Downhill Team225 
10Chain Reaction Cycles.Com / Nukeproof198 
11MS Mondraker Team182 
12Trek World Racing169 
13Hutchinson UR169 
14Evil Vengeance Tour97 
15Team Norco International80 
16FMD Racing / Intense Cycles73 
17GT / 360 Degrees55 
18Pivot Factory Team51 
19Evil CK Racing Evian46 
20RRP Ghost44 
21Topcycle By Trek42 
22Blackthorn GT41 
23Dirt Norco Race Team36 
25Unior Tools Team30 
26SC Intense29 
27Team W-Racing22 
28Yeti Fox Shox Factory Race Team21 
29Team Bulls - DH19 
30US Cagnes VTT16 
31Team Morzine-Avoriaz/Haute-Savoie15 
32Torpado Surfing Shop11 
33Ghost Factory Racing Team3 
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