Emile Jean (Silber Pro Cycling) beats Ian Garrison (Axeon Hagens Berman) to the line to win the opening stage at Tour de Beauce

Stage 1

Wednesday, June 14 2017
Saint-Georges - Saint-Georges 185 km
Matteo Dal-Cin (Rally Cycling) wins on Mont Megantic at the 2017 Tour de Beauce.

Stage 2

Monday, May 15 2017
Lac-Mégantic - Parc national du Mont-Mégantic 169 km
Alexander Cowan in yellow at Tour de Beauce

Stage 3a

Friday, June 16 2017
Saint-Prosper - Saint-Prosper (ITT) 19.4 km
Alec Cowan in yellow during stage 3b at Tour de Beauce

Stage 3b

Friday, June 16 2017
Saint-Georges - Saint-Georges 77 km
Final break: Emile Jean (Silber Pro Cycling) Ian Garrison (Axeon Hagens Berman) and Laurent Gervais (Aevolo)

Stage 4

Saturday, June 17 2017
Ville de Québec - Ville de Québec 70 km
Rob Britton (Rally Cycling) solos to the victory on the final Tour de Beauce stage

Stage 5

Sunday, June 18 2017
Ville de Saint-Georges - Ville de Saint-Georges 122.4 km
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