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Panamerican Track Championships 2010

Date range:
May 11-15, 2010

May 12, Day 2: Men: Individual Pursuit, Scratch Race, Keirin; Women: Team Sprint, Team Pursuit

US women set team pursuit world record

Cycling News
May 13, 2010, 15:09 BST,
May 14, 2010, 2:02 BST

Colombia men take gold in pursuit, scratch race

Just one day after setting a new world record in the women's 3000m individual pursuit, American rider Sarah Hammer teamed up with Lauren Tamayo and Dotsie Bausch to break the team pursuit world record during the second day of competition at the Panamerican Track Championships.

At the Bicentennial Velodrome in Aguascalientes, Mexico, the trio rode its three kilometres in 3:19.569, lowering the record of 3:21.552 set by the New Zealand team of Rushlee Buchanan, Lauren Ellis and Alison Shanks at the UCI Track World Championships in Copenhagen in March.

Since the advent of the women's team pursuit - which will make its Olympic debut at the London Games - the three dominant forces within the discipline have been traditional powerhouses Great Britain and Australia, plus the aforementioned New Zealanders.

This performance from the US outfit raises the bar as the world mark continues to drop in what can only be healthy competition ahead of the Olympics in just over two years' time. And whilst the depth of American track cycling has been questioned in recent years, the prospects look good for success in London if this feat can be used to aid development.

In other racing Carlos Alberto Ospina Hernandes (Colombia) lapped the field to win the men's scratch race final. Ospina finished ahead of the United States of America's Cody O'Reilly while third place went to Chile's Luis Mansilla.

Colombia was also victorious in the men's individual pursuit, with Juan Pablo Saurez catching his compatriot Juan Esteban Aranjo in the gold medal race. Argentina's Eduardo Sepulveda won the bronze medal race from Cuban Reldys Perez.

Hersony Canelon gave Venezuela its only victory of the day in the men's keirin final. Canelon claimed victory over Barbados' Barry Forde and Colombia's Leonardo Narvaez Romero.

Cuban pairing Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez and Arianna Herrera Diana won the women's team sprint final against Colombia's Maria Garcia Orrego and Juliana Gaviria. Mexican riders Nancy Contreras Reyes and Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez Luz won the bronze medal race over Chile.

Men's Keirin Final
1 Hersony Canelon (Venezuela)    
2 Barry Forde (Barbados)    
3 Leonardo Narvaez Romero (Colombia)    
4 Njisane Nicholas Philip (Trinidad and Tobago)    
5 Juan Fernandez (Argentina)    
6 Christian Leandro Tamayo Saavedra (Colombia)    
Men's Individual Pursuit Final-Gold Medal Round
1 Juan Pablo Suarez (Colombia)    
2 Juan Esteban Aranjo (Colombia) Caught  
Men's Individual Pursuit Final-Bronze Medal Round
3 Eduardo Sepulveda (Argentina) 0:04:28.928  
4 Reldys Perez (Cuba) 0:04:30.008  
Men's Scratch Race Final
1 Carlos Alberto Ospina Hernandes (Colombia)    
2 Cody O'Reilly (United States Of America) -1lap  
3 Luis Mansilla (Chile)    
4 Maximo Rojas (Venezuela)    
5 Euris Vidal (Dominican Republic)    
6 Pablo Seisdedos (Chile)    
7 Ramon Martinez Alvarez (Cuba)    
8 Segundo Navarrete (Ecuador)    
9 Luis Pulido Naranjo (Mexico)    
10 Danny Alexander Morales Aquino (Guatemala)    
11 Pedro José Salazar (Ecuador)    
12 Yosvans Rojas (Venezuela)    
13 Carlos Alberto Uran Arroyave (Colombia) -2laps  
14 Darren Matthews (Barbados)    
15 Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Canada)    
16 Adam Alexander (Trinidad and Tobago)    
17 Eduardo Colon Ortiz (Puerto Rico)    
18 Oscarelli Salazar (Costa Rica)    
19 Anothony Seppy (Puerto Rico)    
20 Mark Macdonald (Canada)    
21 Marco Guillen (Costa Rica)    
22 José Alberto Sochon Gudiel (Guatemala)    
23 Mario Contreras (Mexico)    
24 Deivy Capellan Almonte (Dominican Republic)    
25 Marcos Crespo (Argentina)    
DNF Enzo Moyano (Argentina)    
DNF Yans Carlos (Cuba)    
Women's Team Pursuit Final-Gold Medal Round
1 United States of America 0:03:19.569  
  Dotsie Bausch    
  Sarah Hammer    
  Lauren Tamayo    
2 Cuba 0:03:26.466  
  Yudelmis Dominguez Masague    
  Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso    
  Dalila Rodriguez Hernandez    
Women's Team Pursuit Final-Bronze Medal Round
3 Colombia 0:03:26.003  
  Maria Luisa Calle Williams    
  Leidy Muñoz    
  Lorena Maria Vargas Villamil    
4 Canada 0:03:29.232  
  Laura Brown    
  Stephanie Roorda    
  Monique Sullivan    
Women's Team Sprint Final-Gold Medal Round
1 Cuba 0:00:34.075  
  Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez    
  Arianna Herrera    
2 Colombia 0:00:34.383  
  Diana Maria Garcia Orrego    
  Juliana Gaviria    
Women's Team Sprint Final-Bronze Medal Round
3 Mexico 0:00:35.210  
  Nancy Contreras Reyes    
  Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez Luz    
4 Chile 0:00:37.712  
  Irene Aravena    
  Lopez Macarena