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Tanguy and Musto win Lumberjack 100

Scott TenCate and Ryan O’Dell

Wadsworth the fastest singlespeeder

Organizers switched up the direction of the course for the Lumberjack 100 for its 10th edition. Rain on Wednesday and Thursday ahead of the big day created perfect course conditions, firming up the trail and the traditional sandy spots through-out the 33-mile loop.


NUE defending champion Christian Tanguy (Rare Disease Cycling) made it two in a row following his big win at the Mohican 100 three weeks ago. He crossed the line in 6:37:06, just off the course record time.

"For me, it was the eighth time in a row that I put my bike at the start line. With the acceleration, Jorden [Wakeley] and I had a gap, and that gap became larger as we made our way down the hill," said Tanguy.

Tanguy said he ran out of energy three-quarters of the way through lap two. "Jorden was riding away from me without even having to attack. Fortunately, I have a done quite a few 100 miles races and I have been there before. However, that does not mean I liked what lay ahead for me, Pain! As fate would have it, I started to spot Jorden at about the same location where he rode away from me. So here we were, about eight miles from the finish."

Eventually, with about five miles to go, Tanguy rode away from his rival.

Jorden Wakeley (616 Fabrication), 24, a local favorite from Grayling, Michigan, was the second racer to hit the singletrack early in the race before making an aggressive pass to be the first to the top of the one-mile Bullwhacker climb. He crested the hill and kept the hammer down on his Borealis with three inch wide tires, leading the entire first lap and first through the support area, crossing the mat at 2:10:21. Jan Roubal (Velorution) was in third place five minutes after the leaders.

In the end, Wakeley finished just a minute behind the defending champ at 6:38:02. It came down to a sprint finish for third and fourth between Jon Roubal and Gerry Pflug (Rare Disease Cycling) as Roubal edged out the five-time NUE Singlespeed Champion, now on a geared bike. Roubal finished third in 6:46:02 with Pflug just split seconds off to finish fourth.

Pflug said, "My legs felt good at the start so I attacked at the beginning of the race just before entering the singletrack. It was at this point I thought there was a chance I could win the $200 first hill climb prime, so I continued riding hard. Jorden Wakeley was on my wheel and I made the mistake of thinking he would not be able to ride the hill faster than me on the fat bike he was riding. When Jorden eventually came around me, I could not match his speed. I had to slow my pace a bit on the remaining portion of the climb because I needed to recover from my early attack and prime effort. Jorden and Christian were able to get away at this time."

Gordon Wadsworth threw an attack in the final miles to get away from the chase group, which left Pflug alone with Roubal for the finishing mile or so until Roubal got the best of him at the end.

First-time Lumberjack 100 racer, Matt Acker (Team Redline/freewheeler Bike Shop) finished in 6:49:47 to take fifth, rounding out the men's top five.


Michigan native Daniel Musto (Bike shop/Salsa/Twin Six) won the women's race and was clearly on a mission right off the line. She paced the women for the entire first lap crossing the mat at 2:35:58 before going on for the win in 8:02:35.

"I couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions for my 10th Lumberjack," said Musto. "Temps were nice and cool in the morning and recent rain made the course conditions the best I had ever seen them. We had a pretty fast paved start and I hit the singletrack right behind Karen Potter. Taking the win after 10 years and 1000 miles of the Lumberjack 100 was a dream come true."

Karen Potter ( was not far off the pace, just five minutes back. "After taking a year off from the 100s and dealing with injuries last year, I decided to do a couple of them this year, including the Lumberjack. Life had been a bit hectic coming into the race, so I wasn't sure where my fitness was at for racing a 100 but I was banking on my experience to get me through"

After logging her second fastest time at the race, Potter said, "I liked the course in reverse. It rode very smooth."

Shannon Ancel (Cycles De Oro) rounded out the woman's top three, finishing with a first lap time of 2:47:59 before finishing in 8:38:02 in her first 100-mile race. Another local first time 100-mile racer, Jill Martindale (Grand Rapids Bicycle Co) took fourth, in 8:40:10.


Gordon Wadsworth (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing) lived up to his nickname "Quadsworth" as he crushed the field at the Lumberjack to finish 6:45:34 in the singlespeed race. With this win and his early season win at Cohutta, Wadsworth has won two out of the last four NUE Races, making him an early favorite to win the SS division.

"A little chit chat revealed we were pretty widely geared across the group. As low as 32x18 and as high as 38x18 but I felt pretty confident in my 'spin to win' strategy. Following my pre-ride the day before, my 34x19 revealed flow for days amidst a couple of decent punches on the 33-mile circuit."

Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles and Twin 6) finished second at 7:06:19. With this finish, Marenchin is also holding second place overall in the NUE Race Series Standings behind NUE Race Series leader Trevor Rockwell (Team Noah Foundation/Decorah Bicycles) who finished fifth on the day.

Third place went to Dwayne Goscinski (Team Noah Foundation/Dogfish/trek Store)

Masters 50+

Roger Masse (Rare Disease Cycling), 53, is off to his best NUE Race Series start following up his second place finish at Cohutta with wins at both the Mohican 100 and the Lumberjack 100. Masse edged out two strong Ohio contenders for the win in 7:30:05. Finishing second, Rudy Sroka (Team Lake Effect), 57, completed the three lap race course to finish in 7:37:42. Leading the NUE Race Series, 55-year-old David Jolin (Stark Velo) finished third less than four minutes behind Sroka

Next race

Five races into a 13-race season held in 13 different states, husband and wife, Lee and Brenda Simril hold the top spots in the men's and women's divisions. On June 28, the NUE Race Series heads to the Black Hills of South Dakota for the Tatanka 100.


# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Christian Tanguy (Rare Disease Cycling) 6:37:06  
2 Jorden Wakeley (616 Fabrication) 0:00:56  
3 Jan Roubal (Velorution) 0:08:56  
4 Gerry Pflug (Team Rare Disease)    
5 Matt Acker (Team Redline/freewheeler Bike Shop) 0:12:41  
6 Scott Hoffner (Mavic/pivot/the Fraker Group) 0:19:16  
7 Cj Brish (Lindenwood University/rad Bikes) 0:22:27  
8 Greg Kuhn (Rbs Cycling Team) 0:36:11  
9 Brian Roggeveen (Momentum Racing) 0:39:45  
10 Matt Silvia (Roscoe Village Bikes) 0:43:19  
11 Rick Mezo (Rbikes.Com/diagrind) 0:44:41  
12 Michael Hemme (Roscoe Village Bikes) 0:46:53  
13 Dan Kotwicki (Rbs Cycling Team) 0:47:52  
14 Michael Tuomi (Bk Training Systems)    
15 Kelly Sugg (Rbs Cycling Team) 0:49:35  
16 Dave Norton (Thebonebell) 0:50:40  
17 John Petrylak (Bike Factory Elite Racing/maxxis/mtbcoach.Com) 0:52:00  
18 Alexander Kurland (Bike Factory Racing, Maxxis, First Endurance) 0:52:21  
19 Scott Morman (Stark Velo) 0:52:37  
20 Jody Jernigan (Cycle And Fitness) 0:54:33  
21 Rick Hatfield (Racing Greyhounds) 0:57:27  
22 Jonathan Modig (Ness) 0:58:42  
23 Ed Serrat (Cycletherapy Racing) 0:59:00  
24 Dave Krenk (Team Jtree) 0:59:01  
25 Joe Thomas (Cms Race Team) 1:06:34  
26 Bradley Majors (Johnny Sprockets) 1:09:20  
27 Chad Mills (Village Bike And Fitness) 1:10:19  
28 Colin Reuter (B2c2) 1:10:21  
29 Charles Moore 1:11:27  
30 Tom Stritzinger 1:15:31  
31 Jim Bonnell (Cycletherapy - Specialized Racing) 1:15:53  
32 Thomas Novitsky (Racing Greyhounds) 1:17:56  
33 Eric Hune 1:18:12  
34 Donald Kamer (Clear Image Eyecare) 1:19:19  
35 Jason Kors (R Bikes) 1:19:43  
36 Jesse Quagliaroli (Expowheelmen) 1:22:08  
37 Greg Prodan (Velorution) 1:26:06  
38 Tim Raymond (Freewheeler Racing) 1:26:53  
39 Greg Giles (Racing Greyhounds) 1:26:57  
40 Jeff Holland 1:29:04  
41 Joe Slonecki (Farm Team Racing) 1:29:55  
42 Greg Rittler (Joe's Bike Shop) 1:30:20  
43 Dominic Bosco (J&r Cycles Lombard) 1:30:42  
44 David Grant (Racing Greyhounds) 1:31:27  
45 Ryan Jarosz 1:32:11  
46 Michael Gottfried (Team Defiance) 1:33:02  
47 Newt Cole (The Pony Shop) 1:34:52  
48 Devin Deboer (Flyin' Dutchmen) 1:35:37  
49 Rafal Doloto (Midwest Cycling Community/twin Six) 1:36:05  
50 Brian McCabe (Twin Six) 1:37:14  
51 Greg Schultz (Midwest Devo) 1:37:49  
52 Todd Bowden (Expowheelmen) 1:39:12  
53 Michael Campbell 1:40:34  
54 Chris Fellows (J&r Cycles) 1:46:25  
55 Chris Torrance (Racing Greyhounds) 1:47:21  
56 Karson Glass (Johnny Sprockets) 1:48:41  
57 Jonathan Roobol (Team Jtree) 1:49:13  
58 Cameron Bell (Racing Greyhounds) 1:49:27  
59 Chris Daniels (Bloomington Cycle Racing Team) 1:49:36  
60 Nick Demek (Trail's Edge)    
61 Chris Maltby (Terry's Cycle Of Alma, Michigan) 1:50:10  
62 Dave Demaegd (Cycle And Fitness) 1:51:22  
63 Jeramy Duffield (Speed Merchants) 1:52:04  
64 Andrew Wisniewski (Racing Greyhounds) 1:52:36  
65 Benjamin Kapenga 1:53:21  
66 Dean Murphey (City Bike Shop)    
67 Jon Heft (Trails Edge Cyclery) 1:55:09  
68 David Hofmann (Die Kleine Kaffeer?sterei) 1:55:20  
69 Rob Mitzel (Team Rjr / Hometown) 1:55:48  
70 Kevin Postma (West Shore Cycling) 1:57:20  
71 William Ott 1:58:53  
72 Kelly Jedynak (Rbikes.Com) 2:03:28  
73 R Tomlinson (Wolverine Sports Club) 2:03:42  
74 Aaron Davis (Team Apex Multisport) 2:04:30  
75 Brad Hawk (Twin Six / Hammer Nutrition) 2:06:13  
76 Ted Haladyna 2:06:16  
77 Randy Pierce (Racing Greyhounds)    
78 Harvey Elliott (Ann Arbor Velo Club) 2:06:41  
79 Patrick Foley (Hops Haven Racing) 2:08:26  
80 Bryan Coleman (Freewheeler Racing) 2:09:03  
81 Steve Bartzen (Farm Team Racing) 2:12:26  
82 Christopher Barkow (Cheese Sammich) 2:12:33  
83 Bill Bullard 2:13:11  
84 Rodney Reed 2:14:10  
85 Jon Nable (Hup United) 2:14:51  
86 Shawn Crowley (Founders Racing) 2:15:39  
87 Aaron Barto (Cannondale Midwest Racing) 2:16:42  
88 Tony Hersberger (Cyclefit) 2:22:18  
89 Brent Wegscheid (Johnny Sprockets) 2:23:00  
90 John Tenwalde (Paradise Garage Racing) 2:23:26  
91 Tim Bochenek (New Holland Brewing Cycling Team) 2:24:01  
92 Dan Greenhalgh 2:24:02  
93 Mike Sealey (J&r Cycle) 2:24:53  
94 Nathan Means 2:25:52  
95 Jason Sparks (Racing Greyhounds) 2:26:34  
96 Kevin Leitner 2:29:17  
97 Eric Bales (Team Peddlefish) 2:31:35  
98 John Beeson (Keepin' It Real.) 2:33:12  
99 Samuel Hayward 2:34:20  
100 John Van Alsburg (Run John Run / Hometown) 2:37:16  
101 Jesse Ramsey 2:37:42  
102 Nathan Kearns (Tree Fort Bikes.Com) 2:39:09  
103 Andy Frey 2:41:57  
104 Mostyn Lumbard 2:44:40  
105 Tom Stoner (Cannondale Midwest Racing) 2:45:16  
106 Steve Kunst (Freewheeler Racing) 2:46:02  
107 Ryan Younan (Flying Rhino Cycling) 2:48:43  
108 Benjamin Modic (Village Bike & Fitness) 2:49:39  
109 Mike Neeley (Crash Test Dummies) 2:49:40  
110 David Kempeinen 2:51:35  
111 Neil Long (Racing Greyhounds) 2:51:44  
112 David Moore (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing)    
113 Peter Henry 2:52:00  
114 Mark King (Auxiliary Racing) 2:53:02  
115 John Pike (Cft Cycling) 2:53:03  
116 Michael Hirn 2:53:10  
117 Brian Ball 2:53:50  
118 Mitch Bernskoetter (Cycle City Racing) 2:53:55  
119 Matt Elser (Revolution Racing) 2:57:11  
120 Eric Henricks 2:57:48  
121 Tony Charameda (3rd Coast Racing) 2:59:18  
122 Ralf Scharnowski (Founders Racing) 2:59:52  
123 Brian Atkins (Flatlanders) 3:01:46  
124 Jeff Plotzke (Racing Greyhounds) 3:02:09  
125 Jason Van Every 3:04:48  
126 Don Boersma (New Holland Brewery Cycling Team) 3:07:01  
127 Chad Schut (McClain Cycle Racing) 3:07:24  
128 Marco Pagni (Trail's Edge) 3:12:45  
129 Steven Carpenter (Flying Rhinio Cycling Club) 3:13:39  
130 Steve Vigneau (Big Ring Coffee Mtb Racing) 3:14:35  
131 Dale Rominski (Keep'in It Real) 3:15:36  
132 John Ammond (Einstein Racing) 3:17:49  
133 Kyle Noltemeyer 3:18:06  
134 Jason Ramboer (Little Belgium Bike Gang) 3:21:22  
135 Jason Kuhn 3:22:47  
136 Chris Swann (Sunshine Cycles)    
137 Brian Parker (The Bonebell) 3:23:15  
138 Eryn Smith 3:27:22  
139 Ryan Flesher (Terry's Cycle Of Alma Mi) 3:28:30  
140 Benjamin Mast 3:30:15  
141 Jeff Vander Maas (Cannondale Midwest Racing) 3:33:13  
142 Konrad Kucharski 3:35:07  
143 Scott Bosley 3:35:33  
144 Dan Frayer (Team Active/wsi Racing) 3:35:38  
145 David Lynch 3:35:57  
146 Rob Townsend 3:38:02  
147 Steve Bassett (Team Hot Dog) 3:38:04  
148 Robert Stoner (Cannondale Midwest Racing) 3:39:08  
149 Michael Adams (Racing Greyhounds) 3:40:13  
150 Gregory Worsnop 3:48:08  
151 Kurt Brendley (Team Tree Farm) 3:49:00  
152 Matt Kempeinen 3:51:26  
153 Mick Zuk (Team Brooklyn) 3:52:32  
154 Jeremy Lamontagne (Kymba Louisville) 3:53:09  
155 Michael Verploegh 3:55:18  
156 Alex Pina (City Bike Shop Racing) 3:56:00  
157 Terry Draper (Aberdeen) 3:56:18  
158 Benjamin Nash (Apex Spring & Stamping) 3:56:42  
159 Micah Alles 4:05:25  
160 Eric Cook (Wsi/team Active Racing)    
161 Bruce Anderson (Racing Greyhounds) 4:05:26  
162 Robert Bennett (Racing Greyhounds) 4:07:06  
163 Peter Gurney (Latitude 45/twisted Stone) 4:12:20  
164 Jamie Rytlewski (Revolution Racing Cycling Team) 4:12:27  
165 Jason Clipse (Wheel Team 6) 4:18:39  
166 Matt Simpson    
167 Aaron Webb 4:20:27  
168 Jay Morrison 4:35:10  
169 Pete Hitzeman (Yoxford Cycling Club) 4:35:50  
170 Tim Havens 4:48:48  
171 Edgardo Reyes (Team Molasses In January) 5:02:33  
172 Andy Schuette (Tryathletics) 5:08:53  
173 Josh Vander Meer 5:14:04  
174 Darren Tillbrooke (Leadout/west Michigan Bike & Fitness) 5:43:16  
175 Daniel Montgomery 5:45:55  
176 Joe Tucker 6:02:53  
177 Bert Guinn (Team: Mourning Spiders) 6:46:56  
178 Jackson Payer (Maltedbarley.Org) 7:38:01  
DNF Casey Abston    
DNF Danny Ackert    
DNF Robert Ballantyne    
DNF Michael Banks (The Edge Outdoors)    
DNF Dominic Borgialli    
DNF Kurt Brushaber    
DNF Aaron Burgess (Team Latic Acid)    
DNF John Buxton (Little Belgium Bike Gang)    
DNF Jay Click (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing)    
DNF Aaron Damrill    
DNF Billy Davis (Orangetheory Fitness)    
DNF Jurrien Davison (Freewheeler Racing)    
DNF Eric Dewitt    
DNF Derek Dykstra (3rd Coast Racing)    
DNF Jeff Eckert (Bike Stop Cycling)    
DNF Karl Emmerich (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Jason Frandle    
DNF Stefano Frascaroli (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Samuel Haglund III (Phsycle Assasins)    
DNF Greg Hodder (Wheels In Motoin)    
DNF Daryl Hutson    
DNF John Irwin Ii    
DNF Matthew Janiszewski    
DNF Peter Kistulinec (Little Belgium Bike Gang)    
DNF John Kline (Singletrack Outfitters)    
DNF Chuck Kovick (Aberdeen)    
DNF Brent Krmpotich (Velorution)    
DNF Kim Lee (Rapid Wheelmen)    
DNF Tom Linck (Leadout Racing/west Michigan Bike And Fitness)    
DNF Henry Loria (Lactic Acid)    
DNF Scott McBain (Aux Racing)    
DNF Kyle McDonald    
DNF Jered Michael (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Jeff Morris    
DNF Jason Mulligan (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Michael Mullins    
DNF David Munns    
DNF Joshua Neider (Trails Edge)    
DNF Shawn O'Connell (Racing Greyhounds)    
DNF Jeff Phelan (Lbbg)    
DNF Lee Schoen    
DNF Jake Sheafer    
DNF David Silvers (Silversmith, Inc.)    
DNF Aron Snacker (Studio B)    
DNF Darren Steen (Little Belgium)    
DNF Scott Thomas (Aberdeen Bike And Outdoors)    
DNF Michael Thomasma    
DNF Bill Vermeersch (Little Belgium Bike Gang)    
DNF Jeremy Walker (Certainteed)    
DNF Todd Walsworth (Bike Stop Cycling)    
DNF Brian Ward    
DNF Shaun Welch (Belle Tire / Cxc)    
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Danielle Musto (Grand Rapids Bicycle Company/salsa/twin Six) 8:02:35  
2 Karen Potter (Mtbracenews.Com) 0:05:20  
3 Shannon Ancel (Cycles De Oro) 0:35:27  
4 Jill Martindale (Grand Rapids Bicycle Co.) 0:37:35  
5 Ellie Sterne (Racing Greyhounds) 0:47:22  
6 Vickie Monahan (Rare Vos Racing) 0:49:48  
7 Simona Vincenciova (Hammer Nutrition) 0:56:45  
8 Sarah Temby (Rbs Rochester Bike Shop) 0:58:04  
9 Marilyn Kamp 1:03:47  
10 Miki Kedo (Clemmons Bicycle) 1:05:07  
11 Heidi Coulter (Lady Gnar Shedders) 1:25:29  
12 Summer Olmstead (Freewheeler Racing) 1:31:24  
13 Megan Doerr (McLain Racing Team) 1:32:07  
14 Elizabeth Collins (Einstein Racing) 1:33:05  
15 Melissa Colflesh (Racing Greyhounds) 1:38:39  
16 Kathy Roche-Wallace (WSI/Team Active Racing) 1:45:45  
17 Melanie Splitgerber (Team Pull My Finger) 1:46:05  
18 Amanda Hatfield (Racing Greyhounds) 1:52:45  
19 Emily Savickis 1:55:57  
20 Sophie Shinsky (University Of Michigan) 2:01:18  
21 Stacy Smith (Einstein Racing) 2:10:05  
22 Julie Whalen (Freewheeler Racing) 2:35:28  
23 Mary Bales 3:05:44  
24 Kathy Kurland (Bike Factory Racing) 3:33:29  
25 Kristi Heuvers (Big Ring Coffee) 4:42:31  
26 Tracy McNeilly (Racing Greyhounds) 5:04:34  
DNF Beth Christiansen (The Pony Shp)    
DNF Christin Christoph (Crossresults.Com)    
DNF Leslie Conrad (Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom)    
DNF Michelle Handren    
DNF Julie Lewis Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)    
DNF Jill Napiwocki    
DNF Laura Piippo (Team Apex Multisport)    
DNF Sharon Shachar    
DNF Kaat Tahy (3rd Coast Racing/3rd Coast Cycles)    
DNF Sylvia Tatman-Burruss    
DNF Wendi Willis (Racing Greyhounds)    
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Gordon Wadsworth (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing) 6:45:34  
2 Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles And Twin 6) 0:20:45  
3 Dwayne Goscinski (Team Noah Foundation / Dogfish/trek Store) 0:38:26  
4 Mike Bernhard (Twin Six Metal) 0:39:57  
5 Trevor Rockwell (Team Noah Foundation/decorah Bicycles) 0:41:15  
6 Jason Pruitt (Peoples Brewing, Hodson Bay, Chicken Ranch Crew) 0:42:15  
7 Ken Blakey-Shell (Quiring Cycles) 0:42:49  
8 Todd Ace (Racing Greyhounds) 0:45:02  
9 Jeff Bushong (Chicken Ranch Crew) 0:50:23  
10 Brad Lako (Klm / Cold Stone)    
11 Jon Dub-Nine (Twin Six) 0:57:01  
12 James Gomez (Crosscounrtycycle/quiring) 1:09:58  
13 Peat Henry (Team Noah Foundation) 1:17:26  
14 Eric Wolting (Freewheeler Racing) 1:19:27  
15 Gavin Clark (Racing Greyhounds) 1:22:59  
16 Brad Keyes (Carborocket) 1:42:25  
17 Joseph Seidl (Klm/coldstone) 1:44:52  
18 Matt Aumiller (Camelstache) 1:45:09  
19 John Osgood (Team Sandbag/macomb Bike) 1:46:08  
20 Jason Zoll (Team Seagal) 1:56:54  
21 Erik Garland (Trails Edge Cyclery) 2:25:04  
22 Brian Gillies (Aberdeen Bike & Outdoors) 2:35:27  
23 Brian Bratney (Racing Greyhounds) 2:45:07  
24 Tom Crimp (Aux Racing) 3:05:16  
25 Matt Kamps (Alger Bikes) 3:41:36  
DNF Stan Brish    
DNF Jimmie Colflesh (Mom And Pop Racing)    
DNF Jeff Cooper (Team Hot Dog)    
DNF Robert Higgins (Johnny Sprockets)    
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Roger Masse (Rare Disease Cycling) 7:30:05  
2 Rudy Sroka (Team Lake Effect) 0:07:37  
3 David Jolin (Stark Velo) 0:11:17  
4 Mike Belanger (Racing Greyhounds) 0:22:05  
5 Jeff Doerr (McLain Race Team) 0:23:39  
6 Mark Donakowski (Racing Greyhounds) 0:24:29  
7 Michael Seaman 0:25:03  
8 Ray Fulkerson (Cms Race Team) 0:29:09  
9 Charles Nicholson 0:34:40  
10 Andre Odendaal 0:54:21  
11 Michael Franskoviak (Klm / Cold Stone) 1:00:47  
12 Mike Slade (Higher Gear Chicago) 1:04:01  
13 Jim Jordan (Blacksheep) 1:07:57  
14 Charles Buki (Rare Disease Cycling) 1:11:44  
15 David Tietz 1:31:06  
16 Jim Cerva (Racing Greyhounds) 1:35:20  
17 Tim Fargo (Wolverine Sports Club) 1:37:19  
18 Craig Morris (Racing Greyhounds) 1:37:37  
19 Bob Lalley (Freewheeler Racing) 1:38:03  
20 Nate Cross 1:38:08  
21 Brian Orwat 1:41:06  
22 Matt Graves (Bissell / Abg) 1:46:39  
23 Dennis Murphy (Founders Racing) 1:48:36  
24 Will Botens (Rbs Cycling Team) 1:49:47  
25 Jeffrey Scofield (Rapid Wheelmen) 1:51:57  
26 Patrick Barrett 1:57:33  
27 Craig North (Aavc) 1:57:43  
28 Mike Clark (3rd Coast Racing / 3rd Coast Cycles) 2:00:21  
29 William Shaver (Freewheeler Racing) 2:03:24  
30 Jim Sarks (Maumee Valley Wheelmen) 2:11:51  
31 John Kowalczyk (Rapid Wheelmen) 2:29:04  
32 Jeff Warner (Maumee Valley Wheelmen) 2:41:47  
33 Mark Johnson 2:47:17  
34 Steve Dehnbostel (Mpmba) 2:54:24  
35 Michael Boruszok (Klm Coldstone) 2:55:08  
36 Mark Jones (Orrville Cycling Club) 3:00:04  
37 Tom Uber (Klm) 3:00:09  
38 Mike Iannone (Maumee Valley Wheelmen) 3:18:22  
39 Carl Urbon (Racing Greyhounds) 3:31:30  
40 Jerry Mallard (None) 4:09:59  
41 Curtis Kalina (My Checkbook) 5:00:47  
DNF Tony Achacon (Michigan Pinoy Mtn Bikers Association)    
DNF Richard Allesee (Father Time)    
DNF Steven Baars (Rapid Wheelmen)    
DNF Byron Bailey    
DNF Lee Boughner (Rapid Wheelmen)    
DNF Eric Broekhuis (Rapid Wheelmen)    
DNF Art Fleming (Rbs Cycling Team)    
DNF Craig Gietzen (Speed Merchants)    
DNF Bob Graham    
DNF Randy Knapp (New Holland Brewing)    
DNF Allen Kraus (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)    
DNF Tom Lining (Cycletherapy/specialized Racing)    
DNF Rick Mace    
DNF Andrew Riess    
DNF Eric Schroeder (R Bikes.Com)    
DNF Dennis R Schueler Jr (Rbikes.Com/diagrind)    
DNF Doug Smith (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)    
DNF Roman Urbina (Team La Ruta)