Baccaille dons tricolore

Solo victory for new Italian champ

Monia Baccaille became the new Italian champion on Thursday with a well-timed attack at the start of the final lap with 15km to go in the 125km race. She escaped from an elite group of seven containing last year's winner Fabiana Luperini, time trial champion Noemi Cantele, Olympic medalist Giorgia Bronzini.

By the end of the lap, Baccaille had opened up an advantage of 1:28 to take the title ahead of solo chaser Laura Bozzolo. Bronzini took the sprint for third ahead of Cantele.

1Monia Baccaille (G.S. Fiamme Azzurre)3:36:00 
2Laura Bozzolo (Selle Italia Ghezzi A.S.D.)0:01:28 
3Giorgia Bronzini (Gruppo Sportivo Forestale)0:02:50 
4Noemi Cantele (Bigla Cycling Team)  
5Tatiana Guderzo (G.S. Fiamme Azzurre)  
6Fabiana Luperini (Selle Italia Ghezzi A.S.D.)  
7Elena Berlato (G.S. Safi Pasta Zara Titanedi)0:02:54 
8Marina Romoli (G.S. Safi Pasta Zara Titanedi)0:06:55 
9Marta Tagliaferro (G.S. Fiamme Azzurre)  
10Alessandra d'Ettorre (Gruppo Sportivo Forestale)  
11Giada Borgato (Selle Italia Ghezzi A.S.D.)  
12Luisa Tamanini (Selle Italia Ghezzi A.S.D.)  
13Eva Lechner (Centro Sportivo Esercito)  
14Samantha Galassi (Michela Fanini Record Rox)  
15Valentina Carretta (G.S. Top Girls)  
16Saneila Biagi (Team Dila' Kuota)  
17Alessandra Borchi (G.S. Safi Pasta Zara Titanedi)  
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