Alzate and Villumsen win final day Gateway Cup races

Four day series wraps up with Benton Park Classic

Heading into the final day of the 2015 Gateway Cup weekend, the field faced the most challenging course thus far with ten technical corners and little room for recovery. Throughout the weekend, the United Health Care team had had mixed results in both the men and women’s field, always taking responsibility for the racing, but sometimes seeing the race turn against them at the finish. As each race started the Benton Park Classic, it was clear that UHC planned to leave no doubt about its collective strength.

From the start of the women’s race, UHC put all its riders on the front and kept the pace steady to discourage attacks. Halfway through the sixty-minute race, Linda Villumsen took a solo flyer while her UHC teammates made sure that any attempted chase by the field was closely monitored. Villumsen’s gap stayed constant with every lap and the organisation of the chase behind grew less and less cohesive as United Health Care kept a tight reign on the race. Heading into the finishing straight, Villumsen was still well clear for a solo win as her teammate Cari Higgins took second place ahead of IS-Corp’s Samantha Schneider.

With her third place, Schneider locked up the Gateway Cup overall ahead of Optum’s Leah Kirchmann and Villumsen.

The men’s race followed a nearly identical script to the women’s event as United Health Care controlled affairs from the start. As with the women’s race, UHC sent a solo move off at the halfway point with Adrian Hegyvary carving out a solid lead through most of the race. Unlike the women’s race, the counter attacks from the field were given a bit more leeway in their attempts to bring back Hegyvary. Optum's Brad Huff was particularly aggressive; instigating multiple counter attacks both solo and with small groups. Eventually, the Alto Velo/Seasucker team of Daniel Holloway brought the group together, and sparked an immediate counter attack by Huff as the race headed into five laps to go. Huff held a tenuous lead until the final lap of the race, when the collective strength of the entire United Health Care team brought him back into the field to set up the sprint. In the drag race to the line, a well timed bike throw by Carlos Alzate gave him a narrow win over Holloway with stage three winner, Karl Menzies in third.

Alzate’s win secured him second place overall behind Holloway with UHC workhorse Luke Keough rounding out the podium in third.

As the Gateway Cup helps wind down the 2015 season, St. Louis fans were witness to another year of aggressive racing by the biggest names in the domestic peloton. With each passing season, United Health Care continues to show their collective strength, but the rest of the field is starting to take the race to them and eliminate the certainty of a UHC sweep. Time will tell if 2016 shows a changing of the guard at the front of the field, but for now, United Health Care still sets the standard.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carlos Alzate Escobar1:17:42 
2Daniel Holloway (AltoVelo-Sea Sucker Factory Racing)  
3Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare)  
4Luke Keough (UnitedHealthcare)0:00:02 
5Rafael Meran (CRCA Foundation)  
6Dennis Ramirez (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2)  
7Brad Neagos (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)  
8Ryan Aitcheson0:00:03 
9Colton Barrett (Stradalli Cycle Safftti Smart W)  
10Zack Allison (Elevate Elite Cycling Team)  
11Michael Keller (South Chicago Wheelmen Elite)  
12Adrian Hegyvary (UnitedHealthcare)0:00:04 
13Benjamin Renkema (Finish Strong)  
14Adam Farabaugh (Isagenix / SeaSucker / Guttenplan)  
15Anton Varabei (Garneau Quebecor)0:00:05 
16Carlos Andres Brenes Mata (Costa Rica)  
17Martin Reinert (Stradalli Cycle Safftti Smart W)0:00:06 
18Alberto Covarrubias  
19Stephen Tilford (TradeWind Energy Cycling Team)0:00:07 
20Evan Hartig (Credite Velo - Trek)  
21Alexander Voitik (EGO p/b Sammys Bikes)  
22Michael Dutczak (EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes)0:00:08 
23Martin Vecchio (Netherland Rubber p/b MVP)  
24Parker Kyzer (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team)  
25Colton Jarisch (Elevate Elite Cycling Team)0:00:09 
26Blake Anton (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)  
27Cristian Torres (CRCA Foundation)  
28Andrew Dahlheim (Canyon Bicycles - Shimano)  
29Glenn Ferreira (Team Metra / Cycles 54)0:00:11 
30Isaiah Newkirk (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2)0:00:12 
31John (Jack) Funk (Team Arapahoe Resources)  
32Ryan Knapp (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)  
33Dylan Postier (EVOKE Racing)  
34Corey Davis (Isagenix / SeaSucker / Guttenplan)  
35Bradley White (UnitedHealthcare)0:00:13 
36Marco Aledia (AltoVelo-Sea Sucker Factory Racing)  
37Dustin Morici (EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes)0:00:14 
38Michael Jasinski (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)  
39Patrick Casey (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano)  
40Brais Dacal (Team Novo Nordisk)  
41Connor Brown (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2)0:00:15 
42Matthew Zimmer (EC Devo)  
43Aldo Ino Ilesic (AltoVelo-Sea Sucker Factory Racing)  
44Matt Salpietro (Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Str)0:00:18 
45Bill Mulligan (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)0:00:25 
46Brian Kaker (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)  
47Robert Sroka (Netherland Rubber p/b MVP)0:00:26 
48Devin Clark  
49Matt Moosa (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team)0:00:27 
50Andrew Reardon (Sonic Cycling)0:00:29 
51Joshua Friedman (Green Line Velo)  
52Jesse Siemen (Summit Pro Racing)0:00:30 
53Micah Engle (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2)  
54Zachary Kovalcik (Black Lodge Cycling)0:00:34 
55Nolan Tankersley (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team)0:00:40 
56Hilton Clarke (UnitedHealthcare)0:00:50 
57Aaron Beebe (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)0:01:23 
58Jacob Gerhardt (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)0:01:36 
59Zack Kratche (J.Brown p/b Ms.Roses)0:02:08 
60Hogan Sills (UCI CT: Astellas Cycling Team)0:03:27 
61Jacob Arnold (Elevate Elite Cycling Team)0:03:40 
62Charles Huff (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:04:10 
63Brandon Feehery0:04:51 
64Dominic Caiazzo (Green Line Velo)0:06:53 
65Joshua Johnson (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek U2)  
66Michael (Casey) Saunders (Dogfish/Team Noah)  
67Terrence Keenan (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing)  
68Jonathan Jacob (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)  
69Arthur Moran (Green Line Velo)  
70Jordan Ross (Harvest Racing p/b Midwest Cycling)  
71Michael Allison (Olathe Subaru Cycling)  
72John Becker (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)  
73Derek Cote (CT Cycling Advancement Program)  
74Quentin Valognes (Team Novo Nordisk)  
75Trevor Rolette (EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes)  
76Grant Erhard (Summit Pro Racing)  
77Scott Ogilvie (Dogfish/Team Noah)  
78Matthew Kelley (SBR Quantum Racing)0:06:57 
79Scott Williamson (Olathe Subaru Cycling)  
80John Holden  
81William Stolte (TradeWind Energy Cycling Team)  
82Emanuel Mini (Team Novo Nordisk)  
83Sean Metz (EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes)  
84Andy Prickett (Team Dayton Bicycling)  
85Zvonimir Jelinic (Team Novo Nordisk)  
DNFAlex Kellum (J.Brown p/b Ms.Roses)  
DNFDonovan Clarke (Health Warrior p/b RK&O)  
DNFStephan Hoffman (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)  
DNFKent Ross (Hosmer Chiropractic-RPM Mortgage)  
DNFLuis Galaviz (Fayetteville Wheelmen)  
DNFJohnny Mitchell (Finish Strong)  
DNFSven Gartner (EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes)  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Linda Villumsen (UHC)0:52:01 
2Cari Higgins (UnitedHealthcare)0:00:13 
3Samantha Schneider (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)  
4Lauren Tamayo (UnitedHealthcare)  
5Leah Kirchmann  
6Erica Allar  
7Joanne Kiesanowski0:00:14 
8Yussely Soto (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)  
9Tina Pic (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling p/b The Happy Toothing p/b The Happy Tooth)  
10Lauretta Hanson  
11Diana Penuela (PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS)0:00:15 
12Lindsay Bayer (BMW p/b The Happy Tooth Dental)  
13Katherine Sherwin (River City Market Racing p/b Bi)  
14Caitlin Laroche (Monster Media Elite Women)  
15Christina Gokey-Smith (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling p/b The Happy Toothing p/b The Happy Tooth)  
16Tiffany Pezzulo (DNA Cycling p/b K4)  
17Skylar Schneider (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)  
18Heather Albert (Canyon Bicycles - Shimano)0:00:16 
19Julie Kuliecza (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling p/b The Happy Toothing p/b The Happy Tooth)  
20Jamie Gilgen  
21Josie Talbot  
22Abby Krawczyk (SPBRC-Grand Performance)  
23Marie-Soleil Blais (Acquisio ACQ)0:00:17 
24Emma Grant  
25Morgan Brown (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking)0:00:18 
26Holly Breck (Incycle Racing p/b Full Circle)  
27Mary Zider (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking)  
28Katharine Hall (UnitedHealthcare)0:00:19 
29Rushlee Buchanan0:00:20 
30Nicole Mertz (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)  
31Sara Tussey (Visit Dallas)  
32Kathryn Donovan (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking)0:00:21 
33Jessica Cutler (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking)0:00:22 
34Laura Brown  
35Maura Kinsella (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)  
36Sunny Gilbert (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing)0:00:24 
37Whitney Schultz (Colavita/Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking)0:00:25 
38Fiona Meade0:00:30 
39Jeannie Kuhajek (Chicago Womens Elite Cycling)  
40Lexie Millard (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)0:03:50 
41Christina Birch (LA Sweat)  
42Madison Kriek (FloridaVelo)  
43Sarah Szefi (Chicago Womens Elite Cycling)  
44Jennifer Sharp (Stages Cycling)  
45Britta Siegel  
46Kyrstin Bluhm (Lindenwood University)  
48Christine Thornburg (Chicago Womens Elite Cycling)  
49Diedre Ribbens (SPBRC-Grand Performance)  
50Lisa Vandivort (CityMD Racing)0:03:51 
51Jannette Rho (Chicago Womens Elite Cycling)  
52Catherine Fegan-Kim (DNA Cycling p/b K4)  
53Catherine Walberg  
DNFIvy Audrain (L.A. Sweat)  
DNFMia Manganello (Visit Dallas Cycling p/b Noise4)  


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