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Wiggins has no plans to join Alonso

Cycling News
February 18, 14:02,
February 19, 01:13
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Bradley Wiggins celebrates his 2012 Tour de France win.

Bradley Wiggins celebrates his 2012 Tour de France win.

  • Bradley Wiggins celebrates his 2012 Tour de France win.
  • Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain) with the silver medal at the 2013 time trial Worlds
  • Bradley Wiggins gets low on the corners
  • Bradley Wiggins sets tempo in the peloton for Team Sky

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Rider offered new contract by Sky

Bradley Wiggins has "no plans to leave" Team Sky, according to his management company.

Spanish newspaper Diario Mallorca on Tuesday reported that Wiggins had been approached by the Fernando Alonso team while out in Mallorca. The report stated that the 2012 Tour de France champion was proposed a two-year contract with the new team.

Cyclingnews spoke to Julian Henry, a spokesperson for the rider's management company, who said that Wiggins has no interest in ending things with Sky. "Bradley is under contract to Team Sky. He's very happy with the set up there and is totally focused on his 2014 training and racing schedule. He feels part of the fabric of the team and has no plans to leave the team."

Wiggins current contract with Sky runs out at the end of this year, which would leave him free to sign with other teams for 2015. However, Henry stated that Sky had given him an offer, but Wiggins is waiting until his major targets are out of the way before he puts pen to paper.

Cyclingnews also contacted Team Sky, who said they were unaware of any negotiations between Wiggins and Alonso.


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two20john 5 months ago
Wasn't he very happy at Garmin too, with no plans to join Sky. You can tell when a Pro cyclist is lying......... you know the rest.
PCM Geek 5 months ago
right on, well said. if he doesn't go with alonso and if he doesn't stay with sky then what's he going to do? retire? retirement might be the way to go because he will never be happy anywhere...
Pokerface07 5 months ago
Thought he was going to transfer (back) to the track in 2015.
bianchi1885 5 months ago
Agreed. Sir Bradley isn't going to close out the next few years of his career as a super-domestique for Froome.
bike_boy 5 months ago
There is nothing wrong with being richie froomes maid.
stravaface 5 months ago
I don't have an opinion on whether or not Wiggins would jump to Alonso, but if he did, I don't think Froome would be the reason. Staying at Sky doesn't require Wiggins riding super domestique for Froome. Sky wouldn't be the first team to have two GC contenders, and unlike Garmin (at the time Wiggins was riding for them) it has a deep enough pool of riders (and money) to support to CG efforts in different races. There are a lot of ways Sky could leverage its lead riders.
stravaface 5 months ago
sorry -- *two* GC efforts in different races.
Karl Von Drais 5 months ago
I would think Alonso's team would have started in the ProConti ranks in order to 1) spend a year of working out the kinks before going to the WT and 2) in order to ensure his team is well respected by the other teams once joining the WT.
lelanternerouge 5 months ago
Like Team Sky did?
LRI44 5 months ago
Apart from they have always been a World Tour team ...
LeeOliver 5 months ago
He'd be a mug to join Alonso - total mug.
Karl Von Drais 5 months ago
The way ALonso is creating this team remind me a lot of the New York Yankees.
Aristotelis Papageorgiou 5 months ago
I am also not going to join Alonso's team...
Farcanal 5 months ago
Never heard the news reports that you were going to either
Raoul Duke 5 months ago
IF there even was an offer, it is to Wiggin's advantage to let Sky think so, if they want to keep him they will offer more money.