Two injured for Lotto-Belisol

Henderson and De Clercq forced off the bike

Having had surgery on his knee to treat prepatellar friction syndrome, Greg Henderson will miss the Tour Down Under for the first time since 2008. Henderson’s injury is a common affliction for cyclists who fold and stretch the knee with every pedal stroke.

The treatments and the rest he took in the past weeks didn’t have the desired result and Henderson will now miss the start of the season including his national championships. Henderson is yet to comment on when he will return to racing.

Teammate Bart De Clercq has undergone a CT-scan which showed a rib fracture. De Clercq had hurt himself during the teambuilding camp last week on Tuesday and x-rays taken on Friday showed no visible signs of injury.

When at the beginning of this week he got sharp pain, extra tests followed and the diagnosis was a rib fracture. Over the coming days, De Clercq will be off the bike, resuming training when the pain subsides.

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