Tragedy strikes in GP Felino

Ukrainian dies in hospital after crash

The GP Citta di Felino was the site of a tragedy on Tuesday after a Ukrainian rider died following an apparently innocuous crash.

Oleksandr Shapoval of the Promociclo Neri Sottoli team crashed during the race, but was conscious when he was taken to the hospital in Parma. His condition worsened after he was admitted, and race organisers received news later that the 19-year-old had died.

 "We are shocked by the news," said the President of Velo Club Felino, Dattaro Giorgio, "because nothing indicated something like this would happen. The boy was alert and conscious, and rescuers reassured the sports director on his condition.

"We want to express all our of condolences to the family, to his teammates and the rider's federation. Today we wanted only to celebrate, we've suspended all the events out of respect for what happened. "

The cause of Shapoval's death is not yet known.

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