Tour de France tech: Rotor Power LT spotted

Left-crank-only power meter under development at the Tour de France

This article originally appeared on BikeRadar.

Spanish crank manufacturer Rotor will soon have a left-crank-only power meter called the Power LT. At the 2014 Tour de France, Lampre-Merida riders are using Rotor cranks with Power2Max spider-based power meters and Rotor Power left cranks on their bikes.

"We are developing a left-crank-only power meter and are using Power2Max to compare the data," Rotor president, Ignacio Estellés, told BikeRadar. "The team is part of the process. But pro riders don’t want to try prototypes; they need gear that works. We know Power2Max is 100 percent accurate, so we are happy to work with them.

"The new Power LT will be announced in the next week," Estellés said.

The power meter market has exploded in recent years, with left-crank-only Stages jumping into the game along with Garmin Vector, and PowerTap lowering its prices. Rotor currently has a power meter, the Rotor Power, that measure left- and right-leg power.

Rotor Power is currently a left/crank meter. Soon there will be a Power LT, a lower-cost option

"We will continue to have our first level power meter, Rotor Power, with left/right measurement," Estellés said. "And with Power LT, we can be competitive with some of the other products out there. It will be good for us to have a family of power meters."

BikeRadar reported in March that Rotor is developing a complete road group.

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