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SRM opt to reduce pro peloton sponsorship in 2014

Sam Dansie
February 8, 10:49,
February 8, 09:54
First Edition Cycling News, Saturday, February 8, 2014
SRM's big-selling crank, the Shimano Dura-Ace 9000

SRM's big-selling crank, the Shimano Dura-Ace 9000

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Power meter also to offer user-changeable battery in FSA crank

This article originally published on BikeRadar

German power specialist SRM said the loss of contracts to supply Team Sky and Movistar with its meters was part of a strategy to reduce its profile in the professional peloton and work on product expansion plans.

Last month, Stages Cycling was announced as the new power meter provider to Team Sky. Spanish team Movistar opted for rival German brand Power2Max.

However Mike Hall, SRM's USA product manager, told BikeRadar: "SRM chose to reduce our support to many of the pro teams for this year. It was a conscious decision because we felt we were spreading ourselves a little bit too thin – we decided on this at the Tour de France last year."

Asked if the departure of Sky – which has dominated stage racing and, particularly, the Tour de France for the past two seasons – was a conscious decision, he replied: "It's my understanding that the teams we decided to remove from our sponsorship allotment are the same teams that have picked up other power meters."

Hall was also bullish about the SRM's favour in the pro peloton. "If we have this conversation a year from now and look at what teams will continue to use brand new products that haven't been ProTour tested, I think it will be an interesting conversation in January 2015."

There have been rumours that SRM has lost favour with teams because of the high level of technical support needed to keep a squad of up to 30 riders' bikes capturing and managing power data – especially when other rivals offer plug and play systems and user-changeable batteries.

However while SRM plan to offer a user-changeable battery option in the BB386 FSA K-Force Light later this year, Hall said the company would stick to the ethos of producing a highly accurate instrumentation.

Matt Pachocha, marketing and PR manager at Stages Cycling, told BikeRadar that while SRM still had the lion's share of the pro peloton, he felt the environment was changing.

"There's a switchover and if SRM's guilty of anything it's a very similar product to what they launched with 27 years ago.

"I think every team is looking for a competitive advantage and the ability to have some say in a product's development."

He confirmed Team Sky will be using Stages on a one-year contract.

SRM will be supplying power meters to BMC, Trek Factory Racing, Orica-GreenEdge and Giant-Shimano in 2014.

wrinklyvet 6 months ago
Not that I'm into these thingumyjigs, but competition is always benefits the consumer in the end.
Michael Brown 6 months ago
"You can't fire me, I quit!"
nowhereman 6 months ago
The price of those things is so ridiculous, it makes them financially undesirable for all but the most insane wannabes, or those who have money to burn. While the numbers they provide are precise and useful to professionals, the costs of these units far outweigh their usefulness for most riders. Good Luck to them. This is a Pro Peloton accessory only, because they don't have to pay for them. I'd never spend $4,000 on anything like that. My main ride cost me @ $5000, and it's brought me a whole lot of joy on the road. Another few thousand just to have numbers I produce spit back at me,is an utter waste of money as far as I'm concerned.
Eric Blais 6 months ago
Numbers spit back to you just to show that I am out of shape.. don't need to spend 4000$ to see that I am going slower than twenty years ago ;-)
OffTheBackAdam 6 months ago
Yup, pitched at the more money thatn sense brigade, like those who spend thousands on a bike, when they either don't race, or are just low-class amateurs.
DAVE P 6 months ago
Yeah yeah we were always going to stop supplying the best teams, we just kept it a secret, besides who needs a shop window like Team Sky anyways.
Al Lloyd 6 months ago
All it will take is for the Chinese to develop a cheap sub $500 power meter (maybe 3 different chain sets to keep it simple and for economic scale) that uses ant+ head unit from another manufacturer like garmin and the likes of SRM will be left scratching theirs heads wondering where it all went wrong. The technology is relatively simplistic (they are "just" strain gauges) and the formulas to work out stresses/deflection etc are simple maths. It will happen, I'm only surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Crowd source anyone? Lol
Soundtallica 6 months ago
SRM's don't even have left-right power measurement or a user-replaceable battery, and they cost twice as much as Quarq or Vector and 4 times as much as Stages. They're also uglier than the aforementioned alternative power units. And what do you get for that extra money? FRACTIONALLY more accurate power readings. SRM's are a joke.
multirider 3 months ago
I have an SRM and very much enjoy having accurate power numbers to improve my training and racing. It works flawlessly - no issues with pairing or reliability or anything else. But I've had it a few years and if I were in the market today, I'd have to take a look at all the alternatives. It occurred to me that all the competition is likely affecting SRM's business results. I attempted to find info on the web (which is how I ended up here), but did not find any data on their revenue or trends. Any suggestions would be appreciated.