Soler in hospital after accident

Colombian hit by car on training ride

Mauricio Soler is currently being treated in hospital for injuries he sustained in a road accident. The Colombian climber had been out training on Wednesday morning in Ramiriquí, Boyacá, Colombia, when a car hit him from the front.

The Caisse d'Epargne rider is being transferred to a hospital in Tunja, capital of the Boyacá department, where a CAT scan will be performed in order to make sure he sustained no head injury. Meanwhile, Soler is conscious and his brother Omar assured the Spanish website Biciciclismo that the injuries were only minor.

"He doesn't have anything serious, but it's better to go to Tunja for further examination," Omar Soler said. Soler's injuries include bruises and lacerations in his face, arms and legs, but "nothing bad."

Mauricio Soler was about to finish his training ride in his home town of Ramiriquí around 11.30 in the morning, when a car hit him head-on . "He was one block away from his house when, suddenly, a car drove right into him," his brother related.

The driver of the car is being held in custody for questioning, and the car is also being investigated by the authorities.

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