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Report: Di Luca set to write a book

Stephen Farrand
January 24, 12:45,
January 24, 11:46
First Edition Cycling News, Friday, January 24, 2014
Danilo Di Luca was a late addition to the Vini Fantini team

Danilo Di Luca was a late addition to the Vini Fantini team

  • Danilo Di Luca was a late addition to the Vini Fantini team
  • Danilo Di Luca (Ita) Acqua & Sapone enjoys another podium finish
  • Danilo Di Luca in the maglia rosa during the 2007 Giro, which the Italian won overall.
  • Danilo Di Luca attended in the event

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Gazzetta dello Sport compares his case to Armstrong and Hamilton

Danilo Di Luca will be questioned by the Italian Olympic Committee's anti-doping investigators in Rome on January 30 but a report in Friday's Gazzetta dello Sport suggests that he may reveal more about his career and his years of doping in a book.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Di Luca has carried out a carefully calculated strategy since testing positive for EPO during the 2013 Giro d'Italia.

On Wednesday, he gave an interview to the satirical Italian current affairs show, Le Iene, making wide-sweeping accusations about doping, suggesting that 90 per cent of the riders in the Giro d'Italia dope, and that if 10 per cent are not, they are the "10 percent [who] don't care about the Giro d'Italia, they are preparing for other races and therefore not doping."

Gazzetta reports that the UCI asked Di Luca to give details of what he knew about doping last June, but he refused to talk. Di Luca was handed a lifetime ban in December, and according to the full verdict - a copy of which was obtained by Gazzetta - Di Luca offered to reveal what he knows about his own and other cases of doping to the Italian Olympic Committee's investigators. However, he then back-tracked on the idea and gave his interview on Italian television.

also suggests that Di Luca is involved in the Padua investigation into Dr Michele Ferrari and Lance Armstrong, another investigation in Turin and possibly another again in his home town of Pescara after his positive for EPO because doping is illegal in Italy.

The Italian newspaper asks if Di Luca gave his interview as a kind of vendetta or to help take advantage of his case, and claimed that he is working on the idea of writing a book, perhaps revealing what he did during his long career with the Cantina Tollo, Saeco, Liquigas, LPR Brakes, Katusha, Acqua & Sapone and Vini Fantini teams.

"Does he want a high-profile trial with shocking revelations? And if he speaks and names people?"
Gazzetta asks. "Di Luca like Tyler Hamilton? Attention, because this could become the Armstrong affair of Italy, considering the level of the person (Di Luca)."

Di Luca refused to comment about the reports in Gazzetta dello Sport when contacted by Cyclingnews on Friday.


philjthommo 7 months ago
I know this heading is rather far reaching in its assertions however a book deal(money) seemed to me like the ultimate goal from the interview. Where are all the Di Luca supporters now who stated 'he never got paid so he must be telling the truth'?
SourKraut 7 months ago
To the first buyer. please scan it, put it online as PDF, minimize the profits this slimeball gets.
PCM Geek 7 months ago
And get yourself arrested for copy right infringement? Why bother? This guy and his book aren't worth the paper this trash is printed on. Better to just ignore it, wouldn't you say?
HeadPack 7 months ago
Agreed. Not worth the money nor the effort. And we are sure to get an abstract here.
TheCycleSeen 7 months ago
Surprise surprise. The old book deal. Who seen that coming!!? Saying that, we got all this '90%' drivel before his full interview was aired. Why have we had little to no news on what all he said in the actual interview? Is it was because it was 'satirical' and he's taken everyone up in arms at this '90%' 'revelation' -- Cycling News included -- for a ride?
wrinklyvet 7 months ago
I had been questioning his bona fides and for some reason that did not attract support. Slimeball is a bit more direct. I like it! I was never really on the fence about it so I am happy to run with that idea! How anyone could ever have thought he is reliable and full of true revelations (free of exaggeration or invention) is beyond me.
wrinklyvet 7 months ago
Oh yes, "slimeball" was Sourkraut's description and I also like "drivel" as described by you!
PCM Geek 7 months ago
We haven't seen any news other then CN's copy and paste and hear say news reporting because the show hasn't been aired yet? You might want to wait and watch it for yourself perhaps? In the mean time what CN posts is good enough to start fueling another big doping scandal...
TheCycleSeen 7 months ago
Sorry PCM, but I'm sure I read the following on the CN website: "...the controversial interview that will broadcast on Italian television on Wednesday night." (Last Wednesday, that was). Anyway, why do we need to invent another big doping scandal just for the sake of it, especially if one does not exist?
PCM Geek 7 months ago
I agree, enough is enough. It's really unfortunate the way various publications, TV media and others like to whip up a frenzy over a non event like Di Luca and his book. I'm not going to buy it and I don't care what he does. Let the authorities handle it and then report on it.
Lightening Toke 7 months ago
The David Millar strategy. Smart man, Di Luca. It's not likely to work internationally, but it might work in Italy.
movingtarget 7 months ago
Did not see that coming. Maybe he will also tour the schools and talk about morals and integrity. Fool.
ianfra 7 months ago
DiLuca is a spoilt kid from a rich family. He seems to be the type of character that is always right - whatever the evidence says. Says something about the privileged way he was dragged into this world. He is also the man behind Kyklos - those lovely frames now getting ripped off by the Chinese Chinarello makers. I don't need a new frame but if I did it certainly wouldn't be DiLuca's. Goodbye DiLuca - the sport never needed you. Nor did the people you let down whilst developing your frame. Davide?
Karl Von Drais 7 months ago
Given the books being written by every rider who gets popped, "Doper" deserves its own subsection in all libraries located within fiction.
movingtarget 7 months ago
Should be a special section for three time dopers.
rastymick 7 months ago
OK, now I understand his earlier BS announcement of 90% of the current peloton being doped - advertising & marketing for his new book to boost sales! So, far, almost everyone who got busted started to position himself as anti-doping, telling how it destroyed his life, how heavy it weighed on his consciousness... Well, this angle doesn't work that well anymore (marketing-wise) - of course, if everyone starts telling the same kind of story, people's interest start waning and sales go down. Now, Di Luca is a smart guy, so I expect him to come up with something completely different, something that will once again boost sales on a subject (doping confessions of a busted pro) people have grown tired of. I guess it will be more like: "Everyone always did it, everyone is still doing it, no one regrets anything and I don't regret it neither, only a shame that I got busted, now here are some spicy details..."
FabiquesAnquetillara 7 months ago
Of course. How else could he make any money now. Lawyers are not cheap. Same I am sure he will offer his expertise and knowledge as"part of solution" and he will offer advice how to cure doping. Same old, same old. Pathetis as Hamilton, Ulrich, Landis, you name it. None of them has courage to face themselves honestly and offer little remorse and humility.
Sillaz 7 months ago
Really!! Now every doper have decided to write a book!? Brilliant!!!!!
HeadPack 7 months ago
Ricco's is strangely absent from the list. On the other hand, I am pretty sure that kid can't write. Let alone find a ghostwriter, as much as he searches for one in his fridge.
Roadman73 7 months ago
Great idea SourKraut.