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Report: 2017 Vuelta to start in France

Cycling News
February 7, 10:30,
February 7, 09:06
Second Edition Cycling News, Friday, February 7, 2014
Vuelta winner: Chris Horner (RadioShack)

Vuelta winner: Chris Horner (RadioShack)

  • Vuelta winner: Chris Horner (RadioShack)
  • Race leader Chris Horner leads challenger Vicenzo Nibali
  • Warren Barguil (Argos-Shimano) won his second stage in a photo finish over Uran

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Third foreign start for Vuelta

According to reports in France, the Vuelta a España will start in Nîmes in 2017. Jean-Paul Fournier, the candidate-mayor of the French city made the announcement on Thursday when the second stage of the Etoile de Bessèges started from his town.

According to Vuelta director Javier Guillén it's a real possibility. "It's a wish to start here." Guillén told Le Figaro when visiting Nîmes. "The city is culturally very close to Spain." The Roman arena in Nîmes is still used for bullfighting. "If the mayor says yes, it's no problem."

If the Vuelta starts in the southern French city in 2017, it will only be the third time the race starts outside of Spain. Unlike the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France with 19 foreign starts [plus starts in 2014 and 2015] and nine departures abroad [plus a start in Belfast in 2014] the Vuelta waited until 1997 to leave Spain.

In 2009 the Vuelta started in the city of Assen, in the north of the Netherlands. Despite the distance, this start was considered a success both by the Netherlands as by Unipublic. The Vuelta organizers wanted to repeat this event 2015. However, due to financial reasons the plan was cancelled.

The 2014 Vuelta a España starts on August 23 in Jerez de la Frontera with a 12,6 kilometre team time trial and finished in Santiago de Compostela three weeks later.


Ferfred 6 months ago
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WildspokeJoe 6 months ago
And Chris Horner will be considered an outside favorite...
Fignon 6 months ago
Armstrong to start training for the event.
qwerty12 6 months ago
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Ferfred 6 months ago
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taborpolkadots 6 months ago
Just have to say... Look at the caption picture. That skinny old bald dude looks like he's struggling with the weight of that plate! (Haha, good for Chris! At his age, I was packfill in the 40+ Novice category!)
Broth3r 6 months ago
I swear I read "2017 Tour will start in France". Which would, indeed, be news.