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Peiper: Cadel Evans can win the Giro d’Italia

Daniel Benson
November 26, 2013, 23:22,
November 27, 2013, 03:13
First Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Giro d'Italia
2011 Tour de France champion Cadel Evans (BMC) lost more than four minutes to stage 8 winner Chris Froome

2011 Tour de France champion Cadel Evans (BMC) lost more than four minutes to stage 8 winner Chris Froome

  • 2011 Tour de France champion Cadel Evans (BMC) lost more than four minutes to stage 8 winner Chris Froome
  • Today'’s top three for the stage (L-R): Simon Geschke, Cadel Evans and Tom Jelte Slagter
  • Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) marks Cadel Evans (BMC)
  • Ivan Santaromita AND Cadel Evans (BMC)

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Age not a problem, says performance manager

Allan Peiper, the performance manager of BMC Racing, believes that Cadel Evans can win the Giro d’Italia in 2014.

Evans finished third in this year's edition of the race, behind eventual winner Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) and Rigoberto Uran (Team Sky). Despite a disappointing showing in the Tour de France in July in which he finished in 39th place, Peiper believes that the former Tour winner can return in 2014 and win the second grand tour of his career.

"Cadel believes in himself. Even now at 36. I know the way he rode in the Giro, with less than perfect preparation, and how he raced at the end of the season. He still has a lot of energy in the tank and I firmly believe that he can go to the Giro and win it," Peiper told Cyclingnews.

"The way he rides a bike race, the way he can prepare and live for it, I think the Giro is definitely an obtainable goal for Cadel Evans in 2014."

Evans will be 37 by the time the Giro d'Italia starts in Belfast next May, but Peiper added that the experienced Australian rider can still compete at the top of the sport. With BMC sending Tejay van Garderen to the Tour de France, Evans will be the sole leader for the team in Italy.

"Let's not even talk about age because he's already beaten that issue already and he’s done that consistently over the last five years. Whether it's his last year or not you can be sure that when the Giro comes around he's going to be on fire. I believe that 100 per cent."

Evans was present at the route presentation for the 2014 Giro d'Italia in October and praised the route.

"The race route is slightly more balanced [than in the past]. I don't know if it's more humane because if they put in less mountain stages, we just ride faster and go flat out. It doesn't get any easier. It suits a rider who is consistent but that's case for most Grand Tours. There are a lot of stages for the climbers but there's also the 47km time trial, where a pure climber will struggle not to lose time," he told the press at the time.

Evans is set to start his 2014 campaign with the Tour Down Under in January.


jozzaCH 12 months ago
When are they finally going to admit he is past it. I have never been a big fan of Evans but I can not deny that he has many great achievements. However its pretty embarrassing that him and his team talk him up so much yet he ends up getting dropped before Cavendish and Greipel in some Tour stages. The same can be said with Cunego and Basso who have similarly great achievements but it seems counter-intuitive to claim that Evans can win the Giro when he could struggle to get in to the top 5
Eric Blais 12 months ago
He was third at the giro. It is not over reaching if he aims top spot at the giro
TShame 12 months ago
Don't put Evans in the same lump as Cunego and Basso. Evans was never on the 'suspect' list. I just don't see enough time trial kilos to make up for his losses on the big mountains. To say he can win is a big ask, might as well try for three straight.
marcello 12 months ago
"He (Evans) can't help it if he has a sour face"
Pedal Pusher 12 months ago
There's only 9 spots for GC riders on the podium of Grand Tour each year. Evans was one of those riders in 2013. Your comment that he ends up getting dropped before Cavendish and Greipel in some Tour stages, illustrates how little you know about cycling- of course in sprints he comes in behind Cavendish and Greipel. If you look at his results he often does really well in the points component of the race which indicates he finishes consistently near the front. So your comment is ignorant and shows its more about the fact you are not a big fan than an objective comment based on results and capabilitiy.
WillieTheWaiter 12 months ago
Ummm did you watch the tour? I'd say the OP was referring to the mountain stages where Cadel was the first rider out the back.. You know before cav etc... Thinking that the poster was referring to sprint finishes is ermm kinda a much larger show of "ignorance"!! When Cadel cracks.. He cracks LARGE!! BMC in general ain't delivered anything close to what they talk themselves up as or spendbudget wise!!
Pedal Pusher 12 months ago
I must have been watching different races to you - thought he was 3rd at the giro. BMC did have lean year but did well in the classics, won ToC, Podium at Giro......a lot of other teams would have liked those results. And as far as being first rider out the back - stupid comment - you don't finish 39th on GC is you were the first rider out the back on all the mountain stages.
Adrian Nastasoiu 12 months ago
considering the money BMC are investing they don't have the justified results
BackSeatRider 12 months ago
I think the true answer is somewhere between what Willie and Pedal are saying. Evans had a good Giro last year and then fell apart at the end of the Tour last season. He was dropped on climbs by both Cavendish and Greipel and put in one of the worst times in the entire race during the final time trial. He was going ok for the first week of the Tour before his collapse which is why he still managed 39th.
Wheelsucker11 12 months ago
Really Adrain??? And to think that Cadel in BMC colours has only worn the World Champions Jersey for a season, won the Tour de France, won the points jersey in 2010 Giro, finished 3rd in 2013 Giro, wore yellow jersey in 2010 Tour. Sounds like a really poor investment in Cadel on BMC's part. Name another rider to have achieved all that in the last 4 seasons? You idiot.
barthvos 12 months ago
Your remark comparing Evans to Cavendish and Greipel is truly hilarious. But For Evans it is all about try to win another grand tour. He can't say; I'll try top 5. In that case he'd better stop. I admire his effort to go for the victory.
bike_boy 12 months ago
You dill, he finished on the podium 6 months ago.
Simon Bailey 12 months ago
And the only reason he didn't finish second in the Giro was because of a DI2 failure.
FrogMan 12 months ago
yes you are 100% right imo
Alan D 12 months ago
Hey Jozz... where were you on which podium, when? Your comment is both ignorant and unqualified. If Evans top10s I'll be doffing my cap, and if he podiums I'll be down on my knees saying "allah". And beleive me, I've my prayer mat out and dusted off, coz I reckpon he's so damned tough he will more than likely make it there. If he's with 1m if the pure climbers going in to the TT he'll kill them. And a nice little sidewind down in Calabria could just crack em open anyways... you ever seen Evans tucked up and hammering in an echelon?... he's one of the best. Tough as an NT bandicoot, and twice as smart.
Lightening Toke 12 months ago
Now that's loyalty!!
barthvos 12 months ago
Don't be too sure about his ability in echelons, I saw him suffering in an echelon stage in the Giro of 2010 just hanging there and later on he was held up in a crash in Flushing where Team-Sky including Wiggins missed a turn completely. And in stage 13 of this years'TdF he finished in the same group as Froome and I didn't see him try to close the gap with the group-Contador.
movingtarget 12 months ago
After riding the Giro you mean. He is usually good in echelons and tactically smart. By stage 13 of the Tour he was out of the race anyway. As a bike handler, ability to suffer and tactics, he is one of the best.
Pedal Pusher 12 months ago
whoopee do - so you saw him suffer in one echelon stage in a Grand Tour - means zip in terms of his overall ability in echelons.
Flandrian 12 months ago
Excuse my ignorance but what is an NT bandicoot?
meals-on-wheels 12 months ago
According to wiki a bandicoot is a marsupial endemic to Australia. NT stands for Northern Territory where Evans was born and raised.
meals-on-wheels 12 months ago
PS - whether the term is a colloquialism in those parts I couldn't tell you. If it isn't, I think it should be.
Alan D 12 months ago
Thanks Toke... not really over the top Evans fan (well, I admit I'm avid, just not OTT)... I just can't stand cretins who wouldn't know what cracking it even into making a GT squad means, far less finishing a stage, far less finishing a GT, far less making top 10 in any stage, far less finishing top 25 on GC, far less finishing Top 10, far less making a podium EVER.... far less winning a GT ... sounding off and criticising someone who has done all of that. Especially one of CEs ilk, were the guts IS the glory. Cheers mate. Oh, BTW... I'm a Kiwi, not an Ozzie, so there ain't no love lost watching an Ozzie loose ! LOL I just reckon Cadel's the real deal. I also reckon in the face of much flak, if the scene had been clean he's have 5-7 GTs/ TdFs under his belt. But please, everyone, let's not debate that hoary old chestnut.
barthvos 12 months ago
Spot on, you've really laid out how hard the sport of professional cycling really is.
azureskies 12 months ago
plus one for understanding the sport Alan D. Refreshing to see an individual who understands our sport. Not a fan now or ever for Cadel, however he is a total fighter and champion, his winning syle is something to behold.
Alan D 12 months ago
You've got it Azure. There isn't a writer in these pages that's a flake fraction of Cadel, or any of his cohort. They sit there and spout off and don't know J4ck 5hit. We all need to salute greatness, or just Shut TF up. LOL. And btw folks... just FINISHING a GT is a form of greatness. Ask anyone who hasn't done so, but has been there.
samallan 12 months ago
Yeh lets not forget Cadel has also been world champion against a top field.
Alpe73 12 months ago
I like the fighting spirit. (Sure, fs ebbs and flows ... what do you expect?) As a sports fan, not much downside if he doesn't get it ... so sure ... I'm behind him. The beauty of being a fan is the illusion that your support can put him over the top. I don't mind playing that game.
aeromono 12 months ago
evans is boring and un-stylish - he is hard, and a grinder, but there is no panache, ever.
Silver Bullet 12 months ago
no panache, ever??? 2009 worlds attack 2010 fleche wallone attack to smash contadoper on the mur de huy 2010 giro stage on the wet srade bianche 2011 tdf stage in alps to haul contenders/pretenders up the galibier take a look in the mirror and admire the muppet that you are
TANK91 12 months ago
You have listed 4 things you can count on 1 hand Evans Attacks.
samallan 12 months ago
That may be so but look at what he has won.
Alan D 12 months ago
Tank you're another cretin. You want panache?. He was born in 1977. By 21 he'd won bronze medals at the 1995 Junior world mountain bike championship and the Junior world road time trial championship, and silver medals at the 1997 and 1999 under-23 world championships. He won the cross-country event in the Mountain Bike World Cup in both 1998 and 1999. He won the Tour de Romandie, beating the Alberto Contador and Alejandro Valverde on the very last stage, a 20 km time trial around Lausanne. He finished fifth in the Tour de France but was promoted to fourth after the disqualification of apparent winner Floyd Landis due to doping bust. In the 2007 Tour d F, he finished runner-up to Contador. He won the stage 13 Time Trial and came second in the stage 19 TT.Same year he finished fourth in the Vuelta. He came fifth in the world championship and sixth in the final UCI ProTour race, the Giro di Lombardia, securing the 2007 UCI ProTour with 247 points ahead of Davide Rebellin and Alberto Contador. Evans was a favourite to win the 2008 Tour de France because Contador was not allowed to participate as his team Astana were not invited. He held the yellow jersey from stages 10 to 14. However, he had sparing team support to do it, and during Alpe d'Huez on stage 17, Carlos Sastre took 2 minutes 15 seconds.By the penultimate stage time trial, he needed to ride 1.5 seconds faster than Sastre. He beat Sastre and jumped to second place but remained 58 seconds behind at the end of the Tour. While recovering from a ruptured cruciate ligament, he rode contested the men's road race at the Beijing Olympics, finishing 15th, 22 seconds behind Samuel Sánchez. He placed fifth in the road time trial four days later. Then he won the men's World Championship road race in Switzerland. That win came shortly after his third placing in the Vuelta, even although his race was marred by mechanical failure in the way up the Sierra Nevada mountain finish. A combination of poor team support and poor form hampered his 2009 Tour d F and he was only able to finish in 30th place, 45 minutes behind winner Alberto Contador. He also scored victories in the Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré and the Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali. The season saw Evans become one of world's most successful cyclists with two podium places at the Tour de France. He joined an elite group of cyclists who have all worn all three leaders jerseys; the Maglia Rosa leaders jersey at the Giro in 2002, the Yellow leaders jersey for 4 days in the 2008 Tour, and the Gold leaders jersey in 2009 in the Vuelta. After all that he became world champion, then he seemed to commit himself fully to helping teammate Philippe Gilbert. In 2010, with BMC Racing Team he won the Flèche Wallonne and he held the Maglia Rosa after Stage 2 of the 2010 Giro d'Italia. Evans won stage seven of the Giro with a dominating sprint from the front of a small group, after resisting to numerous attacks from Alexander Vinokourov in the final 10 km. He finished the Giro 5th overall, winning the Maglia Rosso Passione (Points Classification) and the Azzurri d'Italia Classification. Evans also held the yellow jersey for stage nine of the 2010 Tour while riding with a hairline fracture in his left elbow caused during a crash in the previous stage. He lost significant time to the leaders during stage nine, which lost him the yellow jersey and put him out of serious contention for overall victory. He had a successful start to 2011, winning stage 4 and the general classification at the Tirreno–Adriatico, and the general classification at the Tour de Romandie, both of which are very BIG races. He prepared for the 2011 Tour de France by finishing as runner-up in the Criterium du Dauphine, another monster. He finished second on stage one of the Tour de France, and won stage 4, the second Tour stage win .Evans then led the mountains classification after stage 4 for a single day. As the tour continued he often to personally chase down breakaways in order to preserve his position in the top 5 of the GC and in order to maintain time gaps that he believed he could strategically make up in the individual time trial of stage 20. During stage 19 of the Tour, he was forced to chase an early breakaway containing the GC contenders and led by Contador. He won that duel ... single handed. Against the creme de la creme of TdF field. You want panache? You want more?. Call fo yo mama, nancy boy.
movingtarget 12 months ago
Well said. Forget Tank 91 or should I say Spank 101. He or she never was an Evans fan. More a follower of suspended grand tour winners. Plenty of panache there amongst that lot. The type that climb three mountain passes like motor bikes and look like they have just delivered the mail, after the race. They look too fresh to be genuine but then proceed to tell some reporter how hard it was while riders like Evans and others cross the line and look like they can barely keep the bike upright.
CyclingsChanged 12 months ago
And Mapei......don't forget he rode for Mapei........
Anonymous 12 months ago
I realize there are a lot of Evans supporters here who will bristle at my comment but accomplishments have nothing to do with panache. Evans is an accomplished rider but he would not know panache if it hit him in the face. If this upsets you then you do not know the meaning of panache and/or you just cannot tolerate any criticism of Evans. The last time I checked, panache is not a requirement when crossing the finish line so calm down and accept Cadel's lack of panache. Big f-ing deal.
antmills 12 months ago
Blimey! ... That must have been some cut n paste work!? It was such a long post, I couldn't be bothered reading it. .... Better not think of joining Twitter!
stringcatt 12 months ago
You might want to thank the WorldNews for writing your reply.
Silver Bullet 12 months ago
No bristle required anonymous. Timing your attack up the mur to win fleche takes panache and boatloads of it. Timing your attack on last rise ahead of a worlds finish, in hot classics rider company, leaves their "panache" for dead. Regardless of how that turned out for him (accomplushing the win)... evans can certainly turn on panache. Dont have to be an evans supporter to easily smack down your rubbish post.
Silver Bullet 12 months ago
aeromono was clear in his post about no panache EVER. sure his career has not been a litany of dope-fenzied explosiveness on climb after climb at the tail end of the hard doping era. what measure is that anyway? so yeah tank, i listed a handful of examples, two years of attacking panache that yieded world champs, a spring classic, the grand boucle, among heaps of other wins. how many other riders have palmares like that?
FrogMan 12 months ago
sTrade bianche ( aka white roads )
WildspokeJoe 12 months ago
Totally disagree on the flèche wallone. If you re-watch the race (I just did ) Evans did not smash the field/contador as you say, he waited until the very last moment to attack. I'd say he rode a great race tactically but he rode with zero panache. I have to agree. Evans is more of grinder.
Silver Bullet 12 months ago
yes you are too smart for me. he "grinded" way past the best pure climbers in the world on a 2k 15% monster finish. you really know your cycling.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Evans is not a panache rider, plain and simple. Get over it.
Silver Bullet 12 months ago
you are in a deserved minority here Anonymous. Buts thats cool. no need to tell YOU to get over it - Don't go changing your baseless opinion just coz you are in the minority.
WildspokeJoe 12 months ago
Using flèche wallone as a race to demonstrate Cadel's panache is losing battle. Someone who wins with panache is someone who wins with flair and style. Evans is a much more deliberate rider. Neither way is right or wrong just a style of racing. Ironically if you look at 2009 and 2011 both Rebellin and Gilbert displayed a bit more swagger in the final meters of the race. With Rebellin pointing to his helmet and Gilbert taunting his competitors in the final 25 meters. This may not be 'panache' but it is much more demonstrative than Evans who simple raised his hand crossing the line in 2010. If you think Evan's flèche wallone win was one of panache then I guess we agree to disagree.
qwerty 12 months ago
not a big fan of evans, but you cant deny his huge fighting spirit
Teddy Allen 12 months ago
Why did Cadel not raise his arms after winning worlds?
FabiquesAnquetillara 12 months ago
He was too exhausted.simple.
Alan D 12 months ago
Because that's too showy. He's there to kill 'em, not wear lipstick afterwards. That's why Kiwis love him.
MattCla 12 months ago
Top comment
Chromking 12 months ago
It will be difficult. Even a top 10 result seems to be difficult. Porte is invulnerable. Quintana, J.Rod, Uran, D. Martin, Pozzovivo, Majka and Roche are all better. Possibly Scarponi and Young Aru as well. Even guys like Santaromita, Weening and Niemiec are going to be hard to beat. Maybe he can beat Basso. They are about the same age.
Mark Schwitau 12 months ago
Where were those guys during last years Giro? It seems like, with a cleaner peloton, there is a bigger propensity for random awesome performances and random mediocre performances ..... Or more human efforts. So, based on last year where he was not super prepared or over prepared ..... I'd have to give him a fighters chance if he gets his prep in the perfect zone ..... Prepared but still fresh enough ..... Prolly a hard thing to do.
CesarTrouble 12 months ago
Top 10 should be no problem. I see Porte as potentially the man to beat. Cadel should make the podium again, but the top step is going to be difficult. Heck it's a grand tour. You cannot say Martin, Pozzovivo, Majka or Roche are better as they've never seen better success than Evans in a grand tour.
BackSeatRider 12 months ago
The Giro is shaping up to have a tough field, but a top 10 result does seem possible if not probable. A win would be tough with the large amount of climbing and a climber heavy field. Porte is hardly invulnerable, but is a favorite. I would bet on Quintana, Purito, and Uran to beat Evans, but the rest are a toss up. Martin, Scarponi and Pozzovivo have the talent to finish high, but are questionable. Only one of Majka and Roche will be a top 10 despite both having the chops to be in the top 10. One will end up working for the other like what happened in the Vuelta.
rshimizu12 12 months ago
I think it's possible that Cadel could win the Giro, but it's long shot. But since Cadel was ill at the beginning of the season it's hard to say how this affected his preparation. Cadel did show a lot of courage and tenacity at the Giro last year. That said my own impression is that he is probably to old to win another grand tour.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Anything is within the realm of possibility. Realistically, and depending if a decent field of riders shows up for the start line, a podium position is unlikely for Cadel. He is unlikely to top Porte, Purito, Quintana and a few others. I'll be surprised if he finishes in the top-5.
DougSmith 12 months ago
Amazing lucky to have had a career this long and not been caught yet....
CesarTrouble 12 months ago
Well, you just admitted the truth. Here's hoping someone catches you soon.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Cadel's 2011 season merits scrutiny.
Alan D 12 months ago
That might take a degree of panache in itself ! LOL
Highwaystar 12 months ago
It's also amazing he's not American either right? So people like yourself get all jealous because your country can't produce anything but doped up sociopaths and peleton pack fillers.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Nothing extremist about that comment, LOL.
Alan D 12 months ago
Oh good grief Highway... and everyone... let's drop the hate5hit eh? THis is all just too negative. THere's cricket and NBA on the other channel , and WWF and Cagefighting for the more enlightened. Celebrate the good stuff, and have a laugh, but let's drop the "Americans are doped up sociopaths" ... they're not. Well, not all of them. ;-) There's no way u could describe Chris Horner as a sociopath, and I'm sure there are people there who aren't doped up. It's a big place.