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Orica-GreenEdge and Orica-AIS launch 2014 team kit

Cycling News
January 7, 00:15,
January 7, 06:48
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, January 7, 2014
The 2014 Orica-GreenEdge and Orica-AIS team kits

The 2014 Orica-GreenEdge and Orica-AIS team kits

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First outfit from Craft for Australian squad

Orica-GreenEdge and Orica-AIS unveiled their 2014 race kits at The Prince in St. Kilda on Tuesday. The men's and women's teams will debut the clothing, made in collaboration with Craft, the team's official race and casual wear partner, at the Cycling Australia Road National Championships from Wednesday.

"We're really pleased with the new kit and look forward to putting it into action at the Nationals this week and when we kick start our third season in the WorldTour at the Santos Tour Down Under," said Orica-GreenEdge General Manager Shayne Bannan. "We're excited to start a new season with a brand new look."

This will be first season that team kit and casual clothing will be provided by Craft as Santini was the initial clothing manufacturer for the team.

Simon Clarke was one of the GreenEdge riders to model the jersey and told Cyclingnews about the new kit. “Craft is definitely a step up for us. They have a great mentality of innovation and marginal gains and at the level we race at, marginal gains are so important. If we can get a little extra out of our performance in clothing and equipment it all goes toward the results we are trying to achieve," Clarke said.

"It's been a great collaboration with Craft to date," Bannan said. "We've already been able to benefit from their experience in developing state of the art technical clothing. This type of partnership is crucial for a team at this level. We're also pleased to have Craft as a casual clothing partner. This is great for both the riders and staff who work and ride in all sorts of weather conditions during the season."

2012 Australian national champion told Cyclingnews that the new kit would make the team stand out from their rival teams. "As a first impression I really like it. I think the colour schemes are a bit simpler that what we’ve had in the past and I think that will stand out really well in the peloton," he said.

"I haven’t worn it on the bike yet so we will see how it goes by the end of the week [at the Road Nationals].”

Craft Sport Marketing Manager Daniel Högling echoed Bannan's sentiments. He considers the long-term partnership between Craft and Australia's top rated teams as mutually advantageous.

"We're really happy to be the clothing partner for the ORICA-GreenEdge family," said Högling. "It's a partnership that focuses our ambition to develop a great looking and exceptionally fast cycling kit. We want the team to have the access to the best clothing on the market, and we want them to win races wearing our kit."

"Small advantages can make a big difference, and we will constantly pursue those advantages as we work closely with the team," Högling continued. "It's also important to us that the riders and staff look great and feel good – on and off the bike. With the new kit, I think we're off to a solid start."


bike_boy 8 months ago
Looks good!
Strydz 8 months ago
It is a pretty bland kit
bike_boy 8 months ago
I disagree.
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
The new kit is definitely an improvement from the last 2 years. More elegant this year
bike_boy 8 months ago
I agree.
Justin2 8 months ago
Craft Sport Marketing Manager Daniel Högling is associating his team with proven cheaters and liars. White and O'Grady have consistently and persistently lied to the whole cycling community. Craft Sport is now tainted with the same brush. Ouch.
bike_boy 8 months ago
Thats harsh bro, Stu left the team long ago.
tunguska75 8 months ago
God mate,get off your high horse!
simo1733 8 months ago
Stuey mate will be back.After all he managed to improve after he stopped doping. i am sure any pro team would like to know how you can do that!
CyclingsChanged 8 months ago
I presume you're joking mate......if not deluded
Shababa 8 months ago
Rule #1 of team kit product launch - provide the models with the right size. Gerro's is pulled up and tied at the back. Shocker.
DavidConnell 8 months ago
Craft has just taken the old Leopard design (which was morphed into the RadioShack jersey), changed the colours and dropped in different logos.
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
I was thinking the same, but I honestly can't see why that is a problem. Even if the Leopard Trek design had a bif black on it (a trend I find to be a problem), it was actually a very good design. Leopard Trek was by far the best looking jersey of 2011, IMO.
CyclingsChanged 8 months ago
At best.......3/10
Pedal Pusher 8 months ago
Noticed Phil Liggett was the MC. Kind of lost interest then - Liggett the great LA believer!
Stalky 8 months ago
That's a pretty slick look, I'd ride in those colors