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McQuaid and Verbruggen accused of corruption in report summary

Cycling News
September 10, 2013, 09:24,
September 10, 2013, 10:35
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, September 10, 2013
UCI President Pat McQuaid tried to defend the UCI's record on doping

UCI President Pat McQuaid tried to defend the UCI's record on doping

  • UCI President Pat McQuaid tried to defend the UCI's record on doping
  • UCI president Hein Verbruggen with Lance Armstrong in 2002
  • Hein Verbruggen passed the ProTour to McQuaid

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Leaked document reveals info on Contador, Armstrong cases

UCI president Pat McQuaid and former president Hein Verbruggen have been accused of corruption, attempts to conceal Alberto Contador's positive doping test at the 2010 Tour de France and multiple collusion with Lance Armstrong in a leaked summary of a detailed report compiled by private investigators.

The three-page summary document was published by The original report is alleged to be 54 pages long and includes 26 document exhibits. It was apparently investigated and written by two senior law enforcement and intelligence officials who have been assisted by an internationally known private investigative firm.

Knowledge of the report first arose in June at a heated and tense UCI Management Committee meeting in Bergan, Norway as McQuaid's hopes of being re-elected as UCI President first began to wilt. Mike Plant, the United States representative on the UCI Management committee, told Cyclingnews that the complete document was compiled by Russia's Igor Makarov. He also sits on the UCI Management committee and is the head of the Russian Global Cycling Project that runs the Katusha WorldTour team.

The unidentified source of the summary said the whole Report has not been made available because it has been "turned over to law enforcement authorities for follow up." It is not clear which authorities are involved.

UCI President Pat McQuaid has described details the leaked summary of the Report as "complete fabrication. They are totally untrue and are not supported by a scintilla of evidence."

"This is a scurrilous and libelous attack on my character, with a political agenda that is both nakedly transparent and totally contemptible - and unfortunately one that is completely in character with the tactics of my opponents."

The accusations

The summary document alleges that there is testimonial and documentary evidence of a number of events and requests by McQuaid and former UCI President Hein Verbruggen. These include:

1. "That in the late summer of 2012, Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen solicited what amounted to a bribe of 250,000 euros from a named pro-cycling team owner."

"The funds were supposed to be paid to a specifically named front company located in the UAE, involving a named secret bank account with ties to a named finance company in Switzerland."

2. "That when employees of another named professional cycling team tried to involve UCI in a disagreement with team owners over the failure of team owners to pay employees, UCI instead became involved in a corrupt relationship with the team owners and allowed the illegal non-payment of salaries to continue, The witness who provided this testimonial evidence claimed to have documentary evidence of this corrupt relationship including documents from a named international accounting firm that were altered."

3. "There is testimonial evidence that after the rider Alberto Contador failed a doping test in 2010, UCI tried to engage in a cover-up of the failed test in exchange for money, The witness who provided this testimony advised the efforts were not successful because the media became aware of the story before the cover-up could be completed. The witness claims there are other witnesses who can provide corroborative testimony."

4. "There is testimonial evidence that in 2009 when Lance Armstrong was making a comeback to cycling, he had not been in the UCI doping testing pool for the previously proscribed period of time. Mr. McQuaid agreed to a bending of these rules, which allowed Mr. Armstrong to ride in the Tour Down Under for an appearance fee of $1 million and in exchange, Mr. Armstrong agreed to ride in the Tour of Ireland for free - a race he otherwise would not have participated in."

"Further, that Mr. McQuaid benefited from this agreement because his relatives or friends were involved in directing the Tour of Ireland. The witness claims a personal, first-hand account of these facts."

6. "There is testimonial evidence from more than one witness concerning the well-known 1999 Tour de France urine samples that allegedly eventually contained evidence that Mr. Armstrong failed doping tests, and that Mr. Verbruggen arranged for a friend of his, Emile Vrijman to conduct the independent review and report about the incident."

"Further, that Mr. Armstrong's personal attorneys wrote and edited portions of the report so they were most favorable to Mr. Armstrong. It is further alleged that Mr. Armstrong helped pay for the report. One witness stated that there is email evidence between Mr. Armstrong's attorneys and UCI officials, which prove these facts. There is testimonial and documentary evidence that the night before Mr. Armstrong appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Mr. Verbruggen was very concerned these events were going to be disclosed during the interview of Mr. Armstrong."

Lies and denials

The report summary also alleges that McQuaid interviews about the allegations for two hours on May 18, denying all the allegations. However the summary claims there is evidence that "he lied about his knowledge and role in the allegations."

The summary also alleges that McQuaid was given the opportunity to "read the entire report and ask questions or make comments concerning the contents of The Report. The investigators claim that he spent approximately one hour reading the report, making notes. and that he asked no questions, and made no comments."

The summary claims that "There is testimonial evidence from more than one witness that after Mr. McQuaid read the Report in Corsica, France, he communicated with Mr. Verbruggen about the contents of the Report. Further, that Mr. Verbruggen then contacted several of the witnesses in The Report in an apparent effort to distance himself from Mr. McQuaid."

The summary document concludes by alleging that "It thus appears the recent statements in the press last week by Mr. McQuaid that he has never seen The Report are false."

"It appears the statements to multiple witnesses by Mr. McQuaid that he intended to bring the allegations he was aware of in The Report to the UCI Ethics Commission are false. It appears the statements by both Mr. McQuaid and Mr. Verbruggen in the press last week that they have not recently communicated, and that Mr. Verbruggen no longer has anything to do with Mr. McQuaid or UCI, are also false."

McQuaid claimed in his response to the summary document that Makarov and Plant both refused to hand over the full report.

"The Ethics Commission asked for a copy of the dossier from Igor Makarov and Mike Plant, but both of them refused to hand it over to the Ethics Commission. That fact alone speaks volumes," McQuaid said.


FabiquesAnquetillara More than 1 year ago
it is fight for money and power. so throwing dirt left and right is expected. it is politics after all. and about report? surprising? hardly? proving anthing? sadly not. I think they all get away with that. after new UCI leaders sits comfortably in their new money and power controlling seats, it will all be forgotten. it is politics after all.
TShame More than 1 year ago
It won't be forgotten. these guys are sitting in the catbird's seat and everyone is showing up with an ax. Eventually they will fall with a thud. They probably will get to keep their money and their freedom and only loose their positions.
Raoul Duke More than 1 year ago
lose their positions, not loose
deboat More than 1 year ago
1,2,3,4,,,,6, Cycling News can not count? Or was number 5 edited out?
Cheetah Con More than 1 year ago
Kinda like what actually happened(did it....or...did it not????) appears(100%) that EVERYONE involved in this wonderful sport is full of chit & EVERYONE cheats/lies/steals just to accomplish their own personal/professional agenda(s) I did the other day on two flats in a row.....I started at the top.....I threw away the tire and the tube and started fresh.......ahhhhh!!!! Problem(s) solved..........I hope?!?!?!?!
perfessor More than 1 year ago
What if the problem is with the rim?
Raphael Larrinaga More than 1 year ago
Number 5 was deleted on this site for some reason. Below is the missing passage: 5. There is testimonial evidence that Mr. McQuaid and Lance Armstrong exchanged fat manila envelopes at a cafe in Paris following his victory in the 2005 Tour de France. They were accompanied by Cheryl Crow, who was sitting at their table playing "All I want to do is have some fun" on her guitar. Mr. McQuaid has since alleged that the meeting concerned only the exchange of Armstrong's autobiography "It's Not About the Bribe" for McQuaid's signed copy of "Mein Kampf".
wigvelo More than 1 year ago
Even if only half of the above happened it makes me even more angry with the U.C.I. McQuaid is a snake and his Armstrong style tactics of attack any accusation frankly to me is a further advert of his guilt. I would like to see an investigation into his person finances, as I am sure a few home truths would show up, and we would also know what he gets paid!!
Robert21 More than 1 year ago
Whether this dossier provides 'proof' of not is largely irrelevant, given that all the evidence needed to prove that the UCI was corrupt in the way it protected Armstrong has been the public arena for years. In fact, the very existence of the Vrigman report is sufficient proof in itself.
Heckler. More than 1 year ago
What do you all want from McQuaid. He's given you everything you asked unlike Jamie Fuller with his overpriced elastic pants.
mike73nz More than 1 year ago
Heckler, you must be related to Pat as some of the dribble i've read from your posts makes me wonder about your state of mental health. Pat has not given us everything we want. The guys a poor excuse for a administrator who is obviously trying to save his backside. He is as guilty as Lance is and lets face it, he has only brought in changes under pressure to do so. Cookson is a much better leader and what the sport needs. Pat needs to retire and go live on an island with all his money.
Matt Cope More than 1 year ago
No he hasn't. I want a T&R. I want openness and understanding. I want accountability. I want to see change in the conduct of the UCI. I want to have trust in the UCI and it's leadership. I want Pat McQuaid to do the decent thing and resign before the election. So far, he's given me none of that.
Scott Miner More than 1 year ago
"scintilla" I don't think this word means what he thinks it means.
Marino Gallo More than 1 year ago
scin·til·la (sn-tl) n. 1. A minute amount; an iota or trace. 2. A spark; a flash.
Scott Miner More than 1 year ago
Yep, that confirms it. I think we might at least have a spark in there.
Heckler. More than 1 year ago
Who cares even if McQuaid is corrupt. He's still the best thing to ever happen cycling. The only reason most people here even have bikes is initiatives by Pat.
BigBoat More than 1 year ago
Heckler, how can I get Pat to get me a free bike? I could use a new TT bike, is there an initiative that could get me that?
SmithR More than 1 year ago
moderator: That's a quote from "The Princess Bride" ..... same character, Inigo, who used the phrase, "..I do not think it means what you think it means". Very funny film.
imartin More than 1 year ago
Apparently there are two documents. One is a 54-page report, the other a 3-page summary. The 54-page report either doesn't exist or it's exclusively the work of Makarov. Nobody has seen it! Look at the facts. Quote, 'It was apparently investigated and written by two senior law enforcement and intelligence officials who have been assisted by an internationally known private investigative firm'. Who are these mythical officials? What private investigative firm do they work for? Why are they unidentified? If they exist, then they are part of Makarov's team. Quote, 'the whole Report has not been made available because it has been "turned over to law enforcement authorities for follow up."' Why isn't it available? You're telling me that the report is now in the hands of law enforcement authorities? Which law enforcement authorities??? If the report exists, then it's in Makarov's hands. The report is a fabrication designed to destroy McQuaid's reputation and stop his reelection. By the time it's revealed as a fabrication McQuaid will have lost the election and nobody will care about some report anyway. A 3-page summary is a handy document for leaking to the press and online! Makarov is head of the Russian Global Cycling Project that runs the Katusha WorldTour team. McQuaid's UCI banned Katusha at the start of the season. This is Makarov's payback. Worse still is Makarov's political agenda. He's probably trying to infiltrate the UCI with his allies with the aim of concealing Katusha's past, present and future doping activities.
Silver Bullet More than 1 year ago
maybe a lot of truth to what you say. But so what. This only corroborates much of the corruption that is in the public domain already. If it takes a bit of shenanigans by russkis to ensure phat is kneecapped from office, so be it. When there are only 2 options, better to take a likely corrupt Cookson than a certainly corrupt Phat. No?
red_flanders More than 1 year ago
Take it easy, Pat.
velogeek More than 1 year ago
I have to agree to a certain extent. Regardless of what you think of McQuaid, the last person you can believe in the matter is Igor Makarov. Even if it's all true, his name on the report plants a seed of doubt.
Raskol More than 1 year ago
McQuaid tried to bury Cookson by saying he was Makaro's stooge,and basically Makarov is utterly corrupt. So on top of everything else, staggeringly stupid of McQuaid, for no real gain, to make an enemy of someone with the financial power of Makarov. That he, given McQuaid's portrayal of him, now had big motivation to bring down McQuaid, doesn't at all necessarily mean the allagations are false. What it can simply mean is that a very motivated Makarov funded the investigations into the UCI's dealings down the years. Given how the UCI has conducted itself at the highest level, that the allegations are based on truth would hardly surprise anyone. McQ thinking he could rubbish Makarov in public & expect nothing in return - staggeringly stupid & arrogant.
DirtyWorks More than 1 year ago
Not Makarov, Thom Wiesel, owner of USA Cycling. His pal Mike Plant is in the game too.
Marino Gallo More than 1 year ago
stop double spacing your sentences
DirtyWorks More than 1 year ago
It's not Makarov. It's Mike Plant and Thom Wiesel at USAC. Now we know why Verbruggen "retired." That is, until he un-retires as eternal leader of the UCI. Also, the Contador and Armstrong positive cover-ups are not news. No one wanted to talk about Contador's positive being covered-up by the UCI when the news went public. It was as plain as day. Nothing is going to happen on the law enforcement front. Wiesel and Plant know this. Conveniently, Wiesel would never be drawn into the investigation. I hope I'm wrong.
eleven More than 1 year ago
They are just now discovering that Armstrong got a partial waiver of the requirement to be in the testing program for a specified time period before racing? And evidence that the 1999 samples were positive? LoL. I hope they didn't spend much money researching those hidden gems.
DaleUK More than 1 year ago
Pat , or should I say 'Heckler, please leave before you cause any more embarassment to the sport
Cheetah Con More than 1 year ago
Armstrong:......"What???? YOU (pointing a finger at McQuaid)....told me to do it that way!" McQuaid:........"What???? YOU (pointing a finger at Armstrong)...told me to do it that way!" Summary: Take em BOTH out and beat the chit out of BOTH of closed.....and by the way.....I was paid 25000 euros to write stated by McQuaid & Armstrong
unc_sammy More than 1 year ago
They should have researched too who was the guy who lost his bet in 2010, when Spanish soccer team won the World Cup over the more fancied teams of Germany and The Netherlands, and requested somebody from the UCI to refer Contador's specimen to the modern Cologne's laboratory.