Kvist retires at age 24 in favour of medical school

Dane was with Quick Step for two years

Thomas Vedel Kvist is the next rider to retire at the age of 24. The Dane rode for two seasons with Quick Step before a successful season at the Continental team Glud & Marstrand-LRO in 2011. He will now attend medical school

Kvist joined Quick Step as a trainee in August 2008, and then rode for the top-ranked Belgian team for two years. This year he went to the smaller Danish team, where he had two victories, winning stages at the Tour de Normandie and the Rhone-Alpes Isere Tour.

“I'm completely finished with the sport,” he told feltet.dk. He had his time at the top level, but “I really feel that I have had enough. The desire was not there anymore.”

His time at Quick Step was marked by injury and illness. “I learned a lot because of hardship and trouble. If a professional is injured and doesn't have a lot of success, then it's a hard world to be part of.”

He does not regret it, though. “I know what it means to be a professional, what kind of life it is you have there and it has given me some really cool experiences, so it's definitely not an experience tat I would exchange for anything.”

Nor was it a sudden decision. "It has been a long time coming, so it's something I've known a long time. Even when I rode for Quick Step, I knew that it was not what I would do many years into the future think there are other things in life, so that is why I started medical school, which I am really happy."

Former German national road champion Martin Reimer, also 24, recently announced his retirement from the sport after not finding a new team for 2012.

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