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Julich: Dropped water bottle hurt Phinney's result at Worlds TT

Cycling News
September 25, 2013, 16:31,
September 25, 2013, 17:32
First Edition Cycling News, Thursday, September 26, 2013
UCI Road World Championships
Taylor Phinney (USA) en route to 5th place at the world time trial championships in Florence.

Taylor Phinney (USA) en route to 5th place at the world time trial championships in Florence.

  • Taylor Phinney (USA) en route to 5th place at the world time trial championships in Florence.
  • Bobby Julich

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Florence test "a learning experience," says American

American Taylor Phinney rode to a fifth place finish in the elite men's individual time trial the UCI road world championships on Wednesday, which was close to the expectations of his time trial coach Bobby Julich, but could a dropped water bottle have hampered his eventual result? Julich thought so.

"He dropped his water bottle at kilometer 32. He doesn't ride with a radio and if he had, I would have told him to take a sip every 10km. When he finally went to take a drink 32km in, it just slipped out of his hand and it was past the feed zone. We can't feed from the car, so it was unfortunate."

Phinney finished 2:08 behind winner Tony Martin (Germany), 1:22 behind Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain), 1:20 down on bronze medalist Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) and 42 seconds behind Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus) after coming fifth at all of the time checks over the 57.9km event.

Still, Julich felt that dehydration prevented him from picking up the pace and possibly moving up one spot ahead.

"Up until that point he was really on it, but anyone who knows about hydration - you're losing 7-10% of your power [when dehydrated]. I was really nervous about those last 10k and it came true.

"He had the power, he had the morale, he had the form, but when you don't drink for an hour in these conditions ... it just cut his legs out from under him.

"I'm super proud of him. you can never count on something like that happening. I just wish that if he was going to be fifth, that he would have had gotten it all out and had a perfect ride. Technically he did have a perfect ride, but you saw in those last 10km ... you could see how much the dehydration affected him. He needs to be proud of his effort.

Phinney based the second half of a somewhat disappointing season on the Worlds time trial, and Julich said that just the work he had put into focusing on this race will pay off in the future.

"I think he can take a lot of positives out of this. The way that he trained, the way that he dedicated himself and the sacrifices he made, he really earned my respect throughout the whole process. I'm just sorry that something as small as losing a water bottle can really ruin your day.

"This is a learning experience, his training for this was a learning experience. These guys [Wiggins, Cancellara and Martin] have done dozens of time trials at this length, and Taylor does it once or twice a year. It's something we'll put in the base plan for next year, that we find the time trials, and have him hit those time trials and train those time trials and - who knows - maybe just use a normal bottle instead of an aero bottle, because it's a huge difference at the end of the race [to stay hydrated]."

avanti More than 1 year ago
It is time to invent an alternate to the old fashioned water bottle on the bike frame for use during time trials. Yes I know the UCI has rules on hydration equipment and that bottles are often tossed in the final kilometers.
blemcooper More than 1 year ago
I thought that hydration bladders were allowed (and didn't Julich use them sometimes when he was with CSC?), with the complication that you actually have to use it for hydration, rather than solely as an aerodynamic enhancement (like the Schlecks tried to do to improve their TT'ing a few years ago, and got busted for it).
barthvos More than 1 year ago
Bobby Julich used the camelback indeed in a timetrlial in the Tour de France but he crashed when he was suppoedly grabbing his mouthpiece. But at his point they are forbidden.
blemcooper More than 1 year ago
They are not forbidden. The UCI clarification guide (dated February 11, 2013) to the technical regulations says: "Following many problems on the positioning of the camelback systems during the 2011 season, the UCI decided to take additional measures which will come into force on 1 April 2012: •The use of thecamelback system is only allowed on the back of the rider . •It is mandatory for all riders who want to use a camelback system to present it to the commissaires before the start of the race at the risk of being disqualified." and before this text there is further clarification, generically referring to what I said, i.e. the Schleck's attempt to use hydration bladders for aero enhancement (which is banned) rather than hydration (which is not banned).
hubcap More than 1 year ago
Phinney doesn't need a coach making excuses for him. He's only 23, none of the top 3 placed in the worlds TT before the age of 25. It's going to take some time...a 16 lb turkey takes longer to cook than a 12 lb bird.
antmills More than 1 year ago
... But it's always necessary to have your excuses ready, to explain poor results! .... That's what the coach is there for!
barthvos More than 1 year ago
Phinney's split times are consistent throughout the race, each time fifth. So I don't think Julich has a point but losing a bottle in a TT is never a good thing.
therhodeo More than 1 year ago
Most TT guys will go negative splits so he should have gotten faster had things went to plan.
Rocky_Balboa More than 1 year ago
If most TT guys go negative splits and Phinney was fifth at all time checks than that would suggest that Phinney also had a negative split.
bikerbruce More than 1 year ago
If he was fifth at each checkpoint, it sounds like he was tracking consistently with the others, whether they were doing negative splits or not.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
if you are well hidratated before and you lose bottle at km 32 it's not that big of a deal He needs to get rid of mental weaknesses like that if he wants to challange Tony Martin
SourKraut More than 1 year ago
Whom? Julich?
BarkingOwl More than 1 year ago
Maybe riders should wear an aero camel-pack?
Raoul Duke More than 1 year ago
Dehydration never helps, but " it just cut his legs out from under him" seems a little much. After all he finished 5th in the ITT World Championship. At age 23 with his limited experience compared to Wiggins, Cancellara and Tony Martin I would say that was a very impressive result and something to be happy about. As a professional I'm sure he can find fault in his performance, but he is young and should improve every year in knowledge and experience.
WildspokeJoe More than 1 year ago
He finished right in line with where he should have. The top 3 and solid ride by Kiryienka. Did anyone really thing the 23 year old was going to podium. The only way was if one of the other 3 had an off day.
Bob Douglas More than 1 year ago
All sounds like an excuse
kubla khan More than 1 year ago
Sounds to me like he did great. No way he was ever going to beat Martin/Cancellara/Wiggins. Great ride by Kiryienka too.