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Jeannie Longo seeking €1.1 million in damages from AFLD

Cycling News
December 4, 2013, 12:58,
December 4, 2013, 12:40
First Edition Cycling News, Thursday, December 5, 2013
Patrice Ciprelli and Jeannie Longo in Grenoble

Patrice Ciprelli and Jeannie Longo in Grenoble

  • Patrice Ciprelli and Jeannie Longo in Grenoble
  • The ageless Jeannie Longo Ciprelli en route to victory.

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Frenchwoman contests inclusion in testing pool for 2012 and 2013

Jeannie Longo is suing the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) for over €1.1 million. The 55-year-old, whose case was presented before the Conseil d’État in Paris on Monday, has contested her inclusion on the AFLD’s list of targeted athletes in 2012 and 2013, and is also seeking damages relating to the 2011 revelation that she had recorded three whereabouts violations.

Longo served no ban for missing tests as it was later shown that she had not been formally notified by the AFLD of her inclusion in the out-of-competition testing pool for 2010 and 2011. She was formally added to the testing pool in both 2012 and 2013.

In September 2011, L’Équipe also reported that Longo’s husband Patrice Ciprelli had purchased EPO. Ciprelli was later indicted for importing EPO, and the charges were confirmed by a court of appeal on November 7 of this year.

“Madame Longo has a difficult, indeed conflictual, relationships with the French Anti-Doping Agency,” investigating judge Xavier Domino noted at the beginning of Monday’s hearing, according to Midi Libre.

Domino recommended that the financial aspect of the case should be decided by the administrative court in Grenoble, and he rejected Longo’s claim that her inclusion in the AFLD’s testing pool for 2012 and 2013 constituted an attack on her private life.

The AFLD’s measures were “necessary and proportionate,” Domino said, adding that Longo’s “practice of a sport affected by doping and her pursuit of a high-level career at an unusual age” was not incompatible with her inclusion among the targeted pool of athletes.

For its part, Longo’s legal team has argued that the AFLD cannot provide justice as it is responsible for both anti-doping tests and deciding on anti-doping sanctions. The Conseil d’État is due to announce its findings on the matter in the coming weeks.

TheFred 12 months ago
She and Lance would make a good couple.
Reg Oakley 12 months ago
philpaque 12 months ago
They could meet for dinner at Genevieve Jeanson's restaurant.
Lightening Toke 12 months ago
I know someone who raced with and around her. I'll not repeat here what she has to say about Longo. It ain't pretty.
Jesus from Cancun 12 months ago
Despite everything said about this lady, I like her. I briefly met her and her husband during one of her hour record attempts in Mexico City, and I was very impressed by her personality and by her discipline and dedication. Suspitions aside, any 50 something racing ladies half her age, and beating them deserves my respect. Even if her blood was thick like ketchup, you can't turn a mule into a quarter miler. I always smile when I see her name in the race results.
Willy_Voet 12 months ago
You shouldn't be blind to the effects of EPO even if you are starstruck. There is plenty of empirical data on performance increases using EPO or transfusing blood. Anecdotally, fellow riders are surprised when mules turn to race horses (e.g. Santambrogio). Actually mules benefit the most from oxygen vector doping; capping hematocrits at 50% allowed guys from 35% to match those rare breeds that had naturally high, ~45%, hematocrits.
tommy_nickels 12 months ago
I haven't read a single study that indicates natural hematocrit composition in a well-trained athlete is related to the quality of performance.
TheFred 12 months ago
I don't think he is disagreeing with your assertion. He is saying what has been said so many times it's beaten into the ground: some benefit more from artificially raising their hematocrit than others, particularly in the days when there was no test for EPO so they all raised their levels to just under the 50% limit.
antmills 12 months ago
I hope they throw out her pathetic case .... and make her pay all legal fees! What a joker!!!
WildspokeJoe 12 months ago
Her husband was caught red-handed in 2011 with EPO and she's suing because her privacy was invaded in 2012-2013? Delusional.
bowchickabowow 12 months ago
No surprise she's a doper. Doper doper doper. She's a legend in women's cycling, but there's no way all of her performances - or at least those performances for, say, the past 20 years or so, when she has been well above the age of the top of the competitive ranks in her disciplines - are not now suspect. She dominated the sport for a long time (a long time ago. Now she's just pathetic). Why would anyone now not suspect that she's been a cheater her entire career? Why anyone now chooses to post about giving her respect is curious. I'm not one to pile on the dismissive and insulting comments of the hundreds and hundreds of ex-dopers now in the peloton in some fashion, but with this lawsuit she is now officially a mockery, and a poster child for doping. Say what you want about Horner, but he won ONE big race in a year in which all the circumstances were in his favor for him to win. Longo dominated the women's peloton for two decades and has been hanging on to competition decades past that. It all makes sense now. I would've welcomed Genevieve Jeanson's presence back in the sport after a doping ban, to see if she could realize some success without cheating - she at least had the grace to move on with her life, but it appears to me that Longo is a long time, unrepentant cheater.
ellenbrook2001 12 months ago
please mine your own business if shes was doping has you say shes would not be able to be has good for so many years please apologized you do not know what you are talking about it?
TheFred 12 months ago
None of us "know what we're talking about" as to whether she cheated or not. But it sure looks bad for her.
barthvos 12 months ago
It must be a joke, her husband convicted for buying EPO in 2007 from China, and his contact man was Joe Papp. And she is complaining about wherabouts? There is one way to avoid filling in whereabouts and that is quitting with competitive cycling, not a moment too soon for her.
FrogMan 12 months ago
she is legendary... yes... legendary doper and cheater
jabike 12 months ago
I hope she wins. Be consistent doping agencies and get your practices straight.
Anonymous 12 months ago
I hate everyone so I come to cyclingnews to be with my friends
BikesForDays 12 months ago
Jeanie Longo - Doper - Suing the AFLD because they are doing their job! Armstrong should have tried this. :-) What a sick old lady. The AFLD should counter sue - all winnings/medals and 1.1M euro for damage to the sport are up for grabs.
roadfreak44 12 months ago
the epo was for her dog......