Hagens Berman-Supermint Racing announces new women's UCI team

US-registered team partners with Italian program to form international roster

Hagens Berman, the Seattle law firm that previously sponsored Jamis-Hagens Berman, a Pacific Northwest U23 development team, and which currently sponsors the Axeon-Hagens Berman team run by Axel Merckx, has teamed up with Supermint Racing to form a new UCI women’s team.

Hagens Berman-Supermint Racing brings together riders and staff from Supermint, the former BMW-Happy Tooth team, and the Italian Conceria Zabri Pro Cycling Team managed by Manuel Fanini. The team will be registered in the US.

“We already had plans in place to support promising young talent through the new Axeon-Hagens Berman team in 2016,” said Steve Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman. “It was time to extend our support to a women’s team as well.”

From the 2015 BMW-Happy Tooth team, riders Liza Rachetto, Jessica Uebelhart, Shoshauna Routley, and Lindsay Bayer have signed on with the new team. Joining them are Scotti Lechuga (née Wilborne) from UnitedHealthcare, Allison Linnell, returning to the US after spending 2015 in Italy with Vaiano Fondriest, and Julie Kuliecza. Up-and-coming riders Ivy Audrain and Megan Alderete round out the roster.

Coming from Conceria Zabri are Daniela Allietta, Martha Basei and Alessandra Lari of Italy and Elena Utrobina of Russia.

The partnership with the Italian team will allow the US riders to spend time racing in Europe, while the European riders will have the opportunity to compete in the US, said team director Jono Coulter.

“We are in a unique position of having an open door for our athletes to spend stints in Europe racing top events with proper infrastructure and support whilst under the guidance of our organization,” Coulter said.

Riders will use BH Ultralight & G6 Pro Bikes and Clement tires, and wear Vie13 apparel, Vittoria Cycling Shoes and Helmets, Defeet socks, and Oakley glasses. Team camp is slated for mid-February in Southern California with Redlands Bicycle Classic as the first major race objective.

Hagens Berman-Supermint Pro Cycling Team: Megan Alderete (USA), Lindsay Bayer (USA), Julie Kuliecza (USA), Liza Rachetto (USA), Allison Linnell (USA), Ivy Audrain (USA), Scotti Lechuga (USA), Jessica Uebelhart (Sui), Shoshauna Routley (Can), Daniela Allietta (Ita), Martha Basei (Ita), Alessandra Lari (Ita), Elena Utrobina (Rus)

Sports Directors: Jonathan Coulter, Gianfranco Miele


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