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Geoff Kabush diary: Bring on the final

Steve Medcroft
August 24, 2005, 1:00 BST,
April 22, 2009, 20:41 BST
MTB News & racing round-up for August 24, 2005, part 2
I’m number one'

I’m number one'

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It has been a good month since I last wrote; weekend off... NORBA Utah... weekend off... NORBA West...

It has been a good month since I last wrote; weekend off... NORBA Utah... weekend off... NORBA West Virginia. One of the nice things was with a weekend off I got to make it back up to Canada and enjoy some fine summer weather and downtown living at my new condo in Victoria; Hotel Kabush has officially closed. Managed to spend the whole week without making a grocery shop; overheated my van trying to make it to Mr Schum's bachelor party; enjoyed the wedding; got my van back home barely; had a good time showing Pink around Vic with too much to do and too little time; and then I was off for another couple of months of racing.

Vegas was the first stop, being the closest airport to Brian Head Utah and NORBA #6; closest being about three hours and several thousand feet with the base being at 9000ft and the XC course going up to 11,000ft; good fun. XC wasn't so good with a slashed sidewall and a limp home for 9th place; this left JHK back in front for the series after a strong victory. At least the weather held out as the day before the "Team Giant 4 Fun" boys got stuck in a freezing hail storm preride and were rumoured to have struggled to make it back to their condo with gloves smelling like piss. Adam didn't seem to feel the effects and after a strong XC ride he was on the attack in the STXC. After Neethling took the first lap prime for the downhillers and just about took out Wells, the action was fast and furious. I managed to bridge to Adam and timed my attack well to take the win and a stranglehold on the STXC series.

A week off at home in Albuquerque meant some good time for training as things focus in on the end of the season and my big goals for the year.

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