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Gallery: IAM Cycling reveal new kit

Cycling News
January 13, 12:22,
April 2, 00:38
Second Edition Cycling News, Monday, January 13, 2014
Heinrich Haussler will be one of the team's leaders again this season

Heinrich Haussler will be one of the team's leaders again this season

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Chavanel wears IAM kit for the first time

IAM Cycling are the latest team to reveal their kit design for 2014. The Swiss outfit have gone for a very different looking design to the kit they wore during their debut season. This year's jersey is a much darker shade of blue, which covers the shoulders. In a nod towards the Swiss flag, they have gone for a wide red and white stripe across the chest, with the stripe running onto the bottom of the sleeves.

Each rider has his name on the back, making it slightly easier to pick out individual riders in the peloton, although you're likely to need a close-up from the helicopter to make them out.

Sylvain Chavanel, who was the team's big signing over the winter, can be seen in the new kit for the first time. The Frenchman and his teammate Jérôme Pineau switched from the Omega Pharma-QuickStep team. It is hoped that Chavanel's presence will secure the Swiss team a place in the Tour de France. They missed out last year, with the three spots going to French teams.

The jersey is again made by the Swiss company Cuore and their logo is joined by the bike company Scott, who use the team as testers for their prototypes. A larger Scott logo also features on either side of the jersey. The IAM logo takes pride of place on the left-hand side of the chest and on either shoulder


wrinklyvet 8 months ago
It shows you can make a nice kit out of fashionably dark colours, where Trek seem to have failed.
wrinklyvet 8 months ago
Trek Factory Racing, that is.
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
Don't agree. This dress is no better in that regard. IMO it seriously lacks some red colours to make the swiss connection even more visible (Switzerland has got such a nice flag!). It will not be easier to distinguish in the peleton than the Trek Jersey, and it's not better designwise, though its not bad.
FabiquesAnquetillara 8 months ago
at first sight, It is too "blackish" for my personal taste, I would have prefered shade of blue as they had last year, but I must say it is good looking kit. Actually very good looking kit.
qwerty 8 months ago
yeap another blackkkk!!!! but its still nice looking though
Peter von 8 months ago
I like the red and white they've added, but wonder if it's enough to make them stand out amongst the sea of black wearing teams.
MarySzo 8 months ago
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Angrylegs 8 months ago
Very good looking kit, but again, there's just too much black in the peloton.
PCM Geek 8 months ago
What ever happened to the days when the peloton was a sea of bright cheerful colors? As it sped past all you saw was a blur of bright happy colors. Now its nothing more then doom and gloom black colors and various shades or dark colors that remind me of a funeral procession. These teams need to be more creative in their design and color choices. Go retro, go anything but start going away from boring black and white colors... You can't even see that black jersey against the black background. Thats a pitiful publicity photo...
PCM Geek 8 months ago
That monstrosity looks like a Sky or Trek jersey but with a different logo.
Hill Special 1980 8 months ago
someday crazy dayglo kaleidoscopic jerseys will return!
Squiggle 8 months ago
Hey that's actually a really nice looking kit. Excuse my colorblindness but the main body is definitely a nice steely blue not black.
bianchi1885 8 months ago
awesometown 8 months ago
What's worse... the kit or the fact that the images in the gallery are 60% covered by a caption?
jmdirt 8 months ago
What's worse, a poster who is critical of a web site that functions quite well, or the fact that said poster doesn't know how to view a photo gallery? Is this as bad as grammar police who can't spell? 8 months ago
Like the kit, very sharp & something that will be popular with weekend warriors. Worried that the peloton will now be a sea of dark colours though. Yellow Fluo will get invites to major races on this alone. Having the individual names on the back is good for spectators, particularly those new to the sport.
highfructosecorn 8 months ago
Won't these make the swiss road/tt champions feel less special?
Hill Special 1980 8 months ago
I agree, its a valid point, the national champ jersey colours should be protected by the UCI in the same way that the rainbow stripes are, at least for professional riders