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Dustin Hoffman to star in Armstrong movie

Stephen Farrand
December 6, 2013, 17:05,
December 6, 2013, 17:08
First Edition Cycling News, Saturday, December 7, 2013
Stefano Garzelli, Lance Armstrong and Ivan Basso on the 2005 stage to Ax-3 Domaines

Stefano Garzelli, Lance Armstrong and Ivan Basso on the 2005 stage to Ax-3 Domaines

  • Stefano Garzelli, Lance Armstrong and Ivan Basso on the 2005 stage to Ax-3 Domaines
  • Lance Armstrong liked to control the media

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Oscar winner joins Stephen Fears project

Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman has reportedly signed up for a role in the movie Stephen Frears is making about Lance Armstrong.

According to various media sources in the movie industry, Hoffman will join filming of the movie in the US. It is not clear which character Hoffman will play in the movie, which has still to be given a final title.

Ben Foster will play Armstrong and has already completed some filming in France. David Millar has been working as a consultant on the movie. Lee Pace from 'The Hobbit' has also signed up to the movie. Chris O’Dowd will play journalist David Walsh, while French actor Guillaume Canet has reportedly been cast as Dr. Ferrari. The movie is based on Walsh’s "Seven Deadly Sins" book published after Armstrong was banned for life by USADA.

Hoffman and Frears last worked together on 'The Accidental Hero' in 1992. He attended the 1984 Tour de France with director Michael Cimino to study the making of a movie about the race but the project was never completed.

Armstrong's fall from grace has sparked a race in Hollywood to produce the first movie about his life. Frears is the first to start shooting but both Paramount and Warner Bros are reportedly working on movie projects as well.

The Warner Bros movie is apparently called 'Red Blooded American', with Bradley Cooper set to be a producer and play either Armstrong or Tyler Hamilton.

The third movie is based on "Cycle Of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong" by New York Times journalist Juliet Macur with D.V. DeVincentis recently hired to write the script.

The documentary by Alex Dibney – ‘The Armstrong Lie’ is currently playing in the USA and will be released in Europe in early 2014.

56Vikingtob 11 months ago
Without Armstrong, Walsh - and many others are nothing.
LeeOliver 11 months ago
Think you'll find Walsh is a pretty good journalist in any case.
really? 11 months ago
I thought so, until the hagiography of Team Sky
sbroaddus 11 months ago
that's a dopey comment.
aeromono 11 months ago
You are right, we are all nothing with Armstrong, he is the alpha and the omega, our reason for living, our purpose in life and all consuming passion. Our God is an awesome God, he rules. He is the supreme leader in yellow, the "miracle" that humiliated the French, cured cancer bedded the Olson twins, and started the high sock and rubber wrist band fashion movements. He will be worshipped for millenia, and for him, we are grateful.
pleyser 11 months ago
I haven't seen any poems or hymns to Lance yet, but this one is a great start!
LeeOliver 11 months ago
He's gonna play Razzo Rizzo again!
Reg Oakley 11 months ago
Recall that years ago there were rumours that Hoffman was going to Play Eddy Meckx in a film about the greatest cyclist ever. Nothing came of it.
chiocciolis_calves 11 months ago
Gee, that would have been brilliant casting. Almost as good as John Wayne playing Genghis Khan.
TheHouseOfH 11 months ago
Bradley Cooper should pull an "Eddie Murphy" and play Armstrong AND Hamilton in his movie. It will also be less confusing for whatever actress plays Hamilton's wife.
xmoonx 11 months ago
wirral 11 months ago
Hoffman as Verbruggen!!!
NashbarShorts 11 months ago
Nope, Hoffman as Weisel...
plooton 11 months ago
may be a reason to go out to cinema (and keeps me hoping it won't be a trash)
dr_wok 11 months ago
Hoffman as Bruyneel? (Though Wiesel is a good bet too).
JPM London 11 months ago
That'd look good - Hoffman is about twice the age Bryuneel was when they started winning the tour...
NashbarShorts 11 months ago
Seth Rogen as Motoman.... Melissa McCarthy as Emma O'Reilly..... Zack Gandalfinakis as Paul Kimmage..... Floyd Landis as...Floyd Landis.....
NashbarShorts 11 months ago
Chris Kattan as Tyler. Will Ferrell IS Johan. David Spade? David Zabriskie. Kevin James as Lemond.
oldcrank 11 months ago
I wonder if any of the Bitter Armstrong Fans that clog up the inter-web forums will be rewarded with bit parts?