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Cobo signs with Torku Konya Sekerspor

Cycling News
December 5, 2013, 22:05,
December 6, 2013, 01:30
First Edition Cycling News, Friday, December 6, 2013
Juan Jose Cobo seized the red jersey on the Angliru.

Juan Jose Cobo seized the red jersey on the Angliru.

  • Juan Jose Cobo seized the red jersey on the Angliru.
  • Konya Torku Seker Spor all smiles at the finish
  • David de la Fuente won stage 2 from a breakaway
  • Former Vuelta winner Juan jose Cobo

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Spaniard to join De La Fuente on Turkish team

2011 Vuelta a España winner Juan José Cobo has reportedly signed with the UCI Continental team Torku Konya Sekerspor. The 32-year-old Spaniard's compatriot David de la Fuente posted a photo of himself with Cobo holding up the jersey of the Turkish team with the phrase, "welcome to the friendly team".

Cobo was not renewed with the Movistar team after having a lacklustre 2012 season. Earlier this week, Cobo told El Diario Montañes that he might take a step down to the Continental level, stating, "I still have no team but we are talking with a small team to ride for next year in order to come back to a bigger team the year after."

Cobo failed to record a win during his two seasons with Movistar. He raced the Vuelta a España in 2012 but did so in support of Alejandro Valverde as he finished a lowly 67th overall. The only grand tour that Cobo rode in 2013 was the Giro d'Italia which was his worst performance in a three week race as he finished in 116th overall

argyllflyer 12 months ago
Good bet for the Presidential Tour of Turkey!
Peter von 12 months ago
If he is brave enough :D
James Alexander 12 months ago
exactly what i was thinking!! :-)
GuyIncognito 12 months ago
"Cobo has not raced the Vuelta a España since his victory with the Geox team two years ago: in 2012 he had issues with his wisdom teeth, while a lack of form impacted his season this year." Except he did race it
FlandrianDS 12 months ago
Oh dear!!!
lightclimber 12 months ago
hahahaha Cobo + Torku Konya = a return to otherworldly performances!
Maxime Sohet 12 months ago
I hope Torku Kenya Sekerspor will get a wildcard for the tour. With Cobo that would make at least one rider able to follow and beat Froome !
paquito 12 months ago
Please explain your rational!
Hill Special 1980 12 months ago
Have they got room for Chris Horner as well? what a dream team that would be!
bike_boy 12 months ago
I was just thinking that.
antmills 12 months ago
... Nightmare! .... More like!!
richcyclo 12 months ago
Anonymous 12 months ago
get ready for 56x11 gearing...on a climb!
wirral 12 months ago
Ha ha ha, a match made in heaven.