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Cadel Evans set for Australian nationals

Cycling News
December 28, 2013, 10:51,
December 28, 2013, 10:15
First Edition Cycling News, Saturday, December 28, 2013
Cycling Australia Road National Championships
2009 Worlds: Australia's Cadel Evans basks in the moment of winning the world championship

2009 Worlds: Australia's Cadel Evans basks in the moment of winning the world championship

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BMC rider to race ahead of Tour Down Under

Cadel Evans will make his 2014 debut at the Australian national road championships in Ballarat on January 12, 2014.

The 2011 Tour de France champion is heading into what might be his final season in the WorldTour but the BMC rider has added the national road race to his racing calendar, which already includes the Tour Down Under and the Giro d’Italia.

“The nationals road race presents the first genuine racing opportunity of the year.” said Evans in a press release issued by the race organisers.

“Provided my training form continues as planned and following a final consultation with my team, I’m looking forward to lining up on Sunday morning for a solid hit out against a quality field.”

Evans has not taken part in the nationals since 2005 and has usually built his season on a solid start in the European race circuit. He will line up for nationals as BMC’s single entry to the race with the field dominated by riders from Orica GreenEdge and Drapac.

“It’s always going to be a challenge taking on the larger teams such as ORICA-GreenEDGE and Drapac without my BMC team mates in support. But I would expect the race to give me a good early season form guide leading into a solid block of racing over the coming months.”

Team Sky’s Richie Porte and Chris Sutton, ORICA-GreenEDGE’s Simon Gerrans, Luke Durbridge, Matthew Goss and Matthew Hayman as well as Garmin Sharp riders Rohan Dennis, Steele von Hoff and Lachlan Morton, have all entered the race.


barn yard 9 months ago
no. 6 more years until he reaches his peak at 42 and easily wins the vuelta.
Pedal Pusher 9 months ago
It's possible -lol. Would love to see him in the national jersey but reckon OGE will be working hard to have one of their riders win it.
wheel chaser 9 months ago
I don't see Cadel leaving for a while unless someone else at BMC ups their game.
JantonStentenan 9 months ago
Oh Cadel is here to stay for a while and I know just how it's going down. The day after his inevitable "fiasco" "one in a million chance" total annihilation in a medium mountain stage in the Giro where Mark Cavendish is putting the hurt on him (to be fair, it will come out later that Mark was holding onto his team car for 100 kms of the 142 km stage), he will have a press conference where he will explain that he is suffering from the Chupacabra virus which lasts five years (of which he is already two years into) and that he should be totally recovered by about 2017. BMC will stand behind him all the way up until his retirement on DEC 31, 2016 where he will say that if it wasn't for this very real and not made up in any way illness he could have won more grand tours than Contador himself. He will then go on to make a living by selling countless books detailing each and every one of the countless times he was "robbed" of a race a coulda, shoulda, woulda won.
Strydz 9 months ago
Silver Bullet 9 months ago
janton's rant is harsh but largely true, some of cuddles' excuses are embarrassing, or at least used in an embarrassing fashion. still, with his palmares, and the manner in which he fought for it, provides the man some leeway in this regard.
CyclingsChanged 9 months ago
Yep 2 TDF 2nd places with NO real team support........the guy is very impressive
PatsyCline 9 months ago
Yep, Cadel Evan's is SOOOOOOOO overrated. He wasn't even a very good rider. Just look at his palmares: TDF winner, multiple podium places at a GT, a RR WC, Ardennes, etc. Not impressive at all. The peloton is littered with riders with superior Palmares.
Tony M 9 months ago
movingtarget 9 months ago
I disagree. The Tour has always been his race and the fact he is dodging it this year is telling. I don't think he will want to be a domestique for TJVG. I think this season will be it and I also think this is why he is riding the Giro, TDU and national road championships. Two local races and his local race while living in Europe. His way of saying goodbye.
Cragz01 9 months ago
I think one of the problems of the past 2 years for BMC was having Evans and TJ in the same grand tour rather than having separate grand tour goals. I don't think he is dodging the tour, perhaps the writing was on the wall after last years late call on riding the Giro for Tour preparation. That decision seemed more about trying to prove himself as the number 1 rider for the tour, but also threw out his normal preparation and set him up to fail by trying to back up at the tour. Unfortunately his age, even with his GT pedigree, leaves him in a position where it is too late to rebuild at another team so he's made the *choice* to ride the Giro. Look forward to seeing how TJ goes in July.
movingtarget 9 months ago
By dodging I mean being practical and also doing one more Giro before he retires. i don't think he would fancy his chances against Froome at this stage and he will find it hard enough in the Giro. Whatever he attempts he will give it his all as usual. As for TJVG he has to step it up otherwise 2012 will start to look like a level he will never reach again but he has time on his side and Kreuziger finally showed improvement in the 2013 Tour finally as well as winning the Amstel. Same for Gesink otherwise he will start to seen as more of a domestique instead of a leader. TJVG was so bad in the 2013 Tour he had to have had something wrong physically like Evans in the 2012 Tour.
Lance, remember Bassons? 9 months ago
Would love to watch this - think it will be fascinating to see where the top Aus riders are fitness wise with TDU starting soon. Does anyone know where I can either stream it or watch it in the UK from?
movingtarget 9 months ago
SBS TV in Australia may have a live stream as they telecast the race live as well as the road TT and women's races. Not sure about restrictions re viewing.
Lance, remember Bassons? 9 months ago
cheers MT
ellenbrook2001 8 months ago
SBS so selfish they will never show live for others country
wirral 9 months ago
Gosh, I thought I had misread that. He is either racing to win it and wear the national jersey in his final season (?) or part of a strategy to help someone else win it. I will have to look at the course. Does it suit him?
n085329 9 months ago
Absolutely it suits him. Many laps of a course with a significant climb in the middle. Whether he's in proper form this early in the year though would be another story. Orica will have about 15 riders in the race, so hard to see anyone else winning it.
CyclingsChanged 9 months ago
Cadel in ideal position to take this race. Smarter racer than most at OGE. Will follow wheels well and on that course is better than any OGE rider. His fitness will be the key so early in the season....
Daniel Russell 9 months ago
The current doping era, where drugs enhance power to weight ratios, has passed Evans by. If you weight more than 135 lbs you can forget a grand tour for the forseeable future. Word is Team Sky is ready to sign a 12 year old as Porte's successor. He only produces 250 watts but only weighs 80 lbs (6.8 W/KG), your 2015 TdF winner.
Raoul Duke 9 months ago
Pretty tough for a rider on the European circuit to be in great shape for January 12th, without affecting the rest of the season
rocket man 9 months ago
Sounds like he's using it for a training ride. Its still good to see him supporting the nationals all the same.
Ridley Rider 9 months ago
Great to see him supporting the Aus National Road Race in 2014. Should make for an even better race with the quality of riders entered. While OGE will most likely control the race, there are enough quality and talented riders to mix it up with them, at least for a while. Would be great to see the former World Champ in National colours in what might be his final year.
ellenbrook2001 8 months ago
if RITCHIE PORTE still have it ?it will kill them one by one they cannot hold his wheel for long has CADEL EVANS he should signed at SKY then it will fly again with they special diet special training what ever bla bla