Barr postpones record bid, Marrey plans attempt

By Shane Stokes Previous record holder Joe Barr has postponed his plans to make an attempt on the...

By Shane Stokes

Previous record holder Joe Barr has postponed his plans to make an attempt on the new Mizen Head to Fair Head mark in Ireland set by Paul O'Donoghue last month.

Barr had planned to go for the record this weekend, but consultation with the Met Office has shown that wind conditions would not be favourable.

The Northern rider set his record back in 1993, doing the trip in 19 hours and 3 minutes. O'Donoghue successfully covered the 380 mile distance on July 23rd, going almost half an hour quicker to complete the gruelling solo time trial in 18 hours 37 minutes and 8 seconds.

O'Donoghue, holder of the Irish 12 and 24 hour records for many years, first went for the record in June of last year but on that occasion was unable to match Barr's pace. However it paid off this time round, and this has prompted another go by Barr.

"After the very successful ride by Paul O`Donoghue a few weeks ago to capture the long standing record from Barr, Joe feels that he should give a one off effort at responding to the superb time set by Paul," stated organiser Marc Barr in a press release issued in recent days.

"The attempt has been put together very quickly by a very supporting group of people who have worked closely with Joe over the long number of years which he has been racing. Not having raced for along time Joe has no illusions of the task in front. As technology and route has changed over the past thirteen years Joe would like a crack at the record now. This is a one-off effort and is not to take away from Paul`s great ride, but to help draw focus and attention to this great race."

However Marc updated the situation yesterday, explaining why they had decided to put off the attempt. "After a final consultation with the Met office today at 11.00am regarding the forecasted weather conditions, which are such a large part of any record attempt, we have been advised that the wind direction will remain North to North Westerly at approx 12.5 miles per hour, making an attempt this weekend impossible.

"Paul`s new record deserves every respect and Joe wants to give the best he possibly can, which requires the correct weather conditions. Therefore the team have decided to wait over the coming weeks to see if a window in the weather gives us a green light to start. Joe would like to thank everyone for their patience and hopefully we get a start in the near future."

Meanwhile it has emerged that another rider will make an attempt on the record in the near future. Mayo rider Padraig Marrey is currently looking for sponsorship for his crack at the Mizen Head to Fair Head mark, which will take place on the weekend of August 26th and 27th.

"Long distance cycling relies 70% on mental capabilities which puts savage stresses on the body to even attempt a task like this. Both body and mind has to be at their fittest," he writes in a letter to prospective sponsors. "I believe I am in the best condition possible, I have ridden and finished 8 FBD Ras's, an 8 day stage race around Ireland covering 1200k. I have the right team with 10 people all assigned a job for the duration of the attempt."

Those interested in backing his bid can contact him at 0035387 7992857.

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