Bahrain-Merida present 2018 kit

WorldTour team keep familiar red-and-blue look

Bahrain-Merida on Thursday unveiled a 2018 team kit that makes slight changes from their inaugural jersey in 2017.

The 2018 jersey is predominantly red with a blue stripe on the front. Representing the Kingdom of Bahrain, the name Bahrain is written in gold lettering, gold being royal colour, while Merida is written in white.  

Because the team's clothing technical partner, Sportful, supplied a collarless aero jersey, the flag of Bahrain moved this year from the collar to the back of the jersey, along with the team's acronym – TBM (Team Bahrain Merida). The heart of the team's logo, an arabic pattern, is featured on the back of the jersey as well to help the Bahrain-Merida directors differentiate riders in peloton from the other red teams.

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