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Armstrong claims Thomas Weisel knew about USPS doping

Cycling News
December 13, 2013, 02:30,
December 13, 2013, 14:17
First Edition Cycling News, Friday, December 13, 2013
Lance Armstrong (US Postal) protected by his body guard at the 2004 Tour de France

Lance Armstrong (US Postal) protected by his body guard at the 2004 Tour de France

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Allegation emerges from court documents

In response to questions stemming from a lawsuit, Lance Armstrong has written that Thomas Weisel, the man who bankrolled the US Postal Team, knew about the team doping practices and also in the sport as a whole.

Since admitting to doping throughout his career in an interview with Oprah in January, Armstrong has not named those with knowledge of what was occurring. The court documents relate to a lawsuit filed in November and read, "Mr. Weisel was aware of doping by the USPS Team and in professional cycling in general."

Weisel has denied the allegations and told Cyclingnews, that "I have not read the article. I have no idea what you are talking about." Cyclingnews asked if he knew Lance Armstrong to which he replied, "I know Lance Armstrong. Yes." Cyclingnews then asked 'were you aware of any doping at the US Postal Team?' He then hung up.

In a long interview with Joe Lindsey, Armstrong gave details on the mounting legal battles that he is facing and the financial impact it has had on his life. Having once owned his own private jet, Armstrong said he now flies commercial with his life "drastically different" from a year ago.

"I was working full time on the [Livestrong] foundation, working full time competing in Ironmans and the training, the travel, sponsor obligations, etc. That took up a lot of time, and now, seemingly, almost overnight that vanished," Armstrong told ESPN The Magazine.

Armstrong stated that his "priority No. 1" is settling lawsuits and hopes to end them with a global settlement as he doesn't "have $100 million."

The court documents relate to the case led by Acceptance Insurance Company who had sought to recover $3 million in bonuses they had paid to Armstrong for winning the Tour de France. Armstrong reached an undisclosed settlement with the company last month which ended the suit, the day before the company was scheduled to question him under oath.

Prior to the settlement with Acceptance, Armstrong had been forced by to provide written details about his doping scheme. The details have been kept confidential except for what Floyd Landis' attorneys revealed on Thursday in their effort to persuade a federal judge that Weisel should remain in the USPS case as a co-defendant.

The attorneys stated that "Armstrong also admitted in the interrogatory responses to his own participation in doping (including the use of EPO, testosterone and/or blood transfusions) between 1995 and 2005, except in 1997."

lightclimber 11 months ago
Let's hope the dominoes of Weisel, Carmichael, Ochowitz, Steve Johnson and others begin to fall!
Wallace 11 months ago
Nothing--nothing at all, ever--can atone for the horrors Lance, whojustdiudwhateveryoneesledidandbesidreshesbeentottallysingledoutforunfairpunishmentitisntfair, has had to endure. Flying commercial? My god, what's next? Electrode on the testicle? When will this horror end?
rastymick 11 months ago
Flying commercial - what a horror! Nowadays, everyone has a private jet, poor Lance. Just hope he gets the jet back - no one deserves to be punished like that.
pleyser 11 months ago
Exactly, Thom Weisel and his chamois sniffing cronies made this all possible. Lance was part of it, the biggest most public player, but the backroom enablers should be exposed for their part. How Chris Carmichael has a platform for anything amazes me.
bigmig1000 11 months ago
agreed, why has Carmichael escaped justice.
bigmig1000 11 months ago
i have been saying this since the story broke. This guy actually takes money from individuals and sells franchises based on the LA scam
backofthepack 11 months ago
Probably because Charmichael did nothing to train Lance. There were rumors for years that Charmichael didn't meet with him except for promotial events. He was listed as his coach, but didn't actually coach him. It was all a scam to hide his involvement with Ferrari. He marketed his Charmichael Training Systems based on a lie
DirtyWorks 11 months ago
Wasn't Armstrong on Carmichael's USAC "development" team? Carmichael and Wenzel were accused of doping teenagers and Carmichael settled with Strock and Kaiter while Wenzel didn't buy their secrecy. Google the phrase "60 minutes dope and glory" The story should be at the top of the returned results. That's the "Extract of Cortisone injections" and " Dope or leave the team" Carmichael that Armstrong raced under. I never understood why Strock and Kaiter lawsuit was never tied to Armstrong. Maybe I'm missing something.
Jac Caj 11 months ago
Cycling is dead!! FOR NOW??? The bike industry is struggling and dying. When Armstron was taken down so was the dream that Arktrong created for many Americans and the powerful cycling industry he had created. Contador was supposed to be next in line but he's also tainted goods and a doper Now they're trying to make a new Armstrong in Froome and revive the sport and the industry... Let's face it, cycling can no longer be trusted and it will take a generational gap to forget all this and start from scratch with another American hero.
DirtyWorks 11 months ago
Take a deep breath and relax. Cycling isn't dead. People are still buying/riding bikes. The same thing was said after Festina and the federation did not change one bit since then. Oddly enough, we've had one doping scandal after another since then and still the UCI/ASO races have an audience. It sure seems more like Entertainment Wrestling than a legitimate sport though!
erader 11 months ago
this is a little bigger than the festina affair
DirtyWorks 11 months ago
As a reminder to all, Wiesel is the guy still running USA Cycling through Johnson and his USACDF proxies. "Never tested positive" is easy when you have the head of the national sports federation not interfering in your doping program. [Cough]Sky/BC[Cough!]
JohnAVance 10 months ago
When you buy a USAC license, you are supporting these clowns and their criminal activities. Really, the best thing would be for everyone to just not renew their licenses. Burn it all to the ground and start something else.
bike_boy 11 months ago
Surely he is worth more than 100 million.
aeromono 11 months ago
Lance is a lot like MC Hammer or your average ghetto rapper, he earned a lot of money, but bought jets, played with celebrities, and maintained an entourage of flunkies and lawyers that bled him dry. He will never be "poor" but he has maybe 60 million left. Some (40) might go to Floyd, but this won't end happy. He wanted to return to triathlon to make a steady income, but he can't race and he's too disgraceful to sponsor anyway. good for him, he just might find redemption.
Cyclosaur 11 months ago
"bled him dry" "has maybe 60 million left" Wish I could be bled that dry.
Alpe73 11 months ago
How does '$40 million to Landis' sit with you? and why? Just a straight up question, aero.
rastymick 11 months ago
Landis is the biggest rat of all - I guess that's why he deserves those 40 Million...
Alpe73 11 months ago
Hard to stomach, rastymick.
erader 11 months ago
landis made this all happen
epofuel 11 months ago
Yeah, Landis is a mega rat. I put him way, way, way below Lance. What a vindictive piece of trash Landis is. He and Tyler should go to Dante´s 9th circle for a daily ride on the handle end of the broomstick.
Silver Bullet 11 months ago
the only ones lower than lance are his apologists
aeromono 11 months ago
Not my money, Landis is a fake race car driver now. Whatever. No honor among thieves I guess, I'm not a fan of Landis, but he's less horrible than Armstrong. I think the money would do more good in some anti-doping fund but that isn't how whistle-blower suits work. They want to encourage more whistleblowing and discourage institutional corruption, and 40 million is a nice reward for ratting out all your old "friends" and associates. I'm sure when all is said and done with taxes and lawyers get their fees he'll be lucky to get 10 million, but again - like Armstrong - these guys don't have a marketable skill set outside of cycling. And Landis will probably figure out how to blow it pretty quick.
Trustno1 10 months ago
I can definitely see another autobiography released somewhere down the line, that should swell the coffers a bit.
malanb 11 months ago
Surely he is willing to lie again to keep those 100 million.
Chuck_T 11 months ago
Every man for himself.
TheBean 11 months ago
Like rats on a sinking ship.
bammbamm1961 11 months ago
Lightclimber - you mention Weisel, Carmichael, Ochowitz, Steve Johnson - lest we forget Mark Gorski and some of the "teachers"..
DirtyWorks 11 months ago
USADA needs to issue lifetime sanctions for those names. Desperately! For the newer readers, Les Earnest has had plenty of experience with those scoundrels. Les' failed attempts to bring some transparency to USA Cycling long ago are documented and clue the reader in on how corrupt they are. It makes the USPS sports fraud a forgone conclusion.
noidea 11 months ago
The dance of the sociopaths.....
TANK91 11 months ago
LA best GT rider ever
TANK91 11 months ago
Lance crush mercx
hawkhead 11 months ago
Never and he would not have got close to Hinault either or Indurain at his best if Armstrong he had been around in those guys era's he could not have taken not been the best and crumbled and gone home look how he reacted to his team mate contador
Anonymous 11 months ago
Indurain was just as big of a doper as LA. Prior to working with Conconi he was an also ran just like LA.
kdogg64 11 months ago
Mercx got busted three times for doping during his career. By today's rules his name would be banished from the record books and he would be serving a lifetime ban.
bigmig1000 11 months ago
agree on both counts Indurain and Mercx
rastymick 11 months ago
Not sure if he was the best ever, but top 3 I'm pretty sure.
malanb 11 months ago
maybe top 20
TANK91 11 months ago
No im no fan and i dont care about dope can make bad riders better than stars who dope, who cares LA made my idol Ullrich look silly and Ullrich had all the talent in the world he just dint train he got Fat if he was in 97 shape he smoke LA.. No one can ever deny though that LA will always be an ICON the guy made mountain stages fun thats why Froome is my idol. Their so alike(no not dope)
dsotherby 11 months ago
I don't think LA is an icon. I just denied it, so your statement is now false. (But somehow I don't think that changes your idol worship).
hawkhead 11 months ago
so you think Froome is arrogant and controlling there not a like at all
LRI44 11 months ago
No but bet his girlfriend is haa
Lance, remember Bassons? 11 months ago
Have you been drinking by any chance Tank?
erader 11 months ago
chamois intoxication
rastymick 11 months ago
He was a brilliant cyclist, pure genius - Ullrich and all other big guys back then admitted it & most of them still do today.
RobbieCanuck 10 months ago
You have sugar in your tank that has distorted your thinking. A doped up LA is maybe in the top 10. A clean LA doesn't break the top 100. As far as LA being an icon, he is an icon for cheating that's all. If an icon can be a negative figure, just like Madoff is an icon for a Ponzi scheme then Lance is surely an icon.
Animal 11 months ago
More from the Department of the Blindingly Obvious!
aeromono 11 months ago
the puppet-masters are finally beginning to fall, Loren Smith (the guy from USPS in charge of marketing) is next, he sponsored the USPS team so he could use Weisel to underwrite his STAMPS.COM deal, which earned him millions. Lance really was a pawn, a very willing pawn.
DirtyWorks 11 months ago
Interesting bit of information. Thanks!
chiromed0 10 months ago
Nice work...Bingo! Now it does start to make more sense. I'm still wondering why and how Amgen plays into marketing in professional cycling. They have sponsored cycling events, etc., but are also a manufacturer of EPO products.
BoneheadForHeros 11 months ago
Notice how Nike, Oakley, Trek, etc...have not filed lawsuits for fraud? Firstly, I think everyone on this board are naive about the sport of professional cycling, and professional sports in general. Doping is bad, cheating is bad. But, it has been going on well before anyone of us were born and will continue. LA was part of the system. Yes, he was a major A-Hole, but he did more positives and put cycling on the map for mainstream Joe on the streets. LA should not be tied to the bumper and dragged around is unfair to single out one athlete, when all along the system enabled him and everyone else to do what they did. The system is changing with the UCI. And, maybe there will be a trickle down effect to the riders. We're already seeing less domination by individual riders other than Froome. Yeah, I'm going to get a lot of thumbs down because these are the types of people who are blinded by their own hatred. But, the truth is the truth.
Chuck_T 11 months ago
"LA should not be tied to the bumper and dragged around town" He's out playing golf everyday with millions in the bank. Hope that eases your mind.
Alpe73 11 months ago
Camel, eye and needle syndrome, Robin Hood.
SeventhSon 11 months ago
Yes, the truth is the truth, and you've ignored quite a bit of it.
Aaron Hechmer 11 months ago
I agree with you. I'm disappointed Lance isn't fighting back harder, even though his losses could ultimately be larger. The legal definition of fraud is much tighter than how people use the word around here. Lying does not equal fraud. There must be deception that leads to a worsening position for the deceived. Lance and crew basically did business as usual in pro cycling. Even casual fans seemed to know that in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Anyone dabbling their money in pro cycling either knew that or didn't do a modicum of the due diligence one would usually expect in such deals. Furthermore, nobody was worse off for pro-cycling's lie. Everybody benefited in spades from sponsors to fans save for a handful of poster children from within the sport-- and if those poster children didn't actually know the deal from the moment of their involvement with cycling, they're too stupid to garner much sympathy (and I don't think they're that stupid). Floyd's lawsuit is a joke that should have been stopped immediately. This "insurance" company is no insurance company. It's a corporate gambling endeavor that underwrites sweepstake and give-away competitions with the hope there are no winners.